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Racketeering is often connected to organized crime. A “racket” is the performance of a deceitful service to resolve a problem that would not exist if not for the business offering its services. The RICO Act comprises a list of 35 crimes defined as racketeering. A racketeering defense lawyer with formidable experience is necessary for the implications of this type of case. The Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. and their defense lawyers have the experience and tenacity to fight for your rights involving a racketeering case under the RICO Act.


R.I.C.O. stands for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Simply defined, it lets the U.S. federal government hold leaders of organizations/enterprises accountable for crimes they ordered, that they themselves have not carried out personally. The RICO Act was enacted in October of 1970 and was designed to help bring down intricate and complex criminal enterprises. The severity and intense complexity of a RICO charge can be extenuating if it involves enterprises and predicates that are at the heart it charges. Having the right racketeering defense lawyer for you and your case will make a huge difference in the outcome. The racketeering defense lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. possesses the pedigree and experience necessary to defend against any predicate and extortion charges involving the RICO Act.


The defense attorneys at Sharova Law P.C. understand the nuance of the RICO law to defend their clients effectively. The lawyers at Sharova Law P.C. will challenge the enterprise and predicate aspects of the case to see if the assertions made against you truly have merit and to look to remove them based on such grounds. Another element that the defense lawyers understands is the predicate requirement to make a sufficient RICO case against an individual(s). Alongside these elements is the statute of limitations in any of the predicate charges being represented in the racketeering case under the RICO Act. The racketeering defense lawyers at Yelena Sharova P.C have strengths in defending clients against such predicate, racketeering enterprise, and RICO charges.

New York RICO Laws and Punishment

There are different crimes or activities, which exist separately from the act itself. Some of the crimes that are included in the RICO Act are a homicide, extortion, kidnapping, and witness tampering. This is not an exhaustive list of crimes involving the RICO law. Racketeering actions can include property offenses like arson as well as robbery. White collar crimes are also listed in connection to RICO charges. Such offenses of a financial nature include counterfeiting, money laundering, and securities violations, in addition to mail and wire fraud. If these crimes are repeatedly carried out, that can form the basis of a RICO Act assertion, Title 18, Section 1961 of the U.S. Code addresses these acts. When dealing with the claims of racketeering charges against you, you need a defense attorney who has the in-depth knowledge to challenge every element of the predicates and racketeering/RICO case to defend you properly and effectively.

The RICO act carries a sentence of up to 20 years in prison and can be increased to life if the primary crime authorizes such a punishment. It is invaluable to have the proper defense lawyer when fighting such allegations as these. There are also fines of $250,000; it could be double the sum of the earnings from the doings. The RICO Act also offers both criminal as well as civil penalties. The government has the ability to freeze assets well before the case ever goes to trial. The RICO is used as an instrument for demolishing enterprises involved in criminal activities. It is possible that defendants lose all their property and finances that can be tracked back to any conduct viewed and decided to be criminal in nature. A well-grounded racketeering/RICO defense attorney is critical in defending these charges.


The plaintiff must show all predicate actions included in the racketeering list and prove them as to occur within an enterprise and within their statute of limitations. If an enterprise is conducting business regularly using illegal activities then racketeering predicates establish open-ended continuity. These are issues integral to the fundamentals of any RICO case. The proper defense lawyer will prove to be monumental in your defense to such racketeering charges. The government is explicitly required to prove such components such as a pattern of racketeering activity and continuity, enterprise and predicate acts. If any of these elements do not exist, your defense attorney should be capable of decomposing the enterprise/RICO case. If you are looking for a defense attorney to help you go over the particulars in a case or if you would like to partner up with a racketeering attorney, contact the defense lawyers at Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C.


New York racketeering lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. have great experience in dealing with RICO crimes, that is why we understand all the details of such allegations and all potential risks for the defendant. Our skilled legal team is ready to fight against all the RICO charges you are facing and to provide you the most suitable defense strategy in your case. Our top New York City RICO attorneys know how to efficiently overcome potential complex racketeering and RICO charges. The lawyers at Sharova Law Firm are also great litigators who can be aggressive enough to prove your right in the court.

An important thing you should remember is that criminal charges do not automatically mean you are guilty. There are a lot of possible defenses, such as lack of evidence, withdrawal, duress, lack of pattern, entrapment, and so on.

If you are accused of RICO, your future life is at risk. The best decision you can make is to get a New York RICO lawyer who is not just skilled and professional but who will also be dedicated to you.

Without legal help from a professional team, RICO allegations may be idle. New York racketeering attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. know even the smallest details of RICO laws and are able to represent you in your criminal or civil case. Contact us right now to appoint a legal consultation with our team.