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Medicare Fraud



The sentence of Medicare fraud is obtaining Medicare health care compensation based on false or fraudulent claims. There are different ways to commit Medicare fraud, but the main aim of all of them is to get money or any other value financial assets in an unlawful way. Some common names for Medicare schemes are Phantom Billing, Patient Billing and Unbundling, Kick-backs, Double Billing, and Up-coding Schemes. This kind of schemes includes the involvement of medical providers or the patients themselves.

There is a special organization to manage all fraud cases including Medicare fraud crimes, it is called BFI/Bureau of Fraud Investigations. If a person falls under Medicare fraud scheme suspicion, he or she will get a letter that lets him or her know about the starting of the investigation process and asks to provide all necessary documentation about the case to prove the accused person is innocent.

Medical billing fraud or Medicare fraud suspicions may appear even if a person does not understand there was a fraudulent activity. Sometimes even home health care can be under investigation on fraudulent activities but most Medicare cases involve various doctors and other medical businesses. If you are sure you cannot be guilty of any kind of fraud but you are facing such serious accusations, the best choice for you is to call your New York Medicare fraud attorney without wasting time. Actual medical billing systems and methods may have various confusing issues that sometimes can be misunderstood by the medical personnel.


No matter, if you are an individual or provide medical services in New York City when getting the accusations of inappropriate medical billing or Medicare fraud, you require extremely skilled New York health care fraud defense lawyer to protect your rights and represent you through the case. Without a professional legal help, you may be involved in unnecessary tests and analyses, overcharging, cases misrepresenting basic information about you such as your knowledge, skills or salary size, or even a fake incident.

Medicare fraud attorneys in the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. offer you a complex representation in even the most difficult billing fraud cases. Our New York white collar crime lawyers are the best possible choice for someone who wants to obtain a favorable final outcome.

Sharova Law Firm provides successful criminal defense practice. Our New York City Medicare fraud lawyers are greatly prepared and provide a vast number of successful Medicare defenses for their clients.


The main proof to accuse an individual of Medicare fraud is his or her knowingly intent to receive payments he or she is not entitled to by claiming false reasons for that. Some other issues that can be reasons for Medicare fraud charges are billing for medical items and/or services which are not necessary for the patient or more complex than he or she needs; billing for medical items or/and services that are not given to the individual, falsely referring medical sources or/and goods the individual does not need, and so on.

Being charged with any type of medical billing fraud leads to incredibly pernicious consequences for every individual who is involved in it. Medical professionals risk not only to face criminal penalties, as huge fines, losses of property and value assets, and potential time in jail but also to lose their medical licensures and other special rights and permissions. Such harsh consequences damage their future career and social life.

At the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C., we realize all potential risks our clients are facing and help them to overcome all possible negative issues of the Medicare fraud case. We are devoted to their success and wellbeing.

If you are accused of Medicare fraud, despite the fact you do not bill or refer your patients wrongly, our top New York Medicare fraud lawyer is ready to investigate your case and offer you the best possible defense strategy. At Sharova Law Firm we know how severe the consequences can be fromMedicare fraud charges, that is why it is crucial for you to get a white collar crime defense lawyer who is familiar with similar cases and knows how to defend you of its charges.


The Medicare crimes defense lawyers are experienced and well versed in the law regarding Medicaid cases. The defense attorneys at Sharova Law P.C. have been defending clients in New York for almost a decade with much success. The Medicare charges you could be facing are steep and complicated. The defense attorneys will assist you in your preparation of documents as well as the investigative interview if they deem it necessary.

A strong and sufficient defense against fraud charges demands an intervention of the New York City Medicare fraud attorney who knows both criminal defense sentences and health care legal issues. Great legal experts at Sharova Law Firm are professionals in both these areas. Our Medicare fraud defense lawyers realize that in such cases your future is at risk and they are ready to fight for your rights, your freedom, and your calm livelihood using all skills and resources we have. Contact one of our fraud attorneys in New York, Newark and Edison.


At the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C., we realize how important the role of skilled white collar crimes attorneys is for the success of Medicare fraud defense. Our deeply skilled New York City billing fraud lawyer will represent you at every step of your lawsuit and will guarantee all possible actions are made to reach the result you demand. Our great team of legal experts provides their client’s representation during whole proceedings on the highest level.

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