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Internet Slander & Defamation



When someone makes a statement or statements against you that are false and they cause harm to you, they have committed defamation. If the statement happens to be oral, it is considered slander. There is another form called libel and this takes place if someone was to print in a magazine, ad, newspaper, or another print medium. If this act is committed against you or you are charged with this crime, you will need to hire a New York defamation defense lawyer immediately.

In the light of the Internet age, many sensitive subjects have become commonplace things. Even so, this does not make them any less immoral or illegal when committed. Statements regarding sexual misconduct, sexually transmitted disease, or having committed a serious crime are all allegations that can be perceived as defamation “per se” statements. The New York City defamation attorneys at the Sharova Law Firm are ready to defend you if you think someone has committed libel or slander against you.


The New York City defamation attorneys at the Sharova Law Firm know how much reputation means to a business and to an individual. Being a victim of defamation can cause pain to your business, reputation, and even afflict your loved ones. Our New York City defamation attorneys work hard to take strong and efficient action against your slanderer and defamer. At the Sharova Law Firm, our New York lawyers will look for defamation “per se” instances, where it is ascertained that the statements made were so atrocious and monstrous that the supposition of damage is automatic.

When dealing with New York internet defamation cases we understand that they are complex and fast moving. Our New York internet defamation lawyers work with other service providers to get you what we need to achieve the result you desire. We have assembled a network of crisis response specialists who supports and contributes in these matters.


Alongside with the dynamic spreading of social media influence, even one review on the Yelp website or a certain video on YouTube that denigrate you or your business can easily devastate it. Sometimes salespeople who are your competitors may extend untrue negative information regarding one of your services or products, or possibly financial actives of your business, with an intention to make your customers change their choice in another company’s favor. Such deceitful claims can also ruin your strong mutual connections with your potential or actual investors or your lenders. Sometimes it may also be a reason for your business to be accused of some unlawful activities.

There are many different ways defamation or slander can hurt you. For example, your professional talents or your business are called into question, you could find your whole way of living demolished. On the other hand, if the reverse is the case and you are charged with slander, libel, or defamation, you could find yourself in a legal bind that flips your livelihood upside down. In any case, you will need to retain the services of a New York City defamation attorney.


Our lawyers are well versed in slander and libel cases, we give all our clients the advice of considering the option to take caution by not litigating a libel, slander, or defaming claim. The reason for this is because it could bring greater attention to you in a negative light and may only add to the harm you have undergone. Nevertheless, our New York defamation lawyers will aggressively and vigorously fight for your rights and do what it takes to help make things right.

We utilize the help of cyber and internet investigators who are familiar with slander, libel, defaming and know how the attackers work. They help in discovering the attacker’s identity so our New York lawyers can bring them into the courtroom and receive justice for you. We also work with PR firms that specialize in crisis communication situations. The PR firms we work with understand that the internet has the ability to make things go viral and your business is at stake every moment there is not a proper response. We also utilize the abilities of expert SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technicians who help with utilizing their skills to dampen the blow across the internet and mitigate damages in an efficient manner.

Our Internet defamation and slander lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. are proud to offer our New York clients efficient legal skills and knowledge, necessary for effective and successful legal representation during issues including libel, slander, or defamation activities. Our Internet Defamation and Internet Slander attorneys possess large experience which makes us able to provide you expert consultation, explain to you all your rules and obligations in such cases, and how it can hurt you or your business company. Contact one of our law offices in New York, Edison, or Newark to create an effective defense strategy that suits your case best.


Contacting our firm and speaking with a New York City defamation attorney to schedule a confidential consultation will lead to all subsequent steps. Our team of lawyers and support internet specialist will work quickly to provide you with a plan of action that will define the most effective and cost efficient system to resolve your issues.

Do not hesitate to contact the New York City defamation attorneys at the Sharova Law Firm. Every minute you wait, your livelihood is being unfairly destroyed. Contact us now! We have multiple offices in New York.

If you think you have been accused of libel, slander, or defamation, we encourage you to contact our office and get in touch with a New York defamation lawyer to schedule a confidential consultation immediately. Our lawyers are highly skilled at assessing your liability and explaining your rights in such instances. We have lawyers who are adept at negotiating such circumstances and help our clients avoid costly legal battles and going through lengthy litigation. Discussing your situation with one of our New York slander and libel lawyers is your first step to putting this behind you and moving forward with your life.