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Medicaid Fraud



Medicaid is a well known federal program that is used to help assist the elderly in providing for their health care. This federal program is also used by the state to help families and individuals who are in a low-income bracket.

There are many ways to commit Medicaid fraud. Some of the more common committed types are loaning ID cards to another individual, reselling supplies from Medicaid without approval, and distorting data on applications intentionally.


There are even charges brought against service suppliers in Medicaid fraud cases. Some of the schemes can be, charging for prescribing unneeded services, a scheme is known as upcoding, this can be as simple as a client being billed for a full physician when they only received a basic office call and billing for unperformed services. All of these charges are serious and require a highly skilled Medicaid fraud attorney to assist you in your defense against such allegations.

The MFCU or Medicaid Fraud Control Unit is the biggest unit that the Attorney General has in her division. It has the capabilities to analyze, investigate, and punish individuals and companies that are accountable for any wrongdoing involving improper practices in billing or otherwise.

There are many things the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit targets and investigates. Some of the things include overbilling, “Medicaid Mills” run by criminal organizations, and kickbacks as well as sub par medical equipment selling.


In New York, there are hundreds of Medicaid fraud lawyers to choose from but not everyone will be a good fit for you or your case. You will want to get a consultation from a reputable law firm and interview the Medicaid crime attorneys you may be working with. This is important because anyone can say anything on their website or in an ad in the paper or magazine. The Medicaid fraud defense lawyers at Sharova Law P.C. have the caring personality to treat every client’s circumstance as an integral part of that person’s life as it is.

Sometimes the District Attorney may work with a lawyer if those lawyers are great at their craft and show that the case does not need to be in criminal court but can be tried in a civil proceeding. One of the things the Medicaid fraud lawyers at Sharova Law P.C. will not do is overpromise just to get a client to choose them. The defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Yelena Sharova P.C. tell you like it is and that helps prepare you and them for what may lie ahead.


There is a myriad of penalties you can receive as part of being convicted of your Medicaid structure charges. Some may include fines and/or jail time. A false statement about a medical service you did not accept or deliver can host a fine of $10,000. Taking kickbacks can cost you $50,000. Some fines can run as high as $500,000. Jail time can include up to five years per offense if convicted.

These are serious charges and you will need to hire an experienced lawyer who knows the law pertaining to Medicaid charges. The New York lawyers at The Law Offices of Yelena Sharova P.C. have the experience and skill necessary to protect your rights.

Medicaid fraud charges are threatening enough, especially for the individual or medical business who has no experience in dealing with such allegations. Extremely severe local state and federal penalties alongside with the potential risk of losing special licenses, which means the destruction of a career are possible consequences if your guilt is proven. Hiring a skilled New York Medicaid fraud attorney is a crucial step for a sufficient defense strategy you require in those cases.


If you are looking to have a strong legal defense against such serious charges, you need to look at a reputable Medicaid fraud lawyer or law firm with a tremendous amount of experience. Most cases are negotiated between your attorney and the prosecutor. This may result in reduced charges or a dismissal altogether. The Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. is specialized in white collar fraud cases such as these. It is imperative that you retain counsel immediately if you find out you are the subject of a Medicaid fraud investigation and especially if you have been formally charged with such allegations. The skilled attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. can protect your rights as well as steer you through any interviews with investigators that use tricky, confusing, intimidating, and often incriminating questions.

If you suspect you are involved in Medicaid fraud investigation, it is extremely necessary to call your New York Medicaid fraud defense lawyer before you talk to investigators or prosecutors. All Medicaid fraud issues are carried by MFCU, which usually use very aggressive prosecution methods. Do not hesitate to use the legal help we offer you because the final result of such a fraud case may change your future life a lot and not in a positive way.

When letting a skilled white collar crime lawyer at Sharova Law Firm handle your criminal case, you get a strong legal shield against all aggressive allegations and ensure yourself with the successful defense you need, when facing Medicaid fraud charges. Do not lose your chance for a safe future, come to one of our law offices in New York, Edison, and Newark.


The legal team at Sharova P.C. has extensive knowledge when it comes to defending the system of health insurance for those requiring financial assistance cases. They have the conviction to protect their client’s innocence above all else. They take out all the stops; they defend against any self-incriminating evidence. They look through every part of the government’s process to check for violations of your civil rights and adamantly pursue a suppression of evidence. You will be kept abreast of all events in your case and things will be simplified as much as possible while keeping every detail included, so you know what is happening in your legal life.

If you are in need of a Medicaid fraud attorney, do not hesitate to call the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. today. Remember, it could mean the difference between a favorable outcome and a living nightmare.