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Possession of a Weapon



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Criminal possession of a weapon is among the most significant crimes in New York State. The first step to making if charged with criminal possession of a weapon is to call your criminal defense lawyer. No matter what circumstances are, it’s still a serious indictment with various possible negative outcomes.

Hiring a skilled criminal defense lawyer is a proper thought for everyone, who is accused of criminal weapon possession. Facing a possession of weapon charges in New York, Edison, or Newark? New York Weapon Possession attorneys at Sharova Law Firm are highly experienced and well prepared for handling such cases. Do not destroy your future, hire a criminal defense attorney you can rely on.


Legal reasons for possession and using weapons are sports, hunting, self-preservation or collecting. Still, in most situations, you need special permission to have any dangerous weapon at your home or office, as well a special equipped place to keep it. There are some standards for keeping a weapon, ensure you know them or contact your NYC criminal lawyer to get legal advice.

You also must not sell any kind of weapon if you do not have a special license, or if you are going to sell to a minor. Defacing a weapon, as well as changing its appearance (for example by shortening it) or serial number is also a crime. Another way to break the law is to get more than five items weapons. Having five or more weapons with you can be used to prove that you will sell them later.


There no two exactly the same weapon possession criminal cases. All the details surrounding your criminal possession of a weapon case, with all the various factors, such as your previous charges and other, make your case unique. That is why you need legal representation, someone who will work with you personally and provide you a defense strategy your case demands.

Criminal possession of a weapon is a serious misdemeanor. Even if you did not want to hurt anybody; having a gun, dangerous weapon, or any other weapon which is considered as illegal will influence badly on your personal case and can end in huge monetary fees, as well as jail time. Additionally, an intention to use it will make the criminal case even more serious, it will lead to jail time and leave you with a criminal record.

There is also such a thing as a mandatory minimum. It is a heavy business, but a real legal professional can beat your criminal case in court or at least he or she can achieve the possibility of a plea bargain for you. Do not hesitate, contact the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. and our New York weapon possession lawyer will negotiate with a court to avoid, or at least reduce your charges.


Get your perfect Weapon Possession Lawyer at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. Our New York weapon possession lawyers are dedicated to your personal criminal case, including preparing the case for court and helping you through it. Our reliable NYC possession of weapon attorneys have a great experience in handling such cases; we know the process well, so we can guarantee you the best possible outcome.

Even if you are charged with illegal possession of a weapon, first, check if the procedure of searching was right. Both state and federal law gives no rights for the police to simply search for a weapon. Their suspicion that you probably have an illegal weapon should be proven and based on facts that you are going to commit a crime using it. If the search for a weapon is considered as unlawful, no matter what charges you were facing, they all will be dismissed.


Some kinds of weapon require special permission. They are:

♦ Electronic gun or firearm;

♦ Dangerous knife or a dagger;

♦ Shotguns, rifles;

♦ Armor piercing ammunition;

♦ Explosive or bullet containing substances.

The type of weapon and the way you carry it will determine the severity level of criminal possession charges and there could be possible charges.

There are some differences depending on if you had the intention to do any harmful activities or just carry illegal weapons. Types of weapon possession crime in New York City are:

♦ Simple possession of a weapon without an intent to use it;

♦ Carrying of concealed illegal weapons;

♦ Carrying a weapon in plain sight;

♦ Carrying a weapon on the person.

Possession of a weapon can lead to a jail time up to a year; if you possessed more than two firearms it can end with up to seven years in a jail; carrying five or more weapons will end in 15 years jail sentence for you; having more than 10 firearms increase prison time to 25 years. Suspicion in using weapons for crime sharply aggravates possible charges.

Penalties for criminal possession of a weapon also include huge monetary fees and a criminal record that can destroy your career and influence negatively on your future life.

You should also remember that carrying a weapon will increase the charges for any other crime if you are charged.