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International Extradition



Whenever you are going to be accused of any crime in the USA but you are not living there at the moment, you may probably face a procedure of an international extradition. That means you will be forced to return to the United States from the place where you live now to stand in front of a federal court.

The law on international extradition is a complicated and confusing legal area because of a combination of both international and criminal laws of all participating countries. A surrender of the accused wrongdoer to the jurisdiction of the another, requesting country, is a difficult process full of various requests and legal procedures.

Generally, international extradition is applied for the most serious criminal charges, and so requires a highly-professional legal approach. It is also important to realize, in the case of extradition, the offender may be prosecuted just for the sentences he was extradited for. Whenever the foreign country he was extradited from finds out any misrepresentation or additional charges, the Rule of Specialty is used to appeal that case.

All these details mean you should think twice if you are going to “fight” or “waive” the extradition you are facing. At that point, you will definitely need an experienced and knowledgeable extradition attorney to deal with this matter on the both countries’ level.


A skilled and well-prepared U.S. extradition attorney will be able to provide you qualified legal help on both levels of the international extradition proceedings: operating together with your local attorney if it is better for you to avoid extradition, and providing a powerful defense in the court of United States if necessary.

With the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C., United States you should not be afraid of the international extradition to the USA because our New York International Extradition Attorneys are well-experienced in representing accused individuals who are finding yourselves under international extradition requested the United States and their local country.

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International extradition to the United States means a surrender of an individual, who committed a serious crime in the USA from the country of his actual living. The main reason for extradition procedures lays in preventing creating so-called safe havens for criminals from another country.

In the situation, when U.S. prosecution searches for the offender, United States government should find out the location of the fugitive and seek extradition. As soon as the authorities locate the criminal, they go to OIA (Office of International Affairs), which main function is to give all necessary legal advice and information to the prosecution and to make an extradition request, which later should be submit to the state U.S. Department.

The Department of State next send the request and necessary documentation to the United States Embassy in the country of living of the defendant. All supporting documents alongside with the extradition request then are send to a foreign local court to decide if all legal requirements are met.

Additionally, to extradite a fugitive to the USA, there should be a special treaty of the United States with the country where he actually lives. At the moment, over 100 countries sign such treaties with the USA. Some of them include specific circumstances.


As every legal issue, international extradition has a certain number of exceptions and limits, for example:

♦ Some of countries simply don’t extradite their citizens (as, for example, France, Russia, or Israel);

♦ If there is a possibility of the death penalty sentence for that crime in the United States, a foreign country may deny the extradition;

♦ Sometimes nations can refuse to extradite a criminal depending on their foreign policy reasons;

♦ The extradition may not take place if the defendant is already convicted for the crime; Many countries refuse the extradition for the crime that is considered as a military or political one;

♦ If the case is not considered as a crime in foreign country, this country may deny the extradition.

In addition, there is a so-called “rule of specialty” in many international extradition treaties. This legal rule assures that the extradition is not just a pretext to prosecute an individual for other crimes, not listed in a request.


If you are facing an extradition to the United States, firstly, there will be a hearing in a country you live in, where you may use a legal representation of the local defense lawyer. But, of course, your lawyer is not able to continue handling the case when you are extradited. That is why you need a skilled defense attorney, who understands exactly USA laws and legal system and is able to offer you a powerful defense strategy you need.

Time issue doesn’t matter, and even if the crime took place many years ago, there is still a risk to spend a significant time in a USA jail. That is a reason why hiring an international extradition lawyer who possess necessary skills and knowledge is crucial for you to fight over charges you are facing.

To make an appropriate choice, you should totally understand all procedures and steps of international extradition. All these details and other possible nuances should be discussed with a knowledgeable New York International Extradition Lawyer. With many years of experience and huge legal resources, extradition lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova are ready to offer you high-quality legal service you require.


Professional NYC International Extradition Attorneys at Law Office of Yelena Sharova already proved their experience in handling even the most serious criminal faces in the USA and abroad. International extradition is a serious legal issue, but there are no cases too complex for us. Choosing a skilled criminal defense attorneys of Sharova Law Firm, you get a high-quality, client-oriented approach to your particular case.

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Finding yourself under international extradition request is an incredible stress for everyone, and, as well, a serious legal matter. As soon as you notice it happened, contact our seasoned New York extradition attorney and obtain a complex legal representation of the highest possible level