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Information Warfare



The term information warfare is used to describe the concept of using and managing information and communication technology in pursuit of a competitive advantage of a rival. Information warfare may be comprised of many things including the compendium of tactical information, reassurances that one’s own information is true, the spreading of disinformation, and propaganda to manipulate or dishearten the enemy and or the public. Some have likened information warfare to psychological warfare.

There are some legal and ethical concerns surrounding information warfare. While information warfare has advanced over the last decade, it has raised apprehensions about the ethical, moral, and legal opacities surrounding this specific variety of war.


Computer and Internet technologies develop incredibly nowadays, and every year there are more and more technological advances. Most of our common daily life activities include using computer technologies. Along with that, computer and internet crimes are developing with the same dynamic, as more and more often computer technologies are applied to commit various crimes. Such criminal activities involve various offense cases involving intellectual property, short title, stealing and selling trade secrets, and many other computer related crimes.

All possible cyber crimes now are under the eye of federal and local state law agencies. The most significant computer and internet crimes, for example, cyber terrorism, online sexual exploitation crimes, cyber intrusions, cyber fraud crimes, and other computer-based offenses, are under national investigation. Any accusations of information warfare mean that the FBI is probably tracking every step you make. That means you require highly efficient legal help from the top information warfare attorneys. At the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C., we are ready to offer you a consultation about your criminal offense case and professional step by step help you demand.

When cyber crime becomes a reason for your investigation, it can end in very harsh negative consequences, which you most likely do not want to face. That is the main reason to hire a skilled information warfare lawyer who knows exactly how to defend your rights on both state and federal levels if there is such a necessity.


Information warfare has three primary matters surrounding it compared to customary warfare:

♦ The risk for the faction or nation that is originating the cyber attack is markedly lower than the risk for a faction or nation originating a customary attack. This makes it a lot easier for all organizations to initiate an attack of this kind more often than it could be done with traditional attacks, such as terrorist organizations, government organizations, or criminal organizations.

♦ Information warfare is capable of having far more wide-ranging effects than traditional warfare due to information communication technologies integration in the modern world that put them at risk of a cyber attack. The thought of civilian computers being put in harm’s way due to an attack is an enormous threat to comprehend and the reverse to that is a civilian computer being used for attacks by a foreign entity. It is not possible to govern the infrastructures of the public in this regard as you could a physical space because of privacy concerns and the law of the constitution. This makes defending the public from such cyber attacks more difficult.

♦ It is hard to determine who is responsible for an attack that is launched against a faction or a nation because of the modern integration of information communication technologies. In a world of information warfare, cyber attacks are hard to trace to the source and to find who initiated it in the first place. A lot of the weapons used are automatic or robotic and leave no trace of where they were designed or when they were first implemented.

Recently there have been issues raised about these concerns and the matters most often surround the right to privacy. There is a much-debated topic of what the technical capabilities of law enforcement are and the ability to conduct operations within the confines of the law.


In the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C., our experienced cyber crimes defense lawyers are focused on legal internet and computer issues, offering you high-class legal consultation and representation in criminal cases which may include cyber security and privacy, cyber intelligence, and content regulation. We are not only effective researchers but also skilled litigators and we are able to represent you in a trial as well as in appellate court if it is needed.

Each computer and internet offense may involve identity theft or fraud, financial thieving, and many other scams of personal, state or even on an international scale. No difference if the computer or a computer network was your target for illegal actions, or if you are accused of using a computer or the internet to commit a crime that is considered as “traditional”, if you are charged with such a serious issue as information warfare or any other cyber-related crime, you will require aggressive but reasonable legal representation to fight the prosecution’s charges and protect your rights.

Whenever you need legal help of skilled New York information warfare lawyer, don’t waste your time and come to the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. We are ready to provide you legal representation you deserve.