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The crime of battery is defined as the physical striking, groping, or hitting of another individual without their permission and is a punishable crime in New York City. There are instances where a charge can have two cases attached to one incident; it can be a civil liability and criminal charge. If the victim is injured, it is possible they may file a civil suit to hold you responsible for any physical or emotional damages. This is an important point to why you want an experienced assault battery New York City attorney to represent you in court.

A frequent question our battery New York City attorneys hear is “are battery and assault the same crime?” A lot of time, the words battery and assault are used interchangeably but do not confuse the two terms for they are separate and different offenses. Assault is when a person makes a threat against someone to take violent action against him or her and intends to do so. One does not have to actually cause bodily harm or commit any type of violent act in order to be charged with the crime, a person can be charged with simply making the threat. The person who the threat was made to must also feel as if the danger was real and imminent if the aggressor would have harmed them if they were not stopped from doing so.

If you are accused of the battery, you probably are afraid of what is next. Top New York battery lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. realize how stressful it can be facing such severe accusations. We are ready to stand on your side at every stage of the case and offer you the most suitable defense strategy for your unique situation. We will do our best to prove your right in a court and to obtain a favorable final outcome.


Battery charges can be considered both as felonies or misdemeanors, depending on variations of the crime. Both situations can severely influence the future life of the offender. That is why it is important for any accused person to speak to a seasoned criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. At Sharova Law Firm, we are well prepared to guide you on every stage of the case and to work with you to create a powerful defense strategy to protect you from all charges.

Especially when a victim of a battery is someone in your family, you may face additional domestic violence charges. The best decision in such a situation is to find a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with cases similar to yours and knows how to defend you effectively.

Thinking about the severity of possible consequences, it is obvious that the choice of legal expert is very important in such situations. The skilled team of legal experts in violent crimes defense at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. will fight for your freedom, no matter how serious the accusations you are facing.


Simple battery is considered a misdemeanor in most instances but in the case where a minor is involved, it can be charged as a felony. A person can easily spend a year in jail for committing battery and pay fines as much as $2,000. Theses consequences can have devastating effects on a person’s life, deciding to hire a reputable battery New York City attorney is a crucial situation that should be mulled over extensively before making an actual decision.

If injuries of a victim are especially cruel or exhausting, the offender may also face aggravated battery charges. Aggravated battery charges lead to even harsher legal consequences, such as time in prison a maximum of four years and high fines up to $10000. Some of them may also include community services and/or criminal record in your personal case.


The battery New York City attorneys at the Sharova Law Firm have vast experience in defending clients successfully from a broad range of accusations regarding this kind of charges whether they are in isolation or in conjunction with an assault charge. The battery New York City attorneys at the Sharova Law Firm know how to craft a strong and innovative defense strategy that exposes all the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. The battery New York City attorneys at Sharova Law are not just plea agreement attorneys; they have the skills and aggressiveness to litigate your case effectively.

New York attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. offer you complex representation during a whole criminal process, including your case analyzing, contacting all necessary experts, and protecting your rights in a court. In serious issues such as a battery, every minute counts, so do not waste your time and call your perfect battery lawyer now. Contact one of our offices in New York, Edison, or Newark and schedule a consultation with one of our legal experts.


Skilled and seasoned battery defense lawyer can offer a variety of effective defense strategies to avoid the punishment and keep a personal record clean. One of such common strategies is to prove you were forced to commit violent actions in an aim to protect someone you care about. Another sufficient defense is to prove that the injury of the victim is not really serious. That strategy does not help the offender to avoid all consequences but can drop the felony battery charges to misdemeanor ones. One more defense strategy is to claim the case is an accident in fact, and you did not have any intent to contact the victim or do any harm to him or her.

No matter, what prosecutors say, it is possible to protect you and your rights against severe battery charges. Contact Sharova Law Firm and together we will create a solid defense strategy depending on your goals and on the details of the case.

If you or someone you know is being charged with allegations of this crime, then you should hire the battery New York City attorneys at the Sharova Law Firm immediately. Call today for a confidential consultation and discuss your options with one of the many qualified battery New York City attorneys. Do not risk your permanent record with a charge of violence being recorded on it. Contact the battery New York City attorneys at Sharova Law Firm today!