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Insurance Fraud



Once someone delivers false information to an insurance company in order to get something of worth that the individual would not have obtained if the facts had been divulged, they have now committed insurance fraud. Such actions can be unintentional, even under such circumstances, one should hire a prominent lawyer.

Common types of insurance fraud are:

♦ Health Insurance Fraud;

♦ Title Insurance Fraud;

♦ Medicare Insurance Fraud;

♦ Life Insurance Fraud;

♦ Mortgage Insurance Fraud.

The lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. have the skill to guide you in your defense if you are charged with any type of fraudulent scheme or action.

Insurance law can incorporate an expansive assortment of issues that may relate to single policyholders, business policyholders, or insurance companies. Challenges’ coming from inquiries about coverage, analyses of policies and agreements can raise intricate legal concerns. Your level of success will be proportionate to the skill your insurance fraud lawyer possesses.


Sharova P.C. trial lawyers have experienced cases entailing misleading representations and suppression of material information in numerous circumstances and settings comprising of personal contracts, business deals, and fraud concerning the acquisition or auction of real estate.

Our top New York fraud lawyers also deal with:

♦ Financial Misrepresentation;

♦ Failure to Disclose/Concealment;

♦ Intentional Misrepresentation;

♦ Promise without Intention of Performing.

If you find yourself under investigation for the insurance fraud, it is better for you to get a New York fraud lawyer who is skilled enough to offer you sufficient insurance fraud defense. Contact one of the offices of Sharova Law Firm in New York, Edison, and Newark.

In some serious fraud cases, it is possible that you are investigated for a long period before your arrest. It is crucial for your safety to contact your fraud lawyer at a very first moment you suspect you are being investigated. An appropriate insurance fraud lawyer will be able to prove that suspecting you is a horrible mistake.

New York City insurance fraud lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. possess deep knowledge of the local state and federal legal systems. We will provide an aggressive legal representation in court for all our clients, that usually leads to successful outcomes.

Whenever you are arrested or maybe you think you will be arrested very soon, the best thing to do for you is to call a seasoned New York insurance fraud lawyer. Tell us about your case and we will analyze the situation to create a step by step strategy what should you do next.


♦ Fourth Degree – more than $1,000, E Felony, four years possible in jail.

♦ Third Degree – more than $3,000, D Felony, seven years possible jail.

♦ Second Degree – more than $50,000, C Felony, 15 years possible in jail.

♦ First Degree – more than $1,000,000, B Felony 25 years possible in jail.

Here is the statute of limitations that applies to some fraud cases on an individual level. Corporations that involve certain kinds of institutions like banks may have different statutes.

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a list of possible charges that exist.


When charged with fraud, the proof must be established with documents and statements made on the witness stand. They must all show that the person being charged with insurance fraud or (any fraud for that matter), made false or fake statements by words or conduct. A New York insurance fraud lawyer needs the ability to effectively cross-examine the witness at trial. You need a lawyer who has the training and background in the trial process and knows how to object to testaments made by the witness that is against the rules of evidence. The New York insurance fraud lawyers at Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. are capable of all the before mentioned.

New York City insurance fraud attorneys at Sharova Law Firm possess all necessary skills and experience to deal with your unique case efficiently. In our law firm, we create a professional team of legal experts of the highest level. Our understanding of circumstances of the case and possible strategies is deep enough to guarantee you a favorable outcome. Come to one of our offices or set a consultation online to discuss your insurance fraud issue with an expert who can help you a lot.


When looking for an attorney with years of experience involving insurance offense cases, the New York lawyers at Sharova Law P.C. have the necessary expertise to prepare a solid defense on your behalf. They have years of background handling different categories of this kind of crime. The New York attorneys at Sharova Law P.C. are able to assemble and lead their clients from the onset by breaking down the interpretations of the law, facts, and game plan. The insurance fraud lawyers of Sharova Law P.C. have offices located in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Our skilled fraud defense lawyers realize potential seriousness of insurance fraud charges. We are ready to protect your freedom accurately and sufficiently, whenever you are already charged or just think you are under investigation.

In cases of insurance fraud, as well as in any other fraud issue, it is crucial to take decisive steps. Even one wrong action, especially in the beginning of an investigative process, may have extremely negative consequences. That is why you should realize all the possible risks that can occur in your case and how is important to deal with them in the initial stages.

Our New York City insurance fraud attorneys will battle any charge to get you the desired outcome. We will fight for you from the onset of the case up until there is a favorable outcome for the client. You can trust that all communication will be professional and that honesty is the foundation of the practice of the lawyers at Sharova Law P.C.

Attention to the details of the case and attention to our client’s request is what we excel in. Contact us immediately if you have been charged with any kind of fraud or any investigation has been brought to your attention involving yourself or others.