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Marital Property Division



Marital property division is one of the toughest issues in a divorce, especially when spouses cannot come to an agreement about what is considered as shared marital property and what is not; as well as what is the real value of all the assets of the parties. An adequate marital distribution during a contested divorce demands services of a skilled marital property division lawyer.

The main question is how to divide all the items in the possession of the couple in a way that will be suitable for both partners? Our professional New York marital property distribution lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. know New York equitable property distribution laws well and can offer you an action plan to share your assets fairly.

If your contested divorce case includes complex property distribution, especially business, various licenses, and other assets of high value, it can potentially lead to difficult conflict situations. Such divorce cases should be managed very carefully and accurately. New York family law attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. provide complex services to preserve your financial issues.

Every marriage is a form of partnership, so it evidently has a fiscal measuring. In the end of the relationship, all property issues should be clearly unraveled.

Division of marital property lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. procures to their client’s high-quality counseling and legal representation both during negotiations with your ex-spouse and her or his family law attorney and during divorce court proceedings. Contact our offices in New York, Edison, or Newark to get a legal consultation and decide on your divorce intentions.


Speaking about shared and separate marital property, there are some ultimately confusing issues. They are often such topics as stocks portfolios, various bank accounts, cars, Pension Funds, and many others. All property items that were obtained by parties in the period of marriage is considered to be a shared marital property. That means it will be later divided equitably between the ex-spouses.

You are probably asking yourself, which of your property you can keep. The best decision for you is to speak to your marital property division lawyer instead of guessing if you are going to lose your car, your home, or any other valuable assets.

At the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C., we understand all your worries about the distribution of your marital property. Our family law attorneys will learn your case to help you understand what your future will look like and how can you affect that. Together we will discuss the value of your marital and separate property and how can we help you to defend it.


There is an equitable distribution rule in New York. That means dividing all the marital assets ultimately fairly to both of the sides. And in reality, it is not usually a 50/50 division, but such cases also take place.

The division of marital property concept is not applied to separate property as stated before, some things that are considered separate property are: property that a spouse possessed before the marriage, compensation for injuries to either spouse, any property considered separate by a prenuptial agreement, and there are more stipulations as well.

Equitable division of marital property can extend into a business or professional practice as well. Some individuals do not know that enriched earning size attributable to a professional license, a particular degree, or profession is considered property and is subject to the division of marital assets law and rules.

A question that sometimes drives from the notion of equitable division of marital property may be “what is considered separate property?” When it comes to separate property the division of marital assets does not apply. Each spouse gets to retain their own separate property when they get divorced unless the other spouse somehow was a factor in the increase of the value of said separate property.

The first step you should make is quite easy, you should simply write down all your possessed assets as well as all your debts. After that try to define if these assets are shared or separate. For example, if you were gifted something just to you while you were married, it is not a subject of marital division. Sometimes you will need support to prove some things are not common property in fact. You should also define if any of the separate property items become shared assets while you were married (such situations are called transmutation). Such decisions are made based on the way how such items were used and held during the marriage.

When you have already determined your marital property items, then you should measure their value. It is especially difficult when talking about personal property items, bank accounts, jewelry, intellectual property, business, vehicles, retirement and investment accounts, and real estate items. At the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C., evaluators we have special property appraisers, as well as business and real evaluators to help our clients during this complicated and confusing process.


While going through a difficult and confusing contested divorce, hiring a seasoned and high professional New York division of property lawyer can be a great advantage on your side. Understanding all the features of an efficient negotiation and knowing when it is better to act vigorously may turn your property division on the way you need.

Do not be afraid to use the help of New York property division lawyers. Family law attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. possess the professionalism and satisfactory complex service you demand. Guarding of your rights and keeping your well-being are the main points of our marital property distribution attorneys.

We realize all the difficulties you are likely to have during the dividing of your marital assets. We offer you our timely-proven experience in dealing with the most aggravated financial battles. At the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C., we are dedicated to your financial security and long-lasted effects.

Whether you or your spouse is thinking about filing for a divorce, which means you will face marital property distributing, call us to set up a private legal consultation. We are ready to dispel your hesitations and to give you all the necessary answers. Our legal team works with contested divorce cases in New York, Newark, and Edison.