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Bitcoin is an example of so-called cryptocurrencies, which are, in fact, sort of virtual money. Their specific feature is that no bank or government emits them. For the first time they appeared broadly in 2008, and later expanded currency market and became widely accepted. Nowadays many well-known companies accept bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as one of payment methods for their goods or services they provide. On the other hand, a lot of businesses still deny them as another form of currency. Anyway, the most active trading markets today exchange cryptocurrencies (and most of all Bitcoins) for the ordinary, traditionally accepted currencies.


Using and exchanging cryptocurrencies become the reasons of various complicated legal matters bound up with managing, controlling and evaluation of various digital currencies. Both businesses and individuals who are going to begin their working into space of cryptocurrencies should get a skilled and well-experienced ICO lawyer who will be able to guide them through all procedures and technologies of such processes.


Knowledgeable and responsible for all potential legal matters that may occur during handling cryptocurrency-related issues, New York bitcoin and cryptocurrency lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova are ready to provide their clients extensive consultation regarding cryptocurrency and Bitcoin environment and all possible cases.


New York ICO lawyers provide legal consultations on all aspects of virtual currencies, including Bitcoin. We are ready to offer you our knowledge and experience, handling your issues in next areas:

♦ Bitcoin Regulation:

Our skilled experts provide high-quality legal consultations on constantly changing digital-currencies industry and how this can directly or indirectly influence their business activity.

♦ Cryptocurrency Tax Issues:

We will help you to understand Bitcoin statements and requirements and guide you through complex regulation procedures.

♦ Mining Pool Agreements:

Skilled legal ICO experts at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova will ensure their clients have a full understanding of the terms and details of agreements they sign.

♦ Shareholder Agreements:

Our experts support their clients and their business in developing from the very beginning of the project.

♦ Digital Currency Issues Regulation:

We provide our clients with all new information regarding cryptocurrencies and connecting regulations.

♦ Money Exchange Regulation:

Our New York ICO attorneys are knowledgeable on all issues regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies regulation and know how to set up your business activity properly if it is related to digital currencies.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova are well known for their devoted to clients and efficient particular approach to their cases. For legal consultation regarding any of cryptocurrency-related matters contact us now.


Nowadays Bitcoin is among the most outspoken topics not only in the United States but as well throughout the world. The main reasons for that are prompt changing of the bitcoin-to-dollar exchange rate in addition to a few serious cryptocurrency-based frauds and crimes. Some of the best known in the world Bitcoin markets are usually attacked by hackers, others are afraid of the risk of such attacks. All this shows that legal regulations over cryptocurrency markets are still not effective enough.

While these loud scandals not only affect the image of cryptocurrencies but also cause close attention from the government, it is impossible not to notice a huge potential of digital currencies. The most popular and common of these virtual currencies is Bitcoin, which possesses monetary value that is regulated and kept by computers. This is a specific form of electronic money, which is normally divisible, but has no physical form and doesn’t connect to any bank or government.

According to the latest USA government issues, Bitcoin and other shared cryptocurrencies are officially considered as tax applicable. That means, that all virtual transactions made with Bitcoin should be obliged by taxes as any normal ones, and Bitcoin-related income is taxable.

Cryptocurrency-related businesses become more usual and common, so new and new government regulation issues appear. To build a path in this complicated area, ask a professional ICO legal counsel for a trusted and appropriate advice.

The United States is the leading country in cryptocurrency space, so with an understanding of national Bitcoin regulation, it will be also easy to understand international Bitcoin-related legal issues. On the other side, specific nuances regarding cryptocurrencies from country to country make danger to a worldwide global economy. So if you are interested in the international business activity, hire a highly-qualified bitcoin and cryptocurrencies attorney who not just knows local Bitcoin regulations but is also flexible enough to meet all occurring changes.


New York Bitcoin attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova remain market leaders since the cryptocurrency revolution. Our skilled experts are also great specialists in financial and business law areas, so they are able to give you the appropriate advanced advice on all possible transactions regarding cryptocurrencies. If you or someone you know is involved into one of them and need any legal help, don’t wait to call to one of our offices in New York.

New York State ICO lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova possess necessary skills and experience in handling cases regarding commercial and business disputes, and we know how to help you. Before trial and during the proceedings, we try our best to provide our clients legal service of the highest quality and effectiveness.