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Case Results

Criminal Defence

Case Type: Wire Fraud Conspiracy & Computer Hacking

Year: 2023

Details: The client, a foreign national, faced numerous charges: wire fraud conspiracy, wire fraud impacting a financial institution, and multiple computer-related offenses. These serious accusations threatened substantial prison time.

Outcome: The firm’s criminal defense team diligently worked on the client’s case, formulating a robust defense strategy. The outcome of this meticulous work led to the client being sentenced to the time they had already spent in pre-trial detention. Specifically, the client was incarcerated for only two months, a relatively short duration considering the gravity of the charges.

Case Type: Conspiracy to Distribute Narcotics & Controlled Substance

Year: 2022

Details: Our client, a New York resident, was charged federally with conspiracy to distribute narcotics and a controlled substance. With these charges, they were facing a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison.

Outcome: Our criminal defense team, in close collaboration with the client’s family, conducted a detailed examination and preparation of the case. This led to a significantly reduced sentence for the client: they were sentenced to time served and received only two years of supervised release, a striking reduction from the initial minimum sentence of 10 years.

Case Type: Identity Theft, Wire Fraud, & Access Device Fraud

Year: 2021

Details: Our client, another foreign national, was arrested abroad and extradited to the U.S for prosecution. They were among a group of co-defendants facing serious charges of identity theft, wire fraud, and access device fraud.

Outcome: Our criminal defense team worked meticulously on the case, resulting in all counts except for the wire fraud being dismissed. Furthermore, out of all the co-defendants, our client received the least sentence, five years, while the others were given sentences of seven and ten years respectively. This case highlights the effectiveness of our defense strategies in reducing the severity of charges and the lengths of sentences.

Case Type: Gun Possession

Year: 2019

Details: Our client was arrested by the NYPD on charges of gun possession, an offense that often results in jail time.

Outcome: Our defense team rigorously worked on the client’s case, resulting in the charges being reduced to a level that carried no jail sentence. This outcome underscores our firm’s commitment to advocate for our clients and seek the best possible results, even in challenging circumstances.

Case Type: Conspiracy to Smuggle Aliens

Year: 2018

Details: Our client, a U.S. citizen and New York resident, was charged federally with conspiracy to smuggle aliens. This offense carried the potential for a substantial sentence.

Outcome: Our criminal defense team not only managed to negotiate favorable bail conditions (a notably low $10,000 for a federal international criminal case), but also obtained a significantly reduced sentence for the client. Ultimately, the client was sentenced to time served, amounting to only a few hours in detention, along with two years of supervised release and a $100 fine.

Case Type: Bank Fraud & Forgery or False Use of Passports

Year: 2014

Details: Our client was facing severe federal charges related to bank fraud and forgery, or false use of passports. Given the substantial damages involved, they could have been sentenced to extensive time in prison.

Outcome: Thanks to the persistent efforts of our criminal defense team, we secured a significantly reduced sentence for our client. Rather than spending years in prison, the client was sentenced to time served, a duration of five months, followed by one year of supervised release.

Matrimonial Divorce

Case Type: Child Custody

Year: 2023

Court: Richmond County Supreme

Details: The client engaged our services for a child custody order.

Outcome: The case concluded with the client being granted joint custody of their child.

Case Type: Child Visitation

Year: 2022-2023

Court: Nassau County, Long Island

Details: The client engaged our services for a case concerning visitation rights.

Outcome: The client was granted overnight visits every other week and additional visitation on his off days.

Case Type: Child Custody

Year: 2022

Court: New York County

Details: The client, a mother, engaged our services to maintain joint custody of her child. A crucial aspect of the case was ensuring that the child would not have to change schools.

Outcome: The case resulted in the client retaining joint custody and, significantly, the court ordered that the child would not need to change schools.

Case Type: Divorce and Child Visitation

Year: 2022

Court: Kings County Supreme

Details: The client sought our assistance in a divorce case, with specific goals for visitation rights. The client’s spouse lived out of state, adding complexity to the situation.

Outcome: The final agreement stipulated that the client would have custody of the children during the summer and could also visit them out of state during three weekends. Crucially, the jurisdiction of the case remained in Kings County, meaning any violation would be litigated there.

Civil Litigation

Case Type: Civil Litigation – Landlord Lease & Fire Case

Year: 2023

Court: Kings County Supreme, Appellate Division

Details: Our client needed proficient legal assistance in a case that revolved around a landlord lease and a fire incident.

Outcome: Our firm’s dedicated representation ensured the client received just compensation from the landlord for the fire incident. Moreover, attorney fees were awarded. A favorable decision was handed down from the Appellate Division, underscoring our client’s victory.

Case Type: Civil Litigation – Partition Action

Year: 2023

Court: Queens County Supreme

Details: Our client required our proficient legal aid for a sensitive family matter involving the partition of property.

Outcome: Through our diligent efforts, we ensured a smooth process that concluded with the property being bought out by one of the parties.

Case Type: Civil Litigation – Property Damage

Year: 2019-2022

Court: Kings County Supreme

Details: Our client enlisted our expertise in a complex matter involving significant property damage.

Outcome: Our meticulous handling of the case led to a rewarding outcome, with the client obtaining a considerable sum of $70,000 as compensation for the damages incurred.

Case Type: Civil Litigation – Bank Fraud

Year: 2020-2022

Court: New York County

Details: The client engaged our firm in a contentious case of fraudulent transactions against a major banking institution, JP Morgan.

Outcome: The robust representation we provided resulted in the client obtaining a full refund for the fraudulent episodes from the bank.

Case Type: Civil Litigation – Neighbor Conflict

Year: 2021

Court: Kings County

Details: The client sought our skilled intervention in a challenging conflict with a neighbor.

Outcome: Our firm facilitated negotiations that culminated in a mutually satisfactory agreement, thereby successfully resolving the conflict.