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Initial Coins Offering



Various forms of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, DASH, ICO, and other, use cryptography to provide a certain level of security. A variety of cryptographic formulas are used for recording not only the actual amount of the currency but also to control their interpersonal movement as well as operations on personal accounts. All procedures including cryptocurrency regulation are usually too complicated to be solved without a help of the experienced ICO lawyer.

The key point of ICO is that certain percent of the supply is publically-open. Despite the idea of less legal regulation than with other cryptocurrency procedures, there are still many complex issues.


According to the latest IRS issues, cryptocurrency assets are considered to be obliged for Federal tax purposes. In addition, standard tax principles should be applied fully to a virtual currency. The more popular is ICO, and the more valuable it is, the more difficult is the situation with IRS and other government participants. Some of their demands are still not clear to the end, that’s why operating any ICO-related business should be provided with a legal consultation of a skilled legal specialist, such as New York ICO attorney at Sharova Law Firm.

ICO lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova are strictly familiar with existing cryptocurrency laws from the first day and update their knowledge regularly, which is extremely important for this issue. We are located in the center of New York, in the heart of the financial life of the USA, offering our legal advice for everyone involved in ICO-based relations. If you provide your business based on ICO, or you are a client who wants to learn more about the matter, contact us now and set up a free initial consultation.

More and more new cryptocurrencies appear every day, and blockchain-related surrounding is constantly evolving. Nowadays it goes far beyond IT sector, involving also banking, tax, privacy, financial and other important public sectors. At Sharova Law Firm, we provide legal help with all possible blockchain and ICO-related issues, such as:

• Preparing all the necessary documents, as well subscription and limited partnership agreements;

• Checking your marketing strategy to be sure all materials comply with obligatory security regulations;

• Providing legal help with crowdfunding and fundraising agreements;

• Implementing blockchain and ICO-based strategies to your businesses;

• Preparing your business managers for potential difficulties that may occur during ICO-based transactions;

• Keeping your ICO-related activity in accordance with all government regulations.


Generally, all digital currencies have no central banks and government backing. Their emission bases on encrypted blockchain technology. Nowadays, more and more businesses every day begin accepting various digital currencies as one more payment method for their services or goods. Moreover, some payment systems started to develop their own digital money and blockchains.

Initial coin offerings now are also used as the alternative method to capitalize business startups and other projects. It is even more popular now than venture funding, which used to be the main financial source for most startups for last decades.

Anyway, there are still many state and federal legal regulations regarding initial coin offerings, so it’s always better to have a highly-knowledgeable initial coin offerings lawyer on your side. Do you think about launching a new business project? Or you have another ICO-related issue you need to resolve quickly and effectively? At Sharova Law Firm our legal experts in initial coin offerings laws are ready to learn your case from A to Z and help you with any, even the most difficult legal matter. Contact us as soon as possible to set up a consultation with one of our New York ICO lawyers.


The legal team of Sharova Law Firm consists of seasoned initial coin offering attorneys, skilled researchers, experienced marketers, who will help you effectively to provide your ICO-related activity in a legal and sufficient way. We are ready to help you with all potentially appeared matters, from basic regulations to structural and operational documents.

Top New York initial coin offering specialists at Sharova Law Firm can offer their clients full legal support with asset protection and managing, private and venture financing, regulatory consultations, all possible shareholders disputes and litigation if there is any necessity.

New York ICO attorney at Sharova Law Firm is a great specialist in cryptocurrency law with deep knowledge and total understanding of all regulatory matters including blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Call us now, or contact through a website online form if you have any difficulty occurred related to your cryptocurrency activities.