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The drug crimes attorneys in NYC at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. acknowledge the seriousness of penalties a drug charge can carry with it be they misdemeanors or felony charges. The drug charges crime defense lawyers at Sharova P.C. are well-versed in handling such crimes of many types including the following: drug possession charges, manufacturing of controlled substance, trafficking of illegal substances, paraphernalia, and racketeering of prescription drugs. The drug crimes defense attorneys of the Sharova Law Firm are credible and professional which their winning record exemplifies. Contact us as soon as possible, if you need legal help of a seasoned criminal defense lawyer in an alleged drug charge criminal case, or simply if you have any questions for our defense attorney.

The New York City drug crime lawyers at the Sharova Law Firm are well experienced in handling federal drug crime cases successfully over the course of many years. Federal drug laws carry heavy penalties, even for a first-time offender, and depending on how things stack up, a repeat offender can easily see life in prison. The bigger pictures in most drug crimes that are on the federal level are conspiracy charges that normally accompany such criminal cases. Being a part of a larger group, you can quickly move the penalties higher because an individual is responsible for all the other individuals in the conspiracy.


♦ First, you are not alone. You are not the first one to be charged with a violation of drug laws, and you will not be the last.

♦ Second, these are serious charges. Whether you have been charged with a local, state, or federal violation, you are probably facing at least a hefty fine and with mandatory minimum sentences, probably jail time.

♦ Third, we provide immediate assistance. We are experienced but affordable. We know the ins and outs of the judicial system, and after we meet with you, we will tell you what you are up against and how we are going to defend you.

Drug laws are complex and the penalties are associated with the drug itself and the elements surrounding the particular instances that are under question. Attorneys at the Sharova Law Firm have handled many complex cases in trial and successfully negotiated a plea when the opportunity presented itself. Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience fighting for client’s freedom on the state and federal court level. It is important that we let clients know that when it comes to drug charges the deck is stacked against them.

Sometimes you are allowed to clean narcotic charge record after a confession of guilt and completing a special treatment program. A proficient criminal defense lawyer can get the best of possible outputs in your case.

So, if you are wondering whether you should give us a call today, consider this:

♦ In the federal system, if you possess five kilograms or more of cocaine or just one kilogram of heroin with the intent to distribute, you are looking at a minimum mandatory sentence of at least three years in the slammer.

♦ You can avoid the mandatory minimum sentence in New York by using a “safety valve”. But you need to know whether or not you qualify. That is what we will be able to tell you after we meet with you.

♦ All these things matter: the kind of drug, the weight of the drug, your role in the alleged crime, just to name of few. We will give you the complete rundown of your situation.

♦ A drug conviction is a permanent stain on your record. You want to avoid that if you can. We will help you determine if that is possible—and how likely it really is.

♦ If you are under investigation by the local, state, or federal authorities, there is a way to cooperate that is in your best interest. We will tell you how.


Nowadays, one of the most prevalent and most disputed classes of crimes are Drug Charges. Narcotic cases take much attention of both Legal System and media. Different controlled substances ale more or less legal depending on the how and what they are used for. Some of the illicit substances are strictly prohibited at both state and federal level. Drug charge includes fabrication, possession, trading, and spreading of any of forbidden materials. List of forbidden materials includes cocaine, heroin, LSD, marijuana, methamphetamine, and others.

Drug charge of Paraphernalia means the production of any substances which can be admitted as dope or holding an equipment that can be used to prepare unlawful materials. The main complication with paraphernalia drug charge is that the equipment is often designed for legal purposes. That means you can be charged with drug production depending on how you use the item or how it looks.

The drug charge of possession of drugs can be different depending on the sort or amount of controlled substances or if you were accused of the same crime before. It is also a difference between simple possession and possession with a view to distributing. This drug charge includes not only factual owning of any banned substances but also “constructive” possession. Drug charge of “potential” keeping occurs if you control or have access to the place where the dope was found.

Drug charge of Manufacturing includes involving any phase of production of prohibited materials. Delivering of any illegal substances is also admitted as a serious misdemeanor. If a crime of manufacturing is convicted, you face financial penalties and prison time.

Drug charge of Dealing, as a rule, comprises of selling illegal substances on different scales.

In a situation when you or some close person to you face a drug charge, support of an New York Drug Charge Lawyer is irreplaceable. Effects of being involved in narcotic crimes are often very severe and fall anywhere from at least a $50,000 penalty to more than life in jail. It is better not to delay when it comes to getting legal help. Find someone who can represent you in the court. If you are in trouble because of the drug charge, contact a criminal defense attorney for a professional advice how to reduce possible consequences.


The federal defense lawyers at the Sharova Law Firm know it is important to move quickly when facing charges that have mandatory minimums. Circumstances like these can have a dramatic effect on a person’s life. This is why it is vital to be sure to retain and hire legal counsel with supreme capabilities and years of successful experience. Having knowledge of sentencing enhancement guidelines is also crucial and any attorney practicing federal law should have a thorough understanding of it. There are factors that can increase your sentencing punishment, they are: if you dealt manufactured drugs near a school, if a firearm was used in the commission of the crime, if you used a person under the age of 18 to assist you in selling drugs, if you have previously been convicted of a felony, if you distributed drugs to a person under the age of 21, or if a death or injury resulted from the usage of the drugs you sold.

The Sharova Law Firm has had much success in defending clients who were charged with a variety of drugs. Some of the drug cases the attorneys at the Sharova Law Firm have handled are crystal meth, cocaine, marijuana, crack, LSD, ecstasy, heroin, and more. We are one of New York’s firms. Do not hesitate to call us if you are being charged with a state or federal drug crime. Our lawyers are well educated, trained to be aggressive, and effective as a team from the defense strategy building to the litigation, up into the appeals process if necessary. Do not leave your life up to a big television commercial or someone who may have beaten speeding tickets left and right for a couple of years. You need experienced counsel who has the ability to dissect a case and utilize innovative resources to help build and execute a defense capable of achieving maximum results.

If you have any question regarding your case or Sharova Law Firm, please give us a call and we will establish an appointment for a confidential consultation. Your rights are important, your life is important, it is important you trust and hire someone worthy of handling such important matters. No case is too small or too big for us to take. Contact us today.