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Drug Possession



Are you facing charges for the possession of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, or maybe even prescription drugs? If so, you risk to getting a felony charge. In that circumstance, you should prepare yourself for harsh penalties. Or contact our New York drug possession lawyer who knows various ways to get rid of the prosecutor’s statements in your favor.

Possession of drugs crime involves not only typical drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, or meth but also illegal possession of some prescription substances like Xanax, oxycodone, Valium, Vicodin, and others. In most possession of controlled substances cases, the main role is played by seizure and searching circumstances. The searching or checking procedures have their specific rules that should be kept by the police.

Along with drug possession charge, you are also risking to get an indictment with intent to distribute it. The risk is higher if there are larger quantities of controlled substances, or any packaging materials, as for sale.

Drug possession conviction leads to a grave and dark imprint on your personal record. It may lead to future effects such as huge fines, continuous time in jail, long-time probation, and eternal criminal record in your personal file. Usually, main factors for the chosen penalties are a kind of controlled substance and its quantity. Being accused of possessing any drugs is also a dangerous risk for future employment abilities, education, housing possibilities, and other areas of life.


Being suddenly arrested for possession of controlled substances, as well as for any other drug crime, is very confusing and frightening. As soon as it happens, you should talk to your drug possession attorney to ask how he or she is able to help you now. There are a lot of common drug charges defense strategies, but a skilled possession of illegal substances lawyer understands that every criminal case is unique.

Our New York legal specialists in drug-possession laws at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. are ready to discuss with you all the circumstances of your case and choose the most suitable legal options for you. We know how to use federal and state laws to get your possession of drugs charges reduced or completely disbanded and guarantee you a favorable final trial verdict.

A proper drug possession lawyer will start your defense by checking if all accusations against you are lawful. Accepting a guilty plea if, in fact, you are not guilty is the worst decision you can make. To charge you with any drug crime, a prosecutor should prove each of the detailed elements in your criminal case. Getting a legal assistance of a well experienced New York drug possession attorney during the trial process is a key to achieving the favorable outcome you demand.


New York State has a reputation for being tough on controlled substance possession crimes more than most states in the United States. In the recent past, there have been many revisions to the New York State drug laws in regards to drug possession and other drug crimes.

Penalties for drug possession crimes can vary and it is dependent on the circumstances at the time of arrest, including the elements of the actual event and the individual’s criminal record. Incarceration can be anywhere from three months to 20 years, depending on the controlled substance and the criminal record of the defendant. A lifetime in prison usually is accompanied with other charges such as “the intent to distribute” or “death resulting in the sale of a controlled substance”. Do not attempt to handle such matters on your own as they have extremely high stakes.

Such penalties such as probation, drug treatment programs, and conditional sentences are more of an option in the wake of lowered mandatory minimums. You will need an experienced and highly skilled drug possession lawyer to help you navigate your case and circumstances to help procure the best outcome for you.

In lieu of long prison sentences, drug treatment programs have been implemented more often. Even though these programs exist for drug possession charges, it does not mean you will inevitably receive one as your conditional sentence. It will take the expert advice and workings of a reputable and qualified New York criminal defense drug possession lawyer to help steer you to that outcome if desired and applicable to your unique situation.


The New York drug possession lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. have extensive practice in the area of drug crimes and have earned a reputation for success for their clients. The New York drug possession lawyers at Sharova P.C. have defended cases regarding the possession of Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin, LSD, Ecstasy, Crack, and Marijuana. Go with the experience and winning record of the drug possession lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C.

The Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. has an investigative team that is intense when it comes to looking for and finding the facts in a case that may have been left out of the police report. They go above and beyond and treat the client’s case with a sense of importance and urgency. Having a criminal investigative team alongside an adept drug possession lawyer is a formidable force in protecting your rights and freedom by being able to craft a superior defense strategy.


There are some common strategies to decrease or dismiss your drug, such as:

♦ The police officer stopping you was not in fact reasonable;

♦ Searching you, as well as the rummage of your vehicle or home place, was not reasonable;

♦ You did not give your consent for a search by free will, or maybe the police officer overestimated your consent.

Do not talk to a police officer if your defense lawyer is not present. Do not give the officer additional proof to charge you with possession of drugs.

If it will be proven that you not only possessed the illegal substance but also used it on yourself (for example with a positive drug-chemical test), that case will be sent to the Drug Treatment Court. The main characteristic of that court is that it is more focused on your treatment, and not just on your punishment. If it is necessary, you will be enforced to use one of the pre-trial drug treatment programs. Most of them are possible, only if that is your first-time accusation, but their usefulness is obvious because it means reducing or even total dismissing of all the charges against you, as well as avoidance of prison time.

There are no drug possession charge cases that can be too difficult for the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. Get a perfect New York drug possession attorney and be confident for your future.

Not all drug possession lawyers are created equal, so do your research when it comes to hiring legal counsel to defend your case, it is a matter of life altering consequences. If you or anyone you know has been arrested or is under investigation for drug possession, contact the drug possession lawyers at the Law Office of Sharova P.C. today!