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Cyber Extortion



Cyber extortion is a crime that is carried out by the use of the Internet.It is used to demand a form of payment such as money or other behaviors, including sex acts from another person by threatening to inflict harm or damage to his or her property or reputation. When facing these charges, it is essential that you have a top tier cyber extortion attorney who knows the details of the law and how to better determine if you have satisfied any of the elements in order to be properly charged with this crime.

There are many kinds of methods of cyber threats. One of the most employed methods is called Denial of Service (DOS). In a new wave of encryption algorithms, some extortionists are using encrypted passkeys with timers to demand money in order to stop the attacks and render control back to the authorized user. This has been termed ransomware over the years. Elite cyber extortion attorneys have the experience and know how to navigate the course of a case that may end up under another charge all together in benefit of the defendant.

Are you or someone close to you accused of cyber extortion? Even in a situation when you did not make it deliberately, extortion charges mean potential harsh penalties, such as huge fines or time in prison. Do not let this nightmare become a reality for you. Realizing how severe probable punishment is, you will realize how it is substantial to have an appropriate legal representation during trial proceedings.

The main elements of any cyber extortion crime are:

♦ Using a computer, phone, or any network service to communicate with the probable victim;

♦ Intent to obtain someone’s favors, money, or value property;

♦ Threatening a victim or his or her nearest people.

Cyber extortion, as most cybercrimes, is a relatively new threat, but its influence is growing catastrophically. Sometimes online perpetrators use special software to enable important files for a victim until he or she agrees to pay them. In other cases, they threaten a victim to show his or her private files to the public if they do not get the money or property they demand. In New York State, cyber extortion can both be a federal crime and a state crime and is charged as a kind of a theft.


If you are charged with a similar crime in New York, your very first action should be a call to your cyber extortion defense lawyer. As soon as you do that, you will probably realize all the circumstances that divine your case and know all possible options for you. Having a skilled cyber extortion attorney on your side will also make you more confident about your situation and help to get the favorable outcome.

The prosecution will make an attempt to establish there was an intent to do harm in your actions. They will check what kind of software and extortion methods were used by the offender. If violent actions or threats were involved, it makes an extortion aggravated. As well, substantial losses or a continuous period of time necessary for a victim to recovery will also increase your cyber extortion charges and future penalties, including considerable time of incarceration. If the case is considered as a federal crime, serious federal agencies’ intervention is mandatory. To get a seasoned New York cyber extortion attorney on your side, contact Sharova Law Firm today.

The Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. has experience in dealing with online extortion crimes. The attorneys at Sharova Law Firm have helped many clients who have been extradited from a foreign land on such charges and have helped them receive satisfactory outcomes. Also, we have a thorough understanding of the laws surrounding crimes of this nature and are prepared to go to trial if the prosecutor is not willing to extend a plea offer that is considered fair by their client. Our New York law firms are a great team of highly professional and deeply skilled legal experts who possess experience and knowledge in this law field and know exactly how to help you.


Cyber extortion can also be having additional charges attached to it like 18 U.S.C. § 880, which is receiving the proceeds of extortion. With prison sentences ranging one to three years for this crime, in addition, the criminal charges and penalties that may result from cyber extortion. With severe consequences like these, it is imperative that an individual hires an adept cyber extortion attorney with formidable experience and a successful track record.

Potential consequences of committing cyber extortion may be really serious. Usually, there are high fines, full restitution of losses to the victim, confiscation of property of accused individual, and enduring imprisonment for a period up to 99 years. Only in cases of low-value losses or unsuccessful attempt of extortion is probation a possible measure.

There are also long-term side negative effects of being charged with cyber extortion that may influence various areas of your life such as housing, relations with friends or a family, and employment.


Even if you had no purpose to extort someone, everything you say during an arrest can be taken as evidence, even of things you did not do and used later during a trial against you. Whenever you are facing such charges, it is crucial to creating an appropriate defense strategy to decrease or dismiss all possible penalties. Every cyber extortion criminal case is unique and there is a wide range of possible results for each of them.

Professional New York extortion attorney possess necessary skills, resources, and understands New York state and federal laws, so he or she is able to offer you the most suitable strategy, taking into account specific details of your case. Some possible ordinary strategies are:

♦ Your identity was mistaken or your actions misinterpreted;

♦ You were wrongfully charged;

♦ A lack of reasons or intentions to extort for you;

♦ A chance of ulterior motive of a victim (that means he or she probably had reasons to extort himself or herself;

♦ An “extortion” you made was simply a specific legal form of business or transaction tactic;

♦ Actual evidence is not enough to convict you.

If you or someone you know has been formally charged or is under investigation regarding networks security extortion, do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. and retain one of the highly experienced cyber extortion attorneys who can help you in your time of need. Contact us today!