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Aggravated DWI



Everybody knows that drinking alcohol greatly worsen the abilities of a person for many activities, especially concerning the capability of a person to drive a vehicle. The rate of how much his or her abilities are derogated often significantly determines the heaviness of potential charges.


The main difference between a simple and an aggravated DWI is the level of your blood alcohol content. In New York State, to be charged with an aggravated DWI, this index should be higher than 0.18%. Although, it is considered a misdemeanor, the same way as a regular DWI. Potential penalties for such crimes are heavier and very often, the ability of a prosecutor to offer the accused individual a plea bargain to have his or her charges reduced is limited.

An additional factor which makes a DWI case aggravated is having minors (that means any child under the age of 15) in your vehicle when driving drunk. This is a serious issue, that can increase your possible jail time from half a year to two long years. Repeating a similar crime is also an aggravating factor. For example, if you are convicted of DWI, for the first or second time it is still a misdemeanor, but the third arrest will automatically turn it into a felony which increases the potential punishment.


Accusations of DWI crimes also mean your driver’s license will most likely be automatically voided for some time. Attempts to drive despite the hooked license is an additional reason for increasing your punishment. Another aggravating factor is driving drunk and speeding at the same time, which means exceeding the actual speed limit for more than 30 miles per hour. In such a case, you risk getting more severe penalties.


All potential DWI charges affect individual’s life negatively. If the case is considered as aggravated, these consequences may be even harsher. To reduce the potential severe aftermaths of being charged with an aggravated DWI, you need legal assistance of a seasoned New York aggravated DWI lawyer.

DUI & DWI lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. have a proven reputation as legal professionals who offer their clients high-quality complex service and achieve outstanding results. When being accused of aggravated DWI crime, you require seasoned New York aggravated DWI attorney who understands how to build an effective criminal defense strategy, including challenging the alcohol test results validity and checking legal basis for a driver to be stopped. Aggravated DWI attorneys at Sharova Law Firm have the necessary litigation skills to fight for your rights in court if necessary and will fight for a better plea-bargain if it is not considered as fair enough for a client.


The penalties can be severe if convicted and it is wise to retain a New York aggravated DWI attorney to help defend against allegations of this magnitude. Some of the penalties one could face include up to one year in jail, being placed on probation for three years, having their license revoked for a year, fines of no less than $1,000 up to $2,500, and having to attend programs such as the Victim Impact Panel. There are also non-criminal punishments as well a $395 surcharge in court, and a $250 a year assessment for three years via the Department of Motor Vehicles. Having a qualified New York lawyer to help assist you in these matters is essential if you are to protect your rights and have a practical defense that could help to maintain your innocence.

Committing an aggravated DWI crime in a period of less than 10 years after the last DUI/DWI charge, means being charged with a felony aggravated DWI. The class of the felony crime depends on the number of prior sentences in your personal criminal record. The maximum possible sentence in such a situation is reaching 4 years of jail time. Whenever you or someone you love are facing such charges, it is better not to try to fight them alone, but to get a respected New York DUI/DWI defense lawyer with a wide record of winning cases and with deep knowledge of the court system and bar associations operations.

Including the seriousness of the potential punishment, it is crucial to search for a skilled criminal defense lawyer, who knows and understands federal and state NYC DWI and DUI laws. To reduce all possible consequences and effects of the case, contact top NYC lawyers of Sharova Law Office, as soon as possible.


No matter what circumstances and actions led to the arrest and trial proceedings in an aggravated DWI case, even the smallest details of the criminal case may make huge difference for the final result. Every case is unique, and results can differ widely. When the cost is a risk of large financially breaking fines or continuous time in prison, professional legal assistance of expert lawyer can be a decisive factor that can solve or break your future life. Even if you succeed with your defense and avoid time in prison, you will most likely lose your driver’s license, which may hamper your possibility to find employment, that will lead to serious financial stress alongside with harsh financial punishment. Each of possible penalties, as well as their various combinations, may completely spoil your reputation which may also destroy your family and social life.

Ask our skilled New York aggravated DWI lawyers at Sharova Law Firm for legal assistance and professional representation, and we will help you to protect your employment, your finances, your rights, your licenses, and your reputation. Rigorous investigations in such situations alongside with searching for soothing details in your case can help to discover some circumstances of the case that will help us to turn possible severe charges for the aggravated DWI into reduced charges or even dismiss the charges. Your best course of action is to invest in a proper professional criminal defense attorney, who will be an aggressive protector of your freedom and highly successful advocate to preserve your rights.


When you are arrested for an aggravated DWI, you usually have two options: guilty plea or trial proceedings. It is your choice if you want to agree to take that case to court, or to reduce your possible emotional stress by choosing a plea bargain. Sometimes, it is the expedient decision to discuss the possibility of a plea bargain, simply to decrease your aggravated DWI charges to an ordinary DWI, in such situations your potential fines will be smaller. A perfect NYC DWI defense lawyer can give you advice, which will be better for you in that case, and will advise you which option you should choose.

The DWI/DUI lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. will investigate all possible legal defense strategies and methods to defend you against all charges you are facing. One of the options is to diminish potential aggravated DWI charges to DWI misdemeanor. Another variant is to prove that DWI stop was, in fact, illegal, or that DWI blood test or Breathalyzer showed incorrect results. Our skilled New York aggravated DWI attorney will work their best to guarantee you a favorable outcome.

If you are accused of aggravated DWI or any similar crime, contact New York criminal defense attorneys at Sharova Law Firm as soon as you can and get a confidential legal consultation. We will carefully review your unique case and decide the best course for future steps.

It is always possible to prepare efficient defense strategy in your favor and there are always effective legal actions your criminal defense lawyer can take that may improve your situation and result in a favorable outcome.

If you or someone you know is being charged with this crime, do not hesitate to call the vehicular assault lawyers in New York City at the Sharova Law Firm. They will assist you in every way they can. Call the Sharova Law Firm today for a confidential consultation!