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Identity theft and fraud



Attempt to hijack someone’s identity or personal financial information is considered as a severe crime in many states. Even obtaining another person’s account data or scabrous personal information may be an initiation of serious criminal charges. Identity theft and fraud alongside with other possible computer crimes usually automatically appeal the higher attention of different federal agencies, such as, for example, FBI, and often result in harsh federal prosecuting.

Identity theft is using another person’s identifying information such as social security numbers, credit cards, or other personal or financial information, for your own gain. That gain comes about when you use this stolen identity to make purchases or commit crimes in the victim’s name.

Identity theft is serious business. Identity theft and fraud are escalating geometrically, and there is a mounting effort to prevent and catch identity thieves. If you are accused of identity theft, you may face the considerable resources of banks or other financial institutions assisting in the prosecution by government agencies. In addition, you could face other criminal charges for crimes committed through the use of the stolen identity. You might think that you only committed a minor crime with your illegal stealing of someone else’s identity, but that personal theft can lead to a conviction that can result in significant jail time and financial penalties.

The Federal Government has tons of resources at its disposal, and the Department of Justice, in particular, doesn’t mess around. There are multiple agencies involved in investigating and prosecuting identity theft, including the Federal Bureau of Investigations; Federal Trade Commission; Postal Inspection Office; Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service, and all the credit bureaus.


Identity theft and identity fraud are really a litany of crimes in which a criminal wrongfully obtains a victim’s personal data in some way that involves fraud or deception for economic gain. What that means in the real world is that if you’ve committed identity theft, you need a defense that refutes what the prosecutors impose.

If you have been accused of identity theft or fraud, you need to have a comprehensive legal defense plan. So contact the Law Office of Yelena Sharova, P.C., immediately so we can help you prepare your defense.

Our New York attorneys will attempt to minimize and mitigate the possible penalties and fines you face, which could possibly save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. We can help you with restitution, by setting up reasonable payment plans that enable you to pay back damages back over an extended period of time, while hopefully keeping you away from the prison.


In New York State, every type of fraud crimes, which are considered as failing or misrepresentation with an aim to receive someone else’s value property, may end in a severe punishment in case of criminal conviction, such as large obligatory fines and spending time in jail. Whenever you or someone close to you is accused of fraud, it is necessary to have a full understanding of rights as well as of potential consequences. That’s why it’s crucial to talk over the case with a seasoned identity theft and fraud lawyer as soon as you can.

Identity theft and fraud charge in NYC causes substantial penalties. They usually base on all the details of your unique criminal case, but mostly include probation, huge fines, possible time in jail and restitution. When being charged with identity theft and fraud crime, getting a legal advice of intelligent professional criminal defense attorney is imperative if you want to build a solid defense strategy.

Identity theft and fraud implicate various activities that may end in both criminal and civil consequences. That simply means that victim of the committed fraud can file a motion to a civil law even if a prosecution decides not to indict any criminal charge to you.

Sometimes a person simply doesn’t understand his or her actions are subject to fraud offense. First of all, it’s necessary to talk to your New York fraud defense lawyer to realize why you are facing fraud offense charges and what are they look like. When accused of identity theft and fraud, it’s not only risks for criminal and civil punishment, but also some negative side consequences. These charges can spoil your livelihood and destroy your reputation, you may as well lose your job and some licenses or special permissions. Expert fraud defense lawyer may help you to facilitate possible punishment and all negative consequences.


Facing identity theft and fraud accusations is a confusing and threatening experience for everyone. In such cases, it is requisite for accused person to get a quality help of well-qualified and proficient New York fraud charges attorney to create a solid defense and reach demanded favorable results.

Cases involving fraud charges are prosecuted really tough, especially if talking about identity fraud and identity theft. New York identity theft and fraud lawyers at Sharova Law Firm know how severe it can be and realize what should they do to save your reputation, both professional and personal. Handling your criminal case, first of all, our skilled attorneys reconsider testimonies to find out if there are any constitutional contraventions or other significant mistakes. When they are found, the court is asking for dropping the criminal charges. If it is impossible, we provide negotiations with a prosecution to make your charges and penalties lesser.

Despite the fact, that most of the cases we solve without the necessity of court intervention, our lawyers also possess litigation skills and experience, so we are ready to vindicate your rights and freedom in a trial if necessary.


NYC identity theft and fraud lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. have time-proven experience as litigators, that provides them a full understanding of how the court system works and what is necessary to protect your rights the best possible way. In a case of that, we are able to offer you the most efficient defense strategy to reduce or dismiss criminal charges you face. We know how shameful and embarrassing can be this whole process, that’s why we guarantee you necessary support and discreteness.

As with any white collar crime, pretrial preparation is critical to the successful defense of identity theft or fraud charges. For example, if appropriate, we can use the services of computer forensics or handwriting experts to aid in your criminal defense against prosecutors.

If appropriate, we negotiate a plea agreement on your behalf. Of course, we’re always prepared to go all the way to trial, but sometimes it’s in your best interest to take a plea. Ultimately, the choice is yours. But we’re your lawyers and we’ll help you make a reasoned cost-benefit decision.