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Order Of Protection & Restraining Orders



Only two types of orders of protection exist in New York State: they are a temporary protective order and a final protective order. The places where you can get an order of protection are family court and also a state criminal court, you can take a temporary order of protection for the maximum of four days until your state family court is open. A top New York City family lawyer, who deeply knows family law area, can assist you if you need legal advice filing for an order of protection.

You can ask a court for a temporary or a final restraining order. Temporary restraining and protective orders are common when there is a suspicion of domestic violence in a family. There are some reasonable crimes for establishing an order of protection. There are different assault cases, kidnapping, various threats, sexual assault, stalking, or harassment. If at least one of these offenses is hardened, a temporary restraining order is used as a form of protection for the potential victim of domestic violence. The main purpose of the temporary restraining order is to keep both parties away from each other until a court final decision is ready.

The final restraining or protective order takes place after a judge’s decision, it is a necessary action to prevent one party from the another. They are only given when domestic violence cases are proven and something probably threatens a victim. In such occasions, temporary orders become permanent protective orders, or as they are sometimes called final restraining orders.


The New York City protective order lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. are great professionals and have in-depth experience and knowledge to help you in the time of your domestic or family disputes. We have a lot of experience when dealing with court protective and restraining orders. We will guide you through your court process and protect you from feeling confused or being threatened by the abuser.

New York lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. put every client’s interest first. We will make sure you completely understand your rights and all the procedures you will need to go through in your unique situation.


An order of protection, as well as a restraining order, can do a lot for you. The most common factors it can help you with are:

♦ Commanding your abuser to desist badgering you or your children;

♦ Commanding your abuser to interfere contacting to you in any way including assistance of the third party;

♦ Commanding your abuser for the payments for all medical treatment or damaged property that are results of his or her actions.

New York lawyers for restraining orders at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. know well how to direct you in protecting yourselves from the attacker.

The maximum possible duration of the final protective order is five years. Standardly it depends on the details and circumstances of your case. The most common duration of an order of protection is a two year period. But if there any conditions and circumstances in the case that make it aggravated, this time may possibly be increased to five years.

Sometimes an Order of Protection is just a way to prepare for divorce and full custody of the children from one of the spouses. For example, during a complicated divorce case, an order of protection or a restraining order can simply be a way for one spouse to get the another one out of a home.

One of the significant protective orders’ feature is their urgency. All restraining orders, as well as various orders of protection, go to act at the moment they’re granted. That is why they are sometimes used by one of the spouses against another one. Attempts to prove you are innocent can take months and months which gives your ex-spouse a lot of time.


Your spouse or your loved partner is making threats to you? Maybe it started when you mentioned that you want to divorce him or her or end your relationship? Call the New York lawyers at Sharova Law Firm and we will tell you what steps to take to make sure you are safe.

Or maybe your former spouse named you in the order of protection without any legal reason and now all you want is to get rid of it and stop its negative influence on your everyday life? You want to see your children again and have a possibility to play with them in your home? Call our family lawyer today and settle up a confidential consultation.

Even when you are sure there is nothing to blame you on, having the protective order notice in your personal history is not the best thing. The future effects of that can be various depending on the case mentioned in your personal record, that can include banning to take some positions at your job, impossibility to be a coach or to get any job connected with children, and even risk never to see your own kids again. That is a dangerous game, but still, some spouses playing it.