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Blackmail is generally considered to involve a threat to an individual that would cause some kind of financial loss or embarrassment unless that person concedes to particular demands. The action in which the blackmailer demands may or may not be illegal. With the advent of internet blackmail as a cyber crime has seen an extraordinary increase over the last decade.

Many types of blackmail crimes can be under both federal and state law, New York State treats blackmail as coercion or extortion, which is comprised of a physical threat of violence or some other threat to induce a person to commit actions they otherwise would have not. Blackmail is generally charged as a felony and is known to carry heavy fines and many years in prison if convicted. The severity of punishment demands that the accused retain a highly skilled and experienced New York blackmail attorney to preserve their rights and protect their freedom.

Blackmailing crimes include threatening to disclose the deepest and perhaps the darkest secrets of an individual if he or she does not agree to fulfill all the requirements of the person who commits blackmail. Despite the fact it seems to be not really a violent crime, blackmail is considered as a severe offense. For example, New York State laws regarding threat crimes such as blackmail are very strict. If the guilt of the accused person is proven, an individual charged with a blackmail will face severe punishment in future.


The main aim of the prosecutor is to prove that the threat was actually made by an accused person. Such threatening materials may include physical or emotional harm to the victim or her or his property, or even up to the death of the victim if she or he decides not to submit the demands. Sometimes blackmail lists also involve threatening to destroy an individual’s reputation by telling his or her darkest secrets or accusing this person in an illegal situation.

The New York blackmail attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. are a top notch and the law firm has an investigative arm that has worked for many high-profile investigative units in the private and public sector. The New York attorneys at Sharova P.C. have the legal acumen required to craft a formidable strategic defense to such allegations as these, which work inside the law to protect a client from false claims against them no matter how determined a prosecutor may be in convicting the accused.

New York blackmail defense attorneys at Sharova Law Firm are ready to combat all charges against our clients accused of blackmail. With hundreds of efficiently handled cases in our history, we offer you a full-service representation of the highest possible level.


Blackmail in New York State is treated under the Penal Law of coercion and is similar to California’s statute of extortion in that it incorporates common elements of blackmail. In regards to a federal crime, blackmail is when a person uses the threat to testify or report any breaking of the federal law in exchange for something of value. The penalty for breaking this law can be up to 20 years in prison or up to a $100,000 fine or both in some combination. Retaining a New York blackmail attorney is crucial to avoid harsh penalties such as these. In situations when it is not a first charge in the offender’s personal criminal history, the crime can be aggravated which leads to increasing the possible charges and legal consequences.

Sometimes an innocent person may face blackmail accusations. The best thing to do in such cases is to ask legal experts for help.

Blackmail may be also combined with various other crimes, in that situations punishments are even more severe. Depending on the sources of threats and the seriousness of the crime, an accused individual may face paying thousands of dollars and spending a long time in prison. It is crucial to get an expert white collar crimes attorney who will know exactly what you should do to prove your rights in court.


The New York blackmail attorneys at Sharova P.C. are also well versed and have extensive experience in defending blackmail cases that stem from the cyber world. They have dealt with complicated “Webcam Blackmail” cases and have achieved satisfactory outcomes for their clients. The New York blackmail attorneys at Sharova P.C. are the experts that any person facing charges such as these, whether it is on a federal or state level will need in order to have the best chance at defending him or herself.

No matter how it seems, blackmail is treated severely by the prosecution. That means you should not waste your time and should not risk your rights and freedom, but call the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. to get effective legal representation at every stage of your case that will lead to favorable results.


If you are accused of blackmail, hiring a skilled New York white collar crimes lawyer may play an extremely important role in reducing potential charges and punishment. Blackmail attorney at Sharova Law Firm will analyze the details of your case and all information involved to create a strong and efficient defense strategy for your unique case.

If you have been arrested for blackmail or know someone who has, or even if you find out you or someone you know is being investigated for it, contact the New York blackmail attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. today. Your livelihood is on the line when facing criminal charges such as these and you do not want to forego legal counsel and take the chance of defending yourself, nor do you want to take a chance with your life by hiring subpar or inadequate counsel. Call today!