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Divorce Appeal



When unsatisfied with your divorce court decision, you can file an appeal as well as in any other case. However, to do that you’ll require a great team of divorce and family law specialists who also have effective trial experience. A skilled and well-qualified divorce appeal lawyer will be able to find out what was wrong during your previous trial and how it can be used for your appeal. To be sure of an appropriate result, choose the attorney who is also good in research and possess enough resources to control all the smallest nuances.

If you think the trial over your divorce or custody case was not fair, it is possible to appeal, so the whole proceeding will be reviewed again to check if there were any mistakes. An effective New York divorce appeal attorney will be able to prove that your judge was wrong deciding for your matrimonial law case.


Divorce and family law appeals are complicated and distracting, you should realize this. Your divorce appeal attorney will need to show to the appellate court that the judge working on your case previously ignored or interpreted evidence wrong, was awfully unfair to you, or even ignored the law. However, it is not impossible. Despite the fact, that appealing a divorce case is an extremely difficult issue, our legal experts at divorce and family law are ready to prove you nothing is impossible for a good divorce appeal attorney.

Especially dealing with such serious matters as appealing for high-worth net divorce, marital property division decision or post-judgment chances, hire a skilled and reliable divorce appeal attorney, such as at Sharova Law Firm.

Divorce appellate attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova will apply their experience for more than 65 years and their perfect research and litigation skills to offer their clients the most effective legal representation at the appellate court of any level. Remember that final decision is not really final until you don’t want it to be. Unfair judge or committed legal errors and technical mistakes are serious reasons to file an appeal. As well, if the court decision was in your favor, but your ex-spouse doesn’t want to agree with it and decides to appeal, contact New York divorce appeal lawyers at Sharova Law Firm and get a legal representation of the highest level.


When appealing in a divorce case, first of all, find a divorce and family law attorney you can trust. Then review the trial together, detail by detail, step by step. It will help to find out if any mistake was hidden during the proceedings. Whenever you have any questions to your divorce and family law attorney, don’t be afraid to ask, because it’s very important for you to understand the details of the case and results it can lead to. It is also important to assure your attorney understands what to do and will do everything necessary to provide you an outcome you demand.

At Sharova Law Firm, we offer you high-quality assistance in every case related to divorce and family law appeals. Our appellate attorneys are the skilled legal team of experts in matrimonial and appealing law. Our legal counsels also have experience in appealing the most controversial cases including contested divorce, alimonies, child custody, high net worth property division and other family matters. Call Sharova Law Firm now and get the best quality legal help you deserve.

Contact us as soon as possible to discuss the details of your case and work on the most effective strategy. Excellent specialists in divorce and family law at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova will guide you through your complicated divorce appealing quickly and easily.