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Separation Agreements



The end of every relationship is always stressful and confusing. Your decision to separate from the previously loved partner is a decision that costs a lot emotionally. When living together comes to an end, it is necessary to establish some rules and details of your separating. Choosing a separation agreement grants you some advantages such as prompt resolution, avoiding the necessity of litigation, and lower costs.

When the terms of separation agreement end, you and your spouse can file for an absolute divorce if you want. Sometimes the separation agreement is filed as an order when you are going through a final divorce.

A separation agreement attorney, entering into the separation agreement process, helps reduce tensions between the spouses, helps to move away from mutual insults and emotions, and look at the situation through the prism of the priority of interests of minor children, as well as through legal regulation. The separation agreement attorney carefully analyzes the current situation, negotiates with spouses, helps the spouses see the situation through the eyes of the opposite side of the conflict, suggests the best ways to resolve the dispute. The actions of a separation agreement attorney are directed not just at the rapid separation as such, but also at settling the legal consequences of the separation: property disputes over the division of property, issues related to the upbringing of children, their maintenance.

Nevertheless, both parties will not always agree with the terms and conditions of the separation agreement. In such cases, you have to protect your rights before divorce court. Otherwise, you are risking to waive your rights and choices. Those immaterial rights usually involve alimonies, property and assets distribution, and after separation support.


If you want to get the result you deserve, you should be ready to work with a separation agreement lawyer, including speaking about the most intimate circumstances of the family life, discussing your financial situation and family history. That is why it is incredibly important to find a New York separation agreement attorney you can totally trust and with whom you feel comfortable enough.

It’s not an issue you should face alone. In such occasions, the wise decision is to talk to your family lawyer to find out all the details of the future separation, what exactly to expect of it, what costly mistakes is possible to reduce or avoid. It is important to know all of your legal options after separating and work out an efficient managing strategy for the time of separation and possible future final divorce process.

When you hire one of the well-experienced separation agreement lawyers from Sharova P.C. you get unparalleled service, someone who is dedicated and thorough throughout the entire research and preparation process of your case.

If you consider filing a separation agreement and want to get the advice of a professional family law attorney, contact our law office in New York, Edison, or Newark.

The attorneys at Sharova P.C. have the skill to negotiate for you and keep you in a comfortable position as much as possible during such tumultuous events. The separation agreement lawyers have the experience and skill to do a superb asset valuation job, which can be complex and is most definitely an important part of the process.


The simple definition of a separation agreement is an agreement between a wife and husband to part ways through separating from one another. Once signed it becomes an obligatory contract involving both parties. This contract is used for resolving matters regarding the division of property, alimony, child support, and debt.

A qualified lawyer can help you with drafting this document. As well as constructing this document with your lawyer, he or she should notify you that this is not a temporary arrangement. In most instances, it is binding and contains final assurances. This kind of contract is voluntary and cannot be forced on either party.

Spouses can choose legal separation instead of divorce for many various reasons such as they are religious, worry for their children and someone may think about the stigma. There are also many couples who prefer separation agreement to divorce for practical reasons, as a lack of sureness in their wish to divorce or their joint health insurance.

In other situations, filing for separation agreements may be an additional way to manage cases with significant logistic and financial deals. A separation agreement may be the first step to divorce, or as well contribute future accommodation. Separation agreement attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. understand that every personal case is completely unique and ready to help you reach your goals, no matter what are them.


Separation agreements issues will influence on the many different areas of your future life. It includes your family, your children, and your financial assets. Getting a profitable properly made separation agreement means that from this point you can plan your tomorrow life.

Common family issues that are covered by separation agreements are:

♦ Which of the parties will get child custody and in which form;

♦ Details of child visiting, like its frequency and duration;

♦ Conditions of child support and spousal alimonies;

♦ Dividing the marital property and all possessed assets.

While some separation cases are easy enough, others may be more complex and more continuous. Main reasons that make spousal negotiations longer are usually relationships between spouses, a number of kids, terms, and conditions of actual or previous separation, a quantity of possessed property, and value of assets. For both situations, it is right to involve your New York separation agreements lawyer on the earlier stage.

The separation agreement is for the two individuals who signed to it, it is not used for binding outside third parties to the agreement as well. A separation convention cannot make adultery lawful or permissible. There is no clause that allows another to have relations with someone outside of their marriage and make it legal.

The courts cannot be bound by any terms set forth in the contract that was written with or without the help of a separation agreement lawyer regarding child custody or child welfare. It is the job of the court to look out for the best interest of the child under any circumstance. Talk with your separation agreement lawyer to figure out what the best course of action is regarding any children involved in the negotiations and if it may be best to let the court intervene if one spouse is being unreasonable.


For separating spouses, it is important to resolve property disputes. The separation agreement attorney will help to carry out the division of property and formalize either the marriage contract or an agreement on the division of common property.

But in cases where the separating spouses do not want to negotiate, it remains the only way – to go to court.

Sometimes only one of the spouses file the agreement with her or his family law attorney and then simply ask another party to agree with it. There are also cases when both spouses work with their family lawyers together to make an agreement. The wise decision will be to hire a separation agreement lawyer on your side to be your representant while the process is going on or if your spouse wishes to separate from you.

The New York separation agreement attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. will work out circumstances of your case and offer you professional legal recommendations you need to preserve your rights and interests. When you are ready to file the agreement we will help you to formalize it.

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