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Career opportunity scams




The vast majority of our clients are very decent people, entrepreneurs, successful leaders of their own business. However, any business has long gone under the legal articles. These articles are universal, flexible, streamlined and can be screwed to any businessmen, there would be a desire on the part of law enforcement authorities. These articles are Fraud crimes under Article 190 of the New York Penal Code and Other federal fraud offenses found in 18 U.S. Code Chapter 63.


A criminal case is opened and business is in decline or even completely collapsing.

The main task of a fraud attorney is to save an entrepreneur from prison and business from ruin. And we often succeed.


According to Business Opportunity Rule 16 CFR Part 437 career opportunity scams can lead to decades of imprisonment. There is a possibility to be charged with multiple criminal crimes at the same time. The defender can also be obliged to repay funds acquired through the offer of misleading investment opportunities or business offers.

The complexity of career opportunity scams cases makes the professionalism and experience of a lawyer a key factor, often determining the outcome of a case. With hiring the Sharova Law Firm, you can be sure that the best career opportunity scams attorneys in New York will be involved in the defense. For more than sixty-five years of combined experience, we have been helping citizens of the United States defend their rights in this category of criminal cases. Our specialists are members of the New York State Bar Association. 


Important! In cases of career opportunity scams, the stage at which an attorney joined the defense is of crucial importance – it is smarter and cheaper to stop the criminal prosecution in the early stages of the investigation. In this case, the career opportunity scams attorney can initially build the optimal line of defense, protect the client from errors and fraud when testifying, and prevent the inclusion of unnecessary evidence. 


The first prerequisites that you need the help of a career opportunity scams attorney:

You or your relative was detained

You are summoned for interrogation as a witness, suspect or accused

You are summoned to court

A criminal case has been initiated against you

A crime has been committed against you

You have been charged or suspected of committing a crime

Police officers search your home

You or your family member have been indicted

You need to appeal a court verdict or other judicial act


Predicting the outcome of the career opportunity scams case and affecting it if the materials are submitted to the court is many times more difficult. career opportunity scams in many aspects are similar to crimes in the economic industry, but due to the presence of features peculiar to this category and the specifics of conducting such cases, career opportunity scams attorneys distinguish them from the category of economic crimes. The key difference between career opportunity scams cases is their volume and complexity. Characterized by a large number of identical episodes and the involvement of a significant number of individuals. The legal status of participants in criminal proceedings may change more than once during the investigation.