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Money Laundering



The Money Laundering Act of 1986 made money laundering a federal crime. All money laundering charges do not necessitate a successful financial transaction to happen in order for the crime to be committed. The law prohibits spending in excess of $10,000 that was obtained from an SUA (specified unlawful activities.) An adept white collar attorney will be able to assist you in deciphering any financials transactions that may be associated with your charges and therefore prepare the best possible defense.

There are different stages in the process and your charges can stem from any one part or all parts are taken together. The main point of money laundering is to conceal the source of the money and to make the money appear as if it is legal to any financial institution, law enforcement agency, or the general public, there are three stages that are involved in, they are known as 1) Placement, 2) Layering and 3) Integration.

The main purpose of money laundering is hiding illegally obtained money or masking its sources. Such crimes are often related to fraud activities or drug crimes. Placing such illegal or “dirty” money on real businesses or bank accounts, making the potential profit of them look like “clean”.


Facing serious money laundering charges is an intimidating time for everyone. Such crimes proceedings are complicated and tiresome. Whenever you are facing severe money laundering accusations, you need to contact a skilled New York money laundering defense lawyer as soon as possible. Dealing with such cases from the very beginning can lead to a more favorable result in the end.

The defense attorneys at Sharova Law P.C. excel at defending their clients against white collar charges. The white collar defense lawyers at Sharova Law P.C. have the experience on the New York State level as well as the federal level when handling a white collar charge. If you have been charged with any scheme involving money laundering, including but not limited to; wire fraud, real estate fraud, terrorist financing, drug selling or tax evasion, the defense lawyers at The Law Offices of Yelena Sharova can help you.


All economic crimes have some serious consequences. You will want to hire a top notch firm to help prepare your case and litigate it in court if need be. Monetary fines usually stay within a limit of twice the amount that was used to initiate the money laundering charges. The IRS has the power to prosecute any crimes against the Internal Revenue Code. Economic crimes are usually accompanied by tax evasion. Charges of tax evasion are another matter that is handled by the IRS and comes with its own penalties.

Money laundering in the third degree means hiding an amount of more than $300 but less than $20000 in a year and lead to jail time for five years. The second-degree money laundering felony involves up to $100000 and results in 15 years in jail. First-degree money laundering charges lead to 30 years in a local prison and include hiring more than $100000.


Every case of money laundering requires complex evidence against the offender. Challenging such evidence is a complicated process which demands great experience, skills, and legal resources from your money laundering attorney, especially when speaking about federal level crimes.

A highly qualified and well skilled New York City white collar crime lawyer can analyze all the details of an actual criminal case and later use this information to provide you a great and effective defense strategy. Come to one of the Law Offices of Yelena Sharova P.C. in New York, Newark, and Edison to ask our money laundering attorneys all questions you have about your case.

When facing money laundering accusations, it is better for you not to try to protect your rights by yourself but call an experienced and greatly prepared money laundering defense lawyer from Sharova Law Firm. Our white collar crimes lawyers realize the details of such proceedings, we can offer you the most suitable strategy of future behaving to reach a positive outcome for you. Our New York corporate crime lawyers are a great team of legal experts, who are able to help you with your money laundering issues using our timely proven knowledge and skills.


There are a lot of various defense strategies to overcome financial crimes charges. Some of them are a lack of knowledge from what sources the money came from or the lack of intent to commit the laundering. Another popular defense is proving the amount of illegally obtained money is too small to be counted as laundered.

The main difficulty with a money laundering offense is that it is often related to such issues as other frauds or theft. An experienced New York money laundering lawyer will be able to combat all the additional allegations as well as the main accusation. The main goals for the New York defense lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. are to protect your rights, show your innocence and avoid or at least reduce all potential consequences.

The defense lawyers are tenacious in their fight to prove their client’s innocence. The intent and genuine expectation that the money would come back “clean” will have to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt and the defense attorneys at Sharova Law P.C. excel at defending these points on behalf of their clients.

If you have been implicated in a white collar crime, you need to call the defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Yelena Sharova P.C. for a consultation.