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Simple Assault



Simple assault can be simply defined as a misdemeanor assault and is the least serious of the degrees of these charges. It involves a serious threat with none to a minor physical injury. If two people engage in an argument and someone slaps the other person it is classified as a simple assault case. A simple assault New York City attorney can provide you with the elements needed to commit such a crime; retaining one may prove effective in defending yourself successfully from such allegations in court.

The main differences between simple assault and other harsher assault charges are the kind and severity of injuries of the victim. While a broken arm may lead an individual to a serious aggravated assault charge, small bruises may maximally cause simple assault charges for the accused person. If family members are involved in the accident, there is a risk of domestic violence charges.

According to New York State law, the main elements of simple assault crime are:

♦ Bodily injury:

Harming someone and leading to bodily injuries knowingly, recklessly, or with intent, may result in simple assault charges;

♦ Fear of harm:

Just causing fear in a person to be harmed or injured by you is a simple assault too;

♦ Offensive or provocative contact:

Any physical contact that can be considered by the person as offensive or provocative may be a reason for your simple assault charges.


Whenever you or someone you know is facing simple assault charges, you need an effective legal help of a highly skilled New York simple assault lawyer during the whole complicated and confusing legal process. Professional simple assault attorney will analyze the smallest details and circumstances that possibly led to that charges to choose the most suitable and effective defense tactic for your particular case. If necessary, a great New York simple assault attorney will be able to prove to the court that your behavior was just a self-defense action.

People are often surprised that there is no need to physically touch a victim to be charged with a simple assault. Simply causing a feeling of fear for potentially possible offensive or harmful contact is enough for the person to face simple assault accusations.

A skilled New York simple assault lawyer will be able to protect you from all negative consequences if you are accused of violent misbehavior. Although a simple assault case seems to be relatively easy, it is still a crime with possible legal punishment that can spoil your life for a long time. Do not think you can solve this issue on your own, call Sharova Law Firm and we will handle it for you.


Simple assault is a misdemeanor and is punishable by six months to one year in jail. There are also heavy fines that can be incorporated into the punishment as well. Not many people are aware but it is possible to be faced with a civil and criminal case behind one incident of this crime. Having the proper simple assault attorney handle this matter could save you problems in the future in regards to losing your assets through a civil suit from the victim of the crime.

Simple assault can change classes or degrees of seriousness depending on who the victim is. For instance, if a person slaps an elderly person or an individual who is disabled, they may receive a higher charge of aggravation. This can go for people who work in a particular sector of the workforce or are designated as a member of a protected class such as a firefighter, social services worker, judges, utility worker, teacher or school employee, or mental health care providers. Retaining the right New York assault attorney will be instrumental in defending yourself if these charges were to escalate.


The simple assault attorneys at Sharova Law Firm are experienced in handling violent crime cases such as these. They have successfully defended clients from such allegations for more than a decade. The simple assault attorneys at Sharova Law Firm are dedicated to bringing their client the best results possible all while delivering their culture of the “high-quality client experience”. Not all attorneys are alike and some may even be harmful to your chances at successfully defending your freedom. Due diligence is a must before selecting a simple assault attorney.

No matter what exact circumstances led to the simple assault charges, our responsible New York simple assault attorneys are able to help you to deal with them. To get professional legal help, contact the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. immediately when you find out you may face any assault charges. Our top New York criminal defense attorneys can give you precious advice about how to behave with police and in a court, how to react to all evidence and what you should do to avoid or reduce potential negative consequences.


Finding a perfect New York simple assault lawyer who will fight on your side is the very first action you should take if you want to clear your name and reputation of unnecessary charges. Simple assault lawyers of Sharova Law Firm know there are always two sides to the story, and that facing assault charges is not the same as being guilty of it. Whenever you think you are falsely charged with a misdoing you have nothing common with or maybe you just tried to defend yourself but the prosecution considered that as an assault, call our dedicated simple assault lawyers and we will reach a fair outcome for you.

If you or someone you know is being charged with the crime above, contact the simple assault attorneys at Sharova Law Firm for the best possible defense today. Do not hesitate when retaining legal counsel.