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The Sharova Law Firm’s legal team has a collective experience of over 65 years in the legal field. This experience is in the areas of high net worth divorces involving issues of equitable distribution, complicated child custody and visitation cases, alimony and child support.


The Divorce and Family Law attorneys at Sharova Law Firm are known to be passionate and aggressive litigators. Nevertheless, we believe that if your case can be settled without the need of taking it to trial, which in turn protects you financially and emotionally, then that is always the best course of action. Unfortunately, just because you are reasonable, that is not always the case with your spouse and sometimes trial cannot be avoided. In that case, we will take your case to trial and fight passionately for what you deserve. By choosing Sharova Law Firm, you will receive accurate advice and representation which is diligent and effective from the moment you contact us until your divorce or family law matter is finalized either by settlement or after a trial. Our divorce and family attorneys have a high level of professionalism and incredible courtroom presence, as confirmed by our proven record of winning.


Family law is considered as one of the most significant areas of law because sooner or later almost everyone faces it. What if one of such situations will affect you, one of your family members, or maybe your close friend?

ADOPTION: Thinking about adopting a child? Do you know all the details of the adoption law in your state? And in the state in which a child will be adopted? Maybe a child you want to adopt is from another country? What are your rights and what are rights of people who are its biological parents? These questions are tough, and answering them demands a skilled attorney with a deep understanding of family law issues. Besides, it is better if he or she also has court experience.

CHILD CUSTODY: There are some different types of child custody, for example, sole custody, shared or joint custody, and others, and each of them differs from the others in some details. Trying to handle such complicated issues as child support alone without any legal consultation is a bad idea. Such situations demand the help of a great family lawyer, who can offer you legal advice on how to deal with your case effectively. New York family lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. are well experienced and familiar with child custody law. If you need a dedicated child custody lawyer do not hesitate to contact one of our offices in New York, Edison, or Newark. Our family lawyers will explain you all the differences between various types of a custody and help to choose the one that suits your case best. After that, we will make a step-by-step plan of future actions.

DIVORCE: Under New York State divorce law, to be granted a divorce, you need to have what is called a “legally acceptable reason”. That is not hard to prove under state divorce law because you just need to show that the relationship between you and your spouse is irreparably broken for at least six months. So if you really want to leave a relationship, as experienced divorce lawyers for men and women and as divorce attorneys, we can help you make it happen quickly. In addition, did you know that if you can prove adultery or abandonment, you can also get a divorce? As seasoned divorce attorneys familiar with family law and are ready and with access to investigators who can help make the case for you.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: It is also important and sometimes an extremely difficult area of family law. In New York State, domestic violence means some threatening or violent actions committed by individuals who are engaged in family relations somehow. Accusing of domestic violence crimes means serious criminal prosecution and some additional consequences, such as getting a restraining order.

FATHER’S RIGHTS: Sometimes you require professional legal assistance to prove your father’s rights. The old-style presumption that child custody should be given to mothers is not working anymore, but still, most of the custody battles are won by women. If you are dividing child custody rights with your former spouse, the New York Family Court will handle this dispute as a component of your divorce case. That means you should get a seasoned family law attorney to represent your best interests in a court. Fathers’ custody rights lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. are able to prove to a court prosecutor that choosing you as custodial is in child’s best interests.

At the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C., we provide legal consultations on all possible issues of family law. We also handle such cases as child support and spousal support, marital property division, separation agreements, LGBT family issues, and unmarried couples’ issues.


Choosing the Sharova Law Firm, you will get a family law attorney, for whom handling even the most complicated family disputes is a daily routine, a divorce attorney, who is familiar with the theoretical law, practical court proceedings, and who has a wide range of cases handled in Family and Supreme Courts and smaller state courts.

Our lawyers handle divorce cases in New York and have multiple decades of experience handling various situations regarding issues like child custody, alimony, equitable distribution of marital assets for high-net-worth couples, and more. We strive to deliver our culture to every individual that we come into contact with regardless if we are retained as legal counsel or not. The high-quality client experience is the culture of the Sharova Law Firm and we understand that these times and issues bring a lot of emotional turmoil. We will do our best to accommodate you while achieving the results you desire.

Our family law attorneys understand how you feel during this uneasy times of family miseries. Family law is a sensitive area and our accurate personal approach helps us to deal with similar cases tactfully and carefully, without excess emotional charges. Our divorce lawyers choose understanding and sympathetic way to provide you with these legal challenges. Family law concerns require strong but very personalized resolutions because every case is exceptional.

The main goals for a divorce attorney at the Sharova Law Firm are our clients’ safety and stability. We have a complete set of knowledge and skills you may demand during your family dispute, and we know how to use it in your favor.

If you have any questions or need legal help, contact Law Office of Yelena Sharova, P.C., to get a consultation with an attorney, who is ready to listen to your family issue details and offer you the best possible decision.