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Sex Crimes



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If you are accused of a sex crime in Brooklyn or anywhere throughout New York, the outcome can have a more serious effect than other heavy criminal charges. Sex crimes in New York involve a stigma that can be executed even if you were accused of a false allegation, while a judgement can trigger an obligation of lifetime registration as a sex offender.


The Law Office of Yelena Sharova P. C. provides legal counsel for defendants charged with the heaviest sex crimes. Our qualified lawyers know how to ease your conviction. Many judges tend to exaggerate consequences but with us, you are in the safety boat.

The New York City sex crimes lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. have the experience and in-depth knowledge to help prevent the violation of a defendant’s rights and take preemptive action to help secure an individual’s reputation before the alleged charges get out into the open court.

As we said, sex crimes in New York are a serious matter and even a first-time offense can cause an individual to have a lifetime registration on the New York Sex Offender Registry. The government has enlarged the range of offenses that can put a defendant on the registry. This can be a lifelong embarrassment for an individual and can cripple future job prospects and therefore ruin their livelihood.

Top sex crimes attorneys in our offices in New York, Newark, and Edison have experience in dealing with many offenses of different types, from sexual assault or rape to child pornography. Because the nature of such crimes is very controversial, being involved in it does not remain unnoticed, and even if accused person is found innocent by a court it still leaves a mark on his or her reputation. That is why the stakes are extremely high, and the risk of failure in such issues is serious and the cost of it is higher than the cost of a skilled sex crimes defense attorney.


Sex crimes were always among the most severe crimes in the New York State justice system. On one hand, terms of harm for all the victims are heavy, on the other hand, penalties for the offenders are severe too. The heaviest sex crimes offenses are indecent exposure, possession of child pornography, statutory rape, sexual slavery and prostitution, rape, or sexual assault. If criminal case involves some amount of sex crime offenses, then an offender will face a certain amount of sentences.

Some sex crimes charges have a mandatory minimum. This means that offender will be guaranteed to get some time in jail. Even after being released from prison, a defendant will still have to deal with many special and serious restrictions.

Of course, all sex crimes are of different scale, but most of them meet requirements to be registered in significant lists which usually destroys a chance of a normal life for the offender. They all have a common long term consequence, a negative reputation that stays among the public even when you were accused but not convicted by the court. Simply being charged or related to a sex crime is a great danger that can probably damage your career, life, and reputation.


Penalties and consequences of sex crimes accusation are based on the seriousness and degree of the crime. But you should remember that there is usually the risk of huge fines and long-lasting probation. In addition, most of the sex crime charges demand from charged person to register as sex offender.

There are different levels of the Sex Offender Registration. Depending on the level you are convicted with will determine your abilities to get housing and hold certain jobs. The mission of the elite NYC sex crimes lawyers at Sharova P.C. is to help stave off the government’s position to shame the defendant as well as humiliate them, the effects can last decades, if not for life.

The high-quality sex crimes attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. go into the unique facts of the accusation made by the accuser and craft a strong defense around that. The main goal is to keep the defendant off of the Sex Offender Registration.


A major mistake that some defendants make is hiring a New York sex crimes lawyer who has little to no experience defending such cases. A serious and common mistake is a defendant’s counsel, having them plead guilty of a lesser offense without understanding the full spectrum of repercussions for taking such a plea.

The New York City sex crimes attorneys at Sharova P.C. individuals. They also have keen operating knowledge of the law and court procedures. They are tenacious litigators.

Sex crimes defense team at Sharova Law Firm have the necessary skills and knowledge to interpret state and federal laws successfully and use it to your advantage. We will work closely with you to learn all the smallest circumstances of the case and provide you a legal service of the highest level on every step of the case. Strong personal integrity and dedication to every client’s criminal case is an important source for success. Sex crimes charge lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova have handled a wide range of criminal cases for different clients: some of them were wrongfully accused, other had sexual addictions or other psychical illnesses, and others just made mistakes. With our professional help, all of them overcame their sex crime charges and kept moving on when was over.


The first thing to do when you are facing a sex crime charges is to call legal professionals. Every minute is precious in such cases. In situations where allegations are weak, or the defense is strong enough, highly skilled criminal defense attorney can even keep an arrest warrant unsigned. This means settling the criminal case before it goes to the arrest.

Great New York sex crimes lawyers can also preserve the evidence, such as DNA, other hospital tests, phone records, surveillance footage, and others. A well-experienced attorney can use all these evidence in your criminal defense to reduce any probable penalties and consequences of New York sex crime charges.

The sex crimes lawyers at Sharova P.C. understand how the government uses the Mental Hygiene Law as an excuse to use double jeopardy. This is a critical area of law that you do not want to leave up to just any sex crimes attorney. Do your research before hiring someone to defend you on your alleged charges.

If you or anyone you know has been officially charged with a sex crime or you or someone you know is being investigated, contact the New York sex crimes attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. today. If you need legal representation, do not hesitate to call us now!



Crimes against sexual inviolability (sex crimes) are far from rare in our country. Did you know that about half of the sex crimes are fictitious, and complaints to the police are filed for personal hostility, jealousy or other reasons? We protect the citizens accused of any kind of sex crimes (New York). Our criminal defense attorney has experience in criminal defense under the Criminal Code (New York) and will help you — professionally, profitably and on time.