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Men’s Rights Attorney



An attorney for men will help quickly and profitably dissolve the marriage with his spouse, peacefully resolve property disputes, as well as resolve issues related to child custody. We will help a man with a sense of dignity and pride to come out of any family dispute and to win over his wife.

It is no secret to anyone that the divorce proceedings with his wife are the most painful argument for both family members. Such cases adversely affect the emotional state and health of both spouses. Everyone knows that as soon as a person changes his attitude towards things and the people around him, these things and people change attitudes towards him. Family lawyers for men of our company strongly advise in case of any trouble to try to radically change their thoughts

and behavior. We will make sure that all the rights of the husband during the divorce are respected so that the spouse is not able to unlawfully pick up the property and the child.

Less emotional men can rarely understand what is happening in the head of a woman. Most complaints and offenses are perceived by them in hostility, although they simply do not realize that a woman is most afraid to be alone or undervalued. If you consider yourself a smart and positive person, try to prove it by going to meet a partner. Even if the spouse does repel you, you will feel that you have acted with dignity without engaging in primitive conflicts or provoking scandals. If the divorce with your wife cannot be avoided – please contact us.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the services of a family lawyer for men. Such an action, like a divorce of spouses, will quickly have an impact on the material and emotional living conditions of the spouses. In this situation, it is simply necessary to remain human until the end. Remember, without any doubt, any arising family dispute is basically solved. 

It is just a fact, regardless of your attitude towards it. Another question, decide in whose favor and how this dispute is solved.

This side of the question depends on who will assist you and help you make the only right decision. And here there are various options.

You can focus on the low-cost legal services in family law, hoping that the quality and result of your business will not be affected. Yet, being completely honest, it is a rather doubtful option. After all, at the level of common sense, you should well understand that a knowledgeable specialist does not work for free.



Therefore, our family law lawyers for men advise you to think carefully and think about the fact that if you do not want to have an extra headache for the outcome of the case, it is better to involve not just experienced professionals, but lawyers, lawyers with an impressive judicial practice in family matters.

Father is always the same important for his child as the mother is. But sometimes while dealing with several family disputes man feels threatened by the future legal proceedings. As a result, he may do something wrong, and it will influence his custody or alimony rights. By getting a skilled family law attorney for men on your side, every husband and father makes an important step to protect his rights and his future guardianship.

At the Law Office of Yelena Sharova, we are focused on providing legal help for men during their complicated family matters and, as well, if they need our help in other legal areas. Our clients choose Sharova Law Firm because we are dedicated to each of their case and ready to prove men’s right in the most complicated of their life issues.

The aim of the New York family law attorneys for men at Sharova Law Firm is to protect our clients’ rights during complex family law issues, such as divorce, child custody, property division, and so on with a passionate approach and high-quality legal service. You don’t have to deal with it by yourself now, family lawyers for men at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova will be the partners and defenders for you to rely on.

When facing legal disputes regarding family law, men usually feel disadvantaged in court. New York family lawyers for men at Sharova Law Firm will work effectively to show the court that gender is not a reason to choose the right side.


When you need to choose an appropriate attorney for men’s rights, Law Office of Yelena Sharova is the best option for you. It is necessary for you to find out men’s rights attorney who understands exactly what will be the best strategy for you and who is able to make this strategy work. If you need a skilled legal help or advice, call us and our men’s rights attorneys will do their work for you.

Sometimes it’s better for you to choose a great litigator to avoid trial litigation and resolve everything through simple negotiations. Many of family law issues, including divorce and custody disputes, may be resolved without court intervention. At the Law Office of Yelena Sharova, our experienced family law attorneys for men will do a deep research to offer you possible options, how to solve all your problems in the way that suits everyone best.


Just because men are usually main earners, courts often choose them as ones to pay child support and alimonies. Men are also usually work longer, so it’s understandable why women are chosen as primary custody keepers. Anyway, our top men’s rights attorneys can prove that these stereotypes don’t work anymore. Top NYC family lawyers for men at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova will do their best to obtain a fair result, not based on the gender, but on reasonable factors.

With our more than 65 years of experience of representing men during various trial proceedings, men’s rights lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova are exclusive specialists in this legal field. Our well-prepared contested divorce and father’s custody rights lawyers will provide you complex legal support before, at the time and after court process. Contact one of our offices in New York to get more information about what we can do for you.


At Sharova Law Firm, we are focused on all basic family law disputes, such as:

• Child custody and alimony:

It is not a surprise, that a child needs his father even after the divorce. Whatever happened, you have right to fight for your custody. Everyone may make mistakes, but it’s not your child who should pay for them.

• Uncontested and contested divorce:

Despite divorce is a complicated issue for both spouses, there is a stereotype that men are usually wrong in them. Highly-experienced family attorneys for men at Sharova Law Firm will support you throughout this extremely unpleasant experience.

• Separation agreements:

We can help you and your spouse to finalize your divorce filing a special legal agreement. Divorce documents are impossible to be drafted without a deep understanding of what to do, that’s why you may need a skilled attorney on your side.

• Domestic violence:

Such serious issues as spousal abuse require competent treating, or they may have great negative impact on your future life. Contact Sharova Law Firm, and our skilled men’s rights attorneys will handle your case with all possible knowledge, skills and accuracy.

If you are a man, who needs legal help and doesn’t want to risk his future, contact our family attorneys for men immediately and let us find the best possible decision for your trouble. Our vision is to sobtain you equal and fair treatment as you deserve. Call us today or use website contact form to get a free initial consultation.