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Grand Larceny



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Grand larceny in New York includes a diversity of theft crimes, such as extortion, shoplifting, embezzlement, and others. Even if you are accused of theft crime for the first time, you risk getting a prison sentence. That is why when you or someone you know is charged with grand larceny, it is crucial to find a seasoned grand larceny attorney who will fight for your rights and represent your case in a court if necessary.

Theft charges lawyers at Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. are reliable and dedicated to their clients’ success. Whenever you or someone you know is accused of a grand larceny, contact us and get a skilled New York larceny attorney on your side. We defend our clients against many grand larceny accusations. All theft charges are usually stressful, that is why our New York grand larceny lawyer guarantee you a full legal service through the whole court process.

We are ready to advocate for you aggressively if necessary. Your freedom and your rights are the main issues for our top theft charges lawyers. After exploring the details of your criminal case, we prepare a grand larceny defense strategy that suits your needs in the best way. Do not underestimate the need for a good theft defense attorney, come to one of our legal offices in New York, Edison, and Newark.


Larceny crime occurs when somebody takes or carries away somebody else’s property. It relates to all property that can be physically moved from one place to another, even the smallest distance. Typically it is a non-violent crime, but still, penalties for it can be severe, especially if talking about grand larceny – when a theft of property of a great value involved.

Theft crimes involve many forms, such as fraud or false promises, embezzlement, extortion, possessing someone’s lost property, and others. You need to remember, that grand larceny crimes include stealing not only money, but also some other items, such as debit and credit cards, mobile phones or access devices, vouchers for a service, and secret or prohibited materials.

Theft crimes indictment can influence your life and freedom. Being accused of a larceny crime can end in large fines and a prison time up to 25 years. In addition, offenders can be charged with restitution fines up to the whole value of stolen property. Most costly cases are regulated with long-term payments.


Penalties for a grand larceny crime vary depending on circumstances and degree of a theft crime:

♦ Larceny in Fourth Degree means stealing something worth between $1000 and $3000. In New York State it is a class E felony. Possible penalties for a first-time offender are fines, restitution, or probably community service; but for someone that has been accused before, it can be a jail time up to three years;

♦ Third-degree larceny involving property which values more than $3000 but less than $10000 can end for the offender in jail time up to seven years with monetary redistribution;

♦ Second-degree larceny is a class B felony which means huge fines and a risk of a jail time up to 12 years;

♦ Grand larceny in first degree is the most dangerous type. For attempt of stealing the most valuable property the offender risks getting prison time for up to 25 years.

It is also important to remember that theft crimes are accompanied by a criminal record in your personal case, what can influence your future life by the impossibility of getting a good job or losing some other opportunities.


Grand larceny lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. have a great successful history of defending accused of theft crimes in New York, Edison, and Newark.

Do not forget, that even the smallest time in prison can negatively influence many aspects of your life. For a great theft crimes lawyer, the key aim of the criminal defense strategy is to minimize or avoid your final conviction charges.

Grand larceny attorneys at Sharova Law Firm have great experience in handling theft criminal cases. Seasoned New York City grand larceny lawyer will find a personal approach for your criminal case. Together we create a unique solid criminal defense strategy to guarantee you smooth court process and a favorable outcome.

The legal team of the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. is dedicated to helping everyone who is charged with theft crimes, including a grand larceny crime, to protect his or her freedom and safeguard potentially the most acceptable result for his or her personal case. Rely on our skilled criminal defense attorneys and we will prove to you that we can do a lot for you. Our lawyers will examine the details of your case to ensure there are no unfair charges and that you are concerned rightfully and evenly by the court.