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Crimes involving violence attorneys are some of the most sought-after individuals in a court of law. This is because the stakes at risk if a conviction is granted against the defendant. If you are in need of crimes involving violence lawyers in New York City then the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. has the skill set and personality you need to defend your rights and reputation alongside your freedom. Not all crimes involving violence lawyers are equal. At Sharova P.C., there are crimes involving violence lawyers who are experienced and who have worked extensively with individuals who have been accused of violent crimes on the state and federal level.

There are many different kinds of violent crimes in the United States and definitions vary depending on where you are jurisdictional wise. To approach the definition of violent crimes, one could use the federal definition to get a basic grounding in the term. The federal government considers violent crimes to be any of the following crimes: manslaughter or murder, robbery, forcible rape, and aggravated assault.

Under the New York Penal Code, burglary, felony gun possession, most sexual assaults, and kidnapping are considered violent crimes. Violent offenders in New York are sentenced to a determinate amount of time in prison by the judge, which means there is a definite date of release, no range bound sentences.

New York violent crime investigations are not perfect and sometimes a person finds himself or herself in an unfortunate situation of being arrested for a crime they did not commit. If this happens you need to contact the New York violent crime defense lawyers at the Sharova Law Firm.

The kinds of crimes just mentioned can be extremely difficult for an average attorney to successfully defend against. You do not want to entrust your livelihood and freedom to just any attorney you may have been referred to. You need a tier violent crime New York City attorney. Our criminal defense attorneys have superb negotiation skills to help facilitate an amicable plea bargain. We use our extensive knowledge and aggressive personality coupled with our quality litigation skills to receive the best outcome for our clients and this includes going to trial.


Our select criminal defense attorneys have years of defending clients successfully against violent crimes in New York. Violent crimes are difficult to defend against successfully in New York. Some of the experience our attorneys have involve cases of arson, kidnapping, assault, aggravated harassment, gang assault, murder, domestic violence, carjacking, weapons charges, and more.

We get results that matter and have the most profound effect on our client’s case and life. The Sharova Law Firm uses multiple attorneys in one case to help get different perspectives and examine all elements in a concentrated effort to create innovative solutions to your legal problems. Our New York violent crimes attorneys have seen a lot of the ways in which the prosecution works to get a conviction against defendants. This knowledge and experience go into creating an effective defense strategy that is effective and gets results.


The punishments for some of these crimes can go into multiple decades and some even come with a lifetime registration for certain violent sex crimes. These are surely possible if you are convicted in court. These crimes stay on your permanent record and you have to live with the consequences of your actions. There are also times when the authorities have charged someone mistakenly with a crime they did not commit. This is one of the worse things that could ever happen to an individual. If this is your situation or someone you know, calling or emailing the Sharova Law Firm is a strong move in the right direction.

The New York violent crime attorneys at the Sharova Law Firm are an astute collective of bright minds and hard workers that live the culture of “high-quality client experience”. This means the New York violent crime lawyers at the Sharova Law Firm are dedicated to making you feel like a human being who is working alongside another human being who truly cares. It means working with someone who wants to protect your rights, making sure you feel comfortable with the understanding of what is transpiring in your case as things progress, and what things are planned in regards to handling your case in the near and not-so-near future.


We here at the Sharova Law Firm use a private criminal defense investigation firm to help procure evidence to help build a strong defense for our clients and to protect them from unsubstantiated claims made by the authorities and prosecuted by the government.

Our attorneys represent individuals across the five major boroughs, Long Island, and the entire State of New York. Being considered a choice by clients who have rated us on and given their own testimonials online is a privilege we do not take lightly. We earned that reputation as a New York City violent crime lawyer and we maintain that reputation every day. We go into detail on every element of your case and make sure we provide you with a comprehensive overview of what we think, why we think it, and how it dictates the direction we should move in.

If you are charged with, felony charges contact us immediately. New York have tough laws against felony convictions regarding violent crimes. Do not hesitate, every moment is critical. The prosecution is building a case against you and you are possibly losing time to exploit any injustices done against you. If you have any questions or concerns about your particular situation, contact us and we will establish an appointment for you to come in and have a confidential consultation with one of our award-winning criminal defense lawyers.


The Sharova Law Firm has well experienced violent crime attorneys who have over a decade of experience in dealing with the complex matters of police reports, reviewing forensic evidence, cross-examining a witness’s statement. Reputable and distinguished New York violent crime attorneys will tell you that defending against such a matter, as these above are very difficult and by no means a simple task. Not every New York violent crime attorney has the experience or knowledge to handle such a severe penalty-laden case, especially if they are fresh out of college. Due diligence is a must when considering the ramifications of retaining a New York violent crime defense lawyer for the protection of your liberties.

The investigation stage of any case is an imperative one, it sets the tone for what is allowed to pass as evidence and what can be brought into evidence in regards to your defense. The Sharova Law Firm works with an elite team of private criminal defense investigators that will use every method at their disposal to discredit any false evidence against you and also to help with any information gathering to support your innocence.

If you or someone you know has been formally charged or is under investigation for a violent crime, contact the New York violent crime attorneys at the Sharova Law Firm today!