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The white collar attorneys of the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. in New York City are adept at handling the intricacies of white-collar offenses. The white collar lawyers at Sharova Law Firm are experts with extensive knowledge of and experience in handling white collar crimes. They have won favorable outcomes for clients who had complex white collar cases. The white collar crimes defense lawyers at Sharova P.C. know how to strategically deal with the long, complicated, and arduous legal matters involved in these kinds of charges.



It is not every lawyer’s arena or practice area when it comes to white collar crime. It takes a particular kind of lawyer and law firm to handle the nuances of the law, the meticulousness that is required, the ability to pay close attention to detail without losing sight of the big picture, and staying innovative in the approach to the defense strategy.

The fact that you are considered “white collar” means you have respectability. However, depending on how you are represented, judges and juries may treat you better or worse than other alleged violators

Even though you have been charged with a nonviolent offense, do not take the charges lightly. Whether you have been charged with a state or federal violation, you could be facing fines, home detention, community confinement, paying the cost of prosecution, forfeitures, restitution, supervised release, and of course, the ultimate punishment which is imprisonment.

We provide immediate assistance. We are experienced but affordable. We know the ins and outs of the judicial system and after we meet with you, we will tell you what the best representation is, fighting for your rights in court or taking responsibility for the crime and assisting the authorities in their investigation.

The charges against you are based on the laws passed by New York State Legislature or by Congress. There are multiple federal law enforcement agencies who could be attempting to prosecute you, including the FBI, IRS, and SEC. New York has its own agencies to enforce white-collar crime statutes.

The criminal defense attorneys at Sharova Law Firm are picked because of their skill and aptitude. We do not apply an attorney to a case as a lead attorney if they do not have the prerequisite experience and knowledge. We do put multiple attorneys on a case to have them help each other, to see multiple perspectives, while one may have the ability to lead the other can learn and make sure no one gets tunnel vision.


Many people search for an experienced law firm in the world and while it is true that there are different classes of law firms that take on public corruption charges, insider trading scams, tax evasion, securities fraud, health care fraud, securities fraud, and other white collar crimes, it is hard to differentiate who is the best. What we suggest clients look for is a track record that speaks for itself and a suite of offers that the law firm offers or does not offer, such as a criminal defense private investigator arm.

Our white collar crimes defense lawyers use some of the most profound defense tactics that coincide with well-known defenses that have set precedent in the legal realm of white collar crime. We are prepared to move in many directions and implement uncommon tactics that will help mitigate the circumstances as well as arrive at a desirable outcome.

There are dozens of white collar crimes you can be charged with, including credit card fraud, telemarking fraud, bankruptcy fraud, mail fraud, tax invasion, insider training, money laundering, and embezzlement.

Again, do not get caught in the hype of who the absolute best is. Every case is unique like a fingerprint. Look for someone who understands you as a person and has the ability to work with you on your legal issues. It is their job and it is your life.