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Mortgage Fraud



The federal authorities, namely the F.B.I. has defined mortgage fraud as “misrepresentation or exclusion trusted upon by an underwriter or lender to fund, purchase or insure a loan, and any significant misstatement”. If you take the definition at face value, it is clear that either the lender or the applicant can commit fraud. If you or someone you know is being charged with mortgage fraud or being investigated regarding such alleged crimes, it is imperative to hire a mortgage fraud attorney immediately.

Mortgage fraud is not a narrow term, it may allude to many different activities. Some things that are known as mortgage fraud schemes are, claiming income or assets that the potential borrower does not actually possess, using straw man tactics like pretending to be the borrower for another person who the funds are truly intended, artificially increasing the appraisal and in turn, secure a mortgage for far more than it is worth, and feigning to deliver financial help to an economically strained homeowner in order to procure equity first hand from the home itself.

These kind of mortgage fraud cases are abundant in style and nature. When dealing with an entity or an individual whom you are not sure about when talking to about your mortgage, take proper precautions. You should think and seriously consider talking with a mortgage fraud attorney to help protect your interest. Foreclosures, modifications, and lending can all be ways a fraudulent individual person or entity comes at you with help.


Whether you have been a victim of mortgage fraud crimes or have become an alleged perpetrator of them, the defense attorneys at The Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. will help you with the utmost professionalism and help you get a most satisfactory outcome that is possible.

When facing any possible mortgage fraud accusations, the most appropriate action for you is to get a full-service legal help of a skilled New York white collar crime lawyer. The mortgage fraud lawyers at Sharova Law Firm will accurately investigate even the smallest details of your case, including deep analyzing of the mortgage documents. We are ready to fight over all prosecution’s claims and accusations against you and to create an effective mortgage fraud defense strategy that will be the most appropriate for your unique case. Our top New York City mortgage fraud attorneys possess great experience in dealing with similar cases and potential charges for them.

Reliable foreclosure defense attorney |New York| at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C.

When our mortgage fraud lawyers work for you, they will go deep into the detail to let you know what is the substance of any claims of alleged crimes or acts committed against you or to prove you committed such crimes yourself. Not all defense lawyers have gotten involved into the process themselves, a lot of times they outsource the work to keep the case moving but do not have the capacity to build a strategy to help you because there is a gap of information and action in their model.


Being charged with a mortgage fraud may lead to harsh criminal penalties, such as high fines, continuous imprisonment, or criminal and civil condemnation. Such accusations require an expert legal help of a skilled white collar crime lawyer, who can offer you not only qualified step by step representation but also trial advocacy if it is necessary.

Mortgage fraud charges usually come with other white collar crimes, for example, bank or wire fraud. The main reason for this is a lack of actual federal mortgage fraud law. Federal Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act give an opportunity for a federal prosecution to charge the mortgage fraud cases as bank fraud. That is why all federal and state laws on mortgage fraud cases may be really puzzling and too complicated. So it is better for you not to try to handle such a difficult case on your own but to hire highly experienced New York mortgage fraud attorney.


Mortgage fraud accusations are usually based on various understatements, reserves, or misrepresentations that occur while mortgage or real estate transaction is going on. Mortgage fraud charges may touch everyone involved in the real estate process, including lenders, sellers, buyers, or bank workers. More serious investigation in mortgage fraud cases can also touch executives and managers of the higher level.

The defense lawyers of Sharova Law P.C. in New York City are hands-on in your case and make sure that you understand and are aware of every step of the way. The mortgage fraud lawyers know how to handle the most intricate of cases and know what to look for. They have the experience and knowledge along with the tenacity to fight for you. The defense lawyers know such tactics to look for such as dual tracking, negligence, estoppel, predatory lending practices, and much more.

Our white collar crime attorneys are ready to offer your skills and knowledge we possess to fight over mortgage fraud charges you are facing. At Sharova Law Firm, we are also ready to provide our clients with the aggressive defense they require.


Top New York mortgage fraud defense lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. possess vast experience in handling various fraud cases. Our team of legal experts will review all the information related to your case to create an appropriate defense strategy.

The white-collar defense attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. have successfully defended many people who have been charged and/or investigated for mortgage fraud. Some of these charges were from wire fraud, bank fraud, and mail fraud in some instances. The government must be able to prove all elements of their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Our lawyers will challenge the government on every piece of evidence they bring into the case. We have effectively defended and won cases for a myriad of client types, such as brokers, closing attorneys as well as others, including but not limited to, investors, real estate agents, appraisers, and straw buyers.

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Fraud among mortgage lenders is rare, rather, it’s more accurate to talk about professional tricks designed for legal illiteracy of clients, which, although it causes them some inconvenience, does not come into conflict with the law. But “at the disposal” of borrowers, on the contrary, there are a lot of opportunities and ways to deceive credit institutions, and many not entirely bona fide “mortgage holders” are in a hurry to take advantage.

Mortgage fraud in New York can be divided into two groups. The first variant of such frauds is most often suppressed even at the stage of receiving a loan, people try to deceive the banks by applying for a loan. If you have an issue with this kind of mortgage fraud we are ready to help you. Lawyers qualified in mortgage fraud, at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P. C. will help to solve the problems you encounter.

In the second version of the fraud associated with the implementation of transactions for the sale and purchase of real estate, and in such cases, the banking institution is not always able to notice what is happening.

Very often the fraud from the borrower’s side can be justified by legal means. We all know how difficult to get the mortgage these days and frequently such a loan is just essential for the normal livelihood of the household or a person. If you are accused of mortgage fraud contact out qualified mortgage attorneys (New York) as soon as possible.