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This law firm helped me through the most difficult days of my life with kindness, patience and empathy and got fair results in an unfair and unkind situation. I highly recommend this firm.



If you need a lawyer that does the job and answers ever call you make, I recommend this great team to everyone.



Very wonderful organization, very kind and diligent people. They work with high quality. Know how to do their job. A special thanks to the lawyer who handled my case Charles Morino. He is a professional in his field. Thank you. I recommend this organization.



Real professionals especially Charles Marino!



I am very glad that fate brought me together with this particular bar association, namely with Yelena Sharova. In my case no one guaranteed success in criminal proceedings. As a result, I got an even better result than I expected, the criminal proceedings against me were terminated and I was made a witness. During the long court battles, my lawyer accompanied me competently built the position of protection, drawing up all the necessary documents and protected me in all the sessions. And all this for a very reasonable fee, without the imposition of unnecessary additional services and costs. I am personally very pleased with the work of Yelena Sharova, I remember it only with warmth and great gratitude. And, of course, if ever in life will have to use the services of a lawyer, I do not hesitate to go to Yelena’s firm. I recommend that everyone else do the same!



This is not the first time I have gone to this lawyer. I can say only positive results. Competence, honesty and friendliness are distinctive, so rare and important features of a lawyer. I will not reveal the secret that Yelena professionally solves issues not only in family disputes, but also as a lawyer for real estate, bankruptcy and many other issues that often arise in our daily life. Good helpers, too, competent and, as they like to say today, client-oriented. So my advice is.



Thank you Yelena Sharova, that there is such a person like you, a real professional in her business!!! Thanks for legal assistance to Sharova Law Firm. I have addressed on the fact that I was sued to transfer the rights of the buyer under the contract of sale of real estate on the grounds of violation of the right of first refusal by an equity co-owner. a person with extensive experience in this area. Yelena Sharova immediately understood the documents and evidence to help me win the case. Thank you very much Yelena Sharova! If in life there will be legal trouble, then only your firm.



Sharova Law firm helped me to deal with my divorce. They were aggressive and updated me on everything first. Recommend them to anyone who stuck in bad situation in life. And they worth every penny I payed.



This law firm is the best. They have the best & fastest working people that help you achieve what you want. Took care of everything for me. They’re very understanding. A case I doubted I could win, they helped me win. They never disappointed. Highly recommend. Thank you Deborah & steven for helping me get custody of my son.



As a NYC Teacher, my only perspective of ACS was at the school level. I had trusted ACS wholeheartedly, until a sibling’s child became a subject of interest. Since interacting with them through my sibling’s matter, I have another perspective of ACS’ actions that are in conflict with their mission of “Keeping Families Together!” This is when we realized that paid legal help was needed. In having some experience in acquiring lawyers, I interviewed several. The Law Offices of Yelena Sharova, PC had captured my attention immediately. In talking with Stephen Finklestein and Yelena Sharova, they were specific in our Q&A discussion. My concerns were received, and they were knowledgeable in where the case stood at the moment. The Law Office of Yelena Sharova, PC involves several lawyers and paralegals to begin consolidating your case, so that you will get the best outcome. Although their prices are moderate, their legal expertise are worthy. They gave my family a sense of relief and peace. I highly recommend their services for your Family Law matters. I thank their legal team very much!



I have a very close family member who had some frightening, serious criminal legal issues. When we initially sat down with Yelena Sharova and Bruce Provda, we were very scared about the situation and the possible consequences. We found them assuring, compassionate, and determined to help get us though the ordeal. Bruce handled the arraignment, and skillfully handled an unreasonable demand from the prosecutor. Charles Kasar then assisted in negotiating with the ADA and did an outstanding job. I sincerely believe that he got the best outcome possible. My family member was able to make full restitution and fully get on with her life. This Law Firm protected my family member and delivered on everything they said they would do. Furthermore, I want to add that they always returned my phone calls immediately. If you ever find yourself in a situation like the above, I highly recommend this Law Firm to you.They will fully fight for you, every step of the way. I don’t even want to think about what could have happened, if we did not have this Law Firm representing her. We are deeply grateful to Chad, Yelena, and Bruce for protecting her, and helping restore her life to normal again. All I can say is thank you! We were very lucky to find this Law Firm.



Профессионально оказали помощь в моём вопросе. Проблема решена…



I highly recommend using Ms Sharova and her team. From the very first phone call she was courteous, knowledgeable, pleasure to deal with. I can tell you that she really knows her stuff. Not only did she win my case but she was A pleasure to work with. She walked me through every step of the way, explained everything that will be happening. I’m so glad that I went with this law firm!



I have been using Sharova Law for any Law issues I have encountered. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable but her staff is as well! She exudes professionalism, patience, can do attitude and is very flexible. Her prices are extremely reasonable as well. I highly highly recommend her!!



I have reached out to Sharova Law Firm a few different times and every time they have went above and beyond helping me get the answers. Extremely knowledgeable and passionate. Each time rite away i knew i was in good hands and they have not once disappointed. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I give them ten stars because thats what they deserve. Thanks again Sharova Law.



The Sharova Law Firm did a fantastic job at resolving my legal issue. They were professional, responsive, and provided the cost effective strategy. Thank you Charlie, Yelena and team for helping us out big time! Recommend 100%



Sharona law firm is amazing, fast response, great information, top of the line, would recommend over and over again.


Every dealing I had was pleasant.



It is a pleasure to work with the employees of Sharova Law. High professionalism and great attention to clients. Thank you for helping to resolve my issue efficiently and on time.



Over the last 10 to 12 years I have had experience with many Attorneys and their Law Firms I will not name these Firms or mention the TERRIBLE EXPERIENCES I have had with them but I will say this WHOLEHEARTEDLY that the SHAROVA LAW FIRM HAS ALWAYS acted on my behalf in a way that that this firm was always LOOKING AT MY PERSONEL CAUSE AND BEHALF AND WELL BEING MORE THAN I CAN SINCERELY MENTION IN WORDS



The attorney Yelena Sharova a legal professional is distinguished and differentiate relevant legal experience and practice in many areas within her firm. She was very attentive and patient to take the time to listen and communicate immediately. This lawyer accelerated legal proceedings at a faster rate than usual.I highly recommend the Sharova Law Firm.



Absolutely amazing staff, and personal attention I don’t think I would have gotten through all that happened to me without you guys…….. Thank you for all the amazing HARD WORK……… Robin Benedetto



I hired Sharova Law Firm to get defense from unjust accusations .Firms attorneys:Chad Kaser and Bruce Provda represented me in the both Criminal and Family Courts. They were worth every single penny I have paid the firm -absolute champions at winning in courts!!!



Great staff to work with Sharova Law firm !!! Always responded quickly and kept me very informed throughout the process. I would definitely recommend this firm to family and friends.



Ms.Sharova did her best to help me with my problems. I didn’t know completely what to do, but she explained me everything and provide me legal support I needed. It’s impossible to express how grateful I am to Yelena for everything she’s done for me.



Elena Sharova is the hardest working, most talented and dedicated lawyer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. If you should ever need a lawyer she is the first person you should call!!



Thank you very much for your excellent work! I recommend this lawyer to everyone. She was the only one who helped us deal with our difficult case at the time she pointed out. And also many thanks to all the employees of the office who worked with us! I love you!!!!



Lawyers were once students, Ms. Sharova must have been an A+ student. Ms. Sharova is well-deserved of this honor. She is an ethical and proficient lawyer. I’ve used her in a very, very critical matter in my life and would not hesitate for one second to do so again. Most times politics are crap……Not today! Congratulations Ms. Yelena Sharova. Show less