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Cyber Terrorism



To begin with, a definition of cyber terrorism would be the most responsible thing to do, as it is often confused with basic cyber crimes. Cyber terrorism is the performance of internet terrorism in terrorist pursuits, involving behaviors of intentional, large measure interruption of computer networks, particularly of home computers attached to the internet, using a computer virus as the means of destruction. Having a cyber terrorism attorney to clarify the definition will be helpful in knowing if you have committed the necessary elements to be legally charged with said crime.

Cyber terrorism is a controversial term in regards to the reasoning behind the actions; it shares a common element with other cyber criminals and without an organization to pin these attacks on makes it difficult to identify any instances of cyber terrorism. It is seen as a means of carrying out an organization’s mission by disrupting mass communication to instill panic and fear among the populace.

Cyber terrorism may include private computer networks, public services, or even secured government computer networks. There are various methods to purchase electronic resources to stir awe and different violations. It is easier and cheaper to use a laptop or a smartphone than to make a bomb or buy a weapon, which makes cyber terrorism the modern worldwide crime. It is also easy to stay far away from the target and stay anonymous. The act of terrorism can take place on different levels, for example:

♦ Domestic cyber terrorists can use various spyware to break down private or corporation servers and gain different trade secrets, private bank data, personal information;

♦ Exterior governments can provide hacking to spy on the national secrets;

♦ Individual international terrorists and terroristic groups can use specific electronic resources to get a control over military technologies;

♦ Global terroristic networks can destroy website’s normal work if they do not agree with content that may be published on it.


Terrorism is a real problem for the modern cyber security network. Its main legal fundamentals are under national control. Although, there are various smaller kinds of cyber crime that are of less grade but still can bring harm to victims. And this is not only a trouble for New York State but for the whole world. The most difficult issue is to find out the limits when ordinary cyber crime turns into cyber terrorism. Actually, any kind of cyber crimes, if it includes large communities or whole nations, is considered as a cyber terrorism.

The cyber terrorism attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. have the necessary background to help defend against allegations of cybercrime. They have successfully handled complex cases involving a myriad of computer crime cases. The cyber terrorism attorneys at Sharova P.C. also work with top tier computer crime investigators who know how to look for evidence that may help maintain the innocence of the client as well as disprove any evidence the government has put to the defendant.


Financial consequences of cases of cyber terrorism, for someone’s business activity may involve extremal decreasing of sales and income at the time of demolition, broken or impossible access for important business users, stealing of private intellectual property, damaging in communication in emergent situations, large financial costs of litigation process and recovery after it, detriment of credibility and assurance in banking and financial structures, spoiled or destroyed relationship with business partners, or spots on global public image of the company.

The Patriot Act Title VIII addresses the penalties for cyber terrorism. Under section 814 of the Patriot Act, it states that sentences apply to those who either gain illegal access to a protected computer and causes damage or an aggregate loss to an individual of $5,000 or greater; harmfully affect someone’s medical inspection, treatment or diagnosis, or causes damage to a computer that the government uses to administer justice as a tool, etc. As you can see the Patriot Act assumes many forms of cyber crime already established under the law as now part of cyber terrorism. These kinds of charges may prove difficult to defend without the help from an expert cyber terrorism attorney.

Sentences can go from five years to 10 years for a first offense and can go up to 20 years for a second offense as established by the federal sentencing guidelines after they were expanded to include attempted illegal use or access of protected computers. The penalties for these crimes are severe and are difficult to disprove without the assistance from an adept cyber terrorism attorney who knows the law and how to communicate effectively in court to the prosecutor and the judge.


Such specific crimes demand specific evidence, that is why prosecution strategy may obviously be quite aggressive and vigorous. Well, skilled cybercrimes defense lawyer, first of all, will try to decrease your charges to simple light cyber crime or unintended computer misuse. That also means deep analyzing of the defendant’s state of mind at the moment of a crime. Expert cyber terrorism attorney will also challenge if the prosecution holds all rules of this process properly. But even these measures cannot fully prevent the accused of cyber terrorism from long-term imprisonment while an investigation process is going on. Surety actions are impossible to break in similar cases, because of risk that the offense will be repeated if the indicted individual is freed. That is one more reason to get a seasoned New York cyber terrorism lawyer who can offer you legal help your case requires once you are accused of such crime.

If you or someone you know has been formally charged with cyber terrorism or is being investigated for computer crimes, contact the cyber terrorism attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. today!