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Computer Viruses



When talking within the range of cyber law, a computer virus is considered a digital program created with the purpose of infiltrating a computer belonging to another person with the goal to do harm, cause damage and/or destruction of virtual assets. There are many laws already in existence that address computer viruses under the computer laws and cyber laws. Computer virus attorneys are usually experts in defending against alleged violations of cyber laws.

A computer virus can come in many different forms and be delivered in many different fashions. For example, spyware is a computing program that enables the illegal collection of data, allowing a person to intrude and possess the privileged data of another person. There are many laws governing against this type of access and it can have many different penalties, a computer virus attorney is indisputable when challenging allegations stemming from this kind of crime.

Some computer virus crimes are acts of fraud that fall under their own set of laws set by the various cyber law sections of the State and Federal Penal Codes. Phishing is an act of fraud that includes the criminal act of unlawfully attempting to access restricted, privileged, and unauthorized information through means of deceitful communicative invitation. A computer virus attorney will need to ascertain if you have violated the law by ways of fulfilling any of the required elements to substantiate the charges against you. Some forms of spam are illegal if it entails the uninvited transmission of electronic communiqué with the purpose of performing fraud. This is a very subtle distinction with a heavy emphasis on intention; an adept computer virus attorney is critical to have when deciphering the evidence as substantiated.


Modern statistics show that around 82000 new computer virus threats are generated daily. These numbers also include ransomware computer worms. Some of these virus programs are simple pranks or created to annoy people. But a lot of them are used to steal important private information or to extort money or another value property. Sometimes such situations happen in a federal or even international scale when government information or secret military data are in danger.

Being involved in a process of creating and/or spreading computer viruses and especially facing criminal charges for that is a serious issue, that not only leads to high fines and risk of spending a long time in jail, but it also influences your life negatively. Being considered as an offender in a computer viruses crime can cause losses of some licenses and puts you under government tracking if your case was serious enough or touched government security issues.

To preserve yourself from severe charges, hire a well prepared and highly experienced computer viruses lawyer, who knows all the circumstances and specific features of cyber-based laws and can offer you the high-quality defense you require.


Depending on the result of the computer virus and the damage it caused will determine the penalties that a person may face. Penalties can range from $1,000 fine to $50,000. Prison time is also a factor ranging from one year to up to 20 years, more close to the latter if child pornography was involved or some other serious crime. Having a computer virus attorney is essential, especially if you have attacked a government computer network, this can lead you to be tried by the Patriot Act provisions regarding cyber crime and can result in severe punishment.


The risk of getting computer viruses accusations is an incredibly serious issue. Depending on all the unique details of your case, the future punishment may be extremely harsh. It is possible for you to avoid potential negative effects that such a situation may cause. Contact your cyber crimes attorney to get expert advice on what to do in such cases, step by step, from the first accusation to the final outcome.

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