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First Arraignment



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According to New York State and federal laws, the first arraignment is a legal process when the accused person for the first time hears the indictment before the court. During that time, charges are mentioned to him or her, and the accused person should tell if he or she is guilty or not. There is also third option, as claiming “nolo contender”, for example when the person don’t remember the situation well.

This is also the time when the defendant hears his rights possible in the case and decides if he or she is going to waive or claim them. Depending on the seriousness of the case (which also means seriousness of the charges) there are 3 main kinds of the first arraignment: a circuit court arraignment in case of the felony, a district court first arraignment in case of the felony, and a district court first arraignment in case of a misdemeanor.

It should be also noticed, that the accused person may be charged with the variety of charges at the same time, also both felonies and misdemeanors. After that, depending on the severity of the charges, the case goes to a circuit or district court.

During the first arraignment, the defendant will hear not only his or her charges but also evidence and facts present in the case. This will help to make the right decision about pleading guilty or not. Anyway, it’s better to have a skilled arraignment attorney on your side at this moment to be sure you’ll get an effective legal advice from the experienced lawyer.


Whenever potential charges are serious and may even lead to a prison, the accused person has a right to a lawyer on his side. The more complicated or serious is the case, the more important it is to get a reliable attorney who will save your situation.

In the situation, if you cannot afford an attorney, the court may get him for you. However, in this case, you will have no right of choice, so it’s always better to hire an arraignment attorney by yourself to have a control over the situation.

With the legal help of the counsels of Sharova Law Firm, you can feel safe, because your case (and your freedom) is in trustworthy hands. Our experience contains of 65 years of providing various legal procedures and working on the most difficult cases including bigger or lesser criminal charges of the state or federal level. We already helped hundreds of clients, and we are ready to help you now. First arraignment attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova are knowledgeable and understand even the smallest legal details of criminal law in New York State.

At Sharova Law Firm, we are also ready to provide you immediate legal help if your case is misinterpreted, or your hearing is delayed for more than 24 hours after your arrest. It is crucial to start your defense against all criminal charges as soon as possible, and our skilled New York arraignment attorneys can help you to build the most effective defense strategy, providing you step by step. Remember, you deserve the best representation in court for the best outcome. Contact Law Office of Yelena Sharova to find out how our first arraignment lawyers may help you.

As well, remember that attorney fees are fixed to hours they spend working on your case. It also includes time they spend on a road to the court and back (around 2 or 3 hours every time). Law Office of Yelena Sharova is situated in the city center, in around 15 minutes to all courts, which decreases costs much for you.


The first arraignment hearing is a complex legal procedure. At this time, the judge is calling for an accused person to stand in front of him to inform him or her of charges and possible consequences, inform about present rights according to the Constitution, ask the defendant if she or he is ready to plead guilty or not guilty, set the conditions and general circumstances of the next court session (date, place and time as well).

Hiring an experienced New York first arraignment lawyer will take you in a much better position than you may have without his service. An appropriate trial attorney will not only help you with all procedural issues but also negotiate with the judge to get the best possible options for your case. Contact the legal team of Sharova Law Firm to get an important legal help of the highest level of quality and professionality.


Your first action when you’re arrested should be a call to your criminal defense lawyer. It is very important that you must not talk to the officer or investigators while your attorney is not present. The sooner you call your lawyer the better will be your chances to prepare for the first arraignment in a proper way.

If you’re facing criminal charges in New York, call Sharova Law Firm to get a skilled lawyer on your side. Time is valuable as never before, so don’t wait for too long. Get an initial legal consultation about the circumstances of your case and skilled representation in the court, during the first arraignment and at the next sessions.

Despite the first arraignment is going on in the courtroom, it’s not an actual trial. You will hear no evidence or witnesses, and there will be no decision about your innocence or guilt that day. As a defendant, you won’t even make a statement about your case. Still, you’ll have to present yourself, and it will be better for you to know exactly how to do that. Talk to your first arraignment attorney to learn what to say, how to behave, what are your rights and obligations at the moment.

What you should do is to find the best criminal attorney for yourself who will be able to get the trustworthy information about the actual situation you are in, details of the case, and how the criminal process is going. Contact Sharova Law Firm as soon as you are arrested, and get a top first arraignment attorney to provide your case.