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Sex Offender Registration Violations



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A special sex offender registry is a source of personal information on sex crimes offenders. The main purpose of it is tracking sex offenders and monitoring their life after the charges. These registers are often open to the public, so everyone can check if any sex offenders are living near him or her using special websites.

Each state creates its own sex registration system as well as a sex offenders’ database. Some of them have different requirements including the kind of personal information the offender should provide or the kind of personal data the public can see openly, so it is better to check the necessary laws in each state.

In 2006, SORNA (Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act) was made to improve the national system of registration programs and to strengthen national standards for that network. Though not every state nowadays keep these increased standards, some of them still have different variations of them in their state laws.

Asking your sex offender registration violations lawyer about all the details is an important task for you because a fact you did not know you are breaking the law is not a reason for the defense.


Every offender charged with a specific sex crime or crime including children should be registered immediately in the place of his or her living. Usually, it is also a regular procedure of re-registration, for example, every year or two. The offender must register whenever he or she moves. Any sex offender registration violation is a criminal offense itself. The personal information you need to provide can be different from state to state, but it always includes a name of the offender, his or her date of birth, basic addresses, actual photography, probably social security number, and other general offense information. Sometimes it also includes DNA samples and/or fingerprints. Some of these personal facts may not be available to see for everyone, there are also some registers that only the FBI or U.S. Attorneys can check.

Sometimes in specific cases, an offender can get a chance to have information about him or her prevented from being open to the public. It is also possible in some situations to make a petition to ask for the removing of somebody’s name from the sex offender register.

All jurisdictions are required to have a failure to register statute for anyone mandated to register as a sex offender as required by SORNA. The penalty for sex offender registration violation is a maximum term of imprisonment exceeding more than one year. Indian tribes are also required to have a statute for sex offender registration violations, but by definition, the term of imprisonment does not have to exceed one year.

There are also some important things to note regarding the federal sex offender registration violations law. Even if you were convicted on a state level of a sex crime, the federal government for failure to register as a sex offender can still prosecute you. The purpose of SORNA is to monitor and track sex offenders as they are released back into the community. Any attempt to circumvent this is considered a sex offender registration violation under federal law.


The federal government has the law, failure to register offense under 18 U.S.C. § 2250. This law holds a federal penalty of up to 10 years of incarceration for any sex offender who knowingly failed to register or did not fulfill their requirements to update registration where conditions supporting federal jurisdiction exist.

The sex offender registration lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. can help you stay out of prison due to what may be an oversight. The laws regarding sex offender registration are strict and can be damaging to anyone who is trying to put their lives back in order. Do not settle for any sex offender registration laws, only deal with the well experienced and reputable firms who you can develop a personal bond with regarding your case.


If you were accused of a crime that demands a registration on a sex offender register, it is crucial to assure that you understand all the details and circumstances. Failure to do that or mistakes because of a misunderstanding of the situation may be a reason to put you back to jail and a separate criminal offense. Find out more information about specific requirements and laws that are present in your state asking your New York sex offender registration violations attorney.

A sex offender registration violations lawyer can help you update your registration in each jurisdiction that you may reside, go to school, or are employed in. There are statutory penalties for committing sex offender registration violations. You can be in violation if you engage in interstate travel, leave, enter or reside on an Indian reservation, or travel to a foreign country. If a person knowingly fails to register as a sex offender and commits a violent federal crime, they can receive up to 30 years of incarceration.

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