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Bribery Crimes



It is normal for people to get or grant something of value to another person for their help. Nevertheless, sometimes it can take a form of giving or receiving “bribes” for a serious government or business issues, or other matters, for example, covering an offense or getting a wanted job. The role of such bribes may be played by anything valuable, for example, property assets, some amounts of money, any goods or privileges, tickets or coupons for food or entertainment, and so on.


You can be charged with bribery if you were in receipt of or if you attempted to bribe someone else. Regardless of your position in the alleged bribery charges, you could face the court process as a result of prison time and fines alongside public embarrassment if you are a public figure who misused their position of trust.

The charge of bribery includes the offering or providing something of worth, imploring, receiving, or soliciting something of worth, in order to obtain or propose an illegitimate benefit. If you were to commit this crime to a public official, private individual, foreign official, or private business, all of these acts could be classified as a criminal act by federal, state, and international law.

It is not obligatory for the prosecution to prove a fact of real exchange of the property or money to charge someone with a bribery. The attempt or obvious intent to do that is enough to accuse an individual of that white collar crime. That is why whenever you are facing allegations like this, it is necessary for your safety and freedom to contact an experienced New York bribery lawyer as soon as possible.


There are many complicated factors when dealing with a charge like this and it will take an expert bribery attorney to sift through all the circumstances and find where certain elements were not met to substantiate a charge. This crime can take many forms. A particular kind of bribery that is usually seen is in the form of illegal kickbacks. There are instances where paying someone to testify on your behalf by telling lies on the stand is a form of this crime. There are many different versions of this crime and the prosecutor has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a particular exchange or transaction was indeed an illustration of bribery. Another kind of bribery crimes is sexual bribery. It is a serious crime with a severe punishment including court process.

The New York bribery attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. are experts at defending their clients in a myriad of complex bribery charges. They have the necessary experience and skills that are essential to any successful New York criminal attorney. The New York bribery attorneys at Sharova P.C., work with a highly skilled investigative team that will uncover any facts that were not brought to light in the case that will prove to help either dismiss the case or obtain a satisfactory plea. If the prosecutor is determined not to offer a fair plea, then the New York bribery attorneys at Sharova P.C. are ready to tenaciously litigate your case.


The penalties for this crime vary and depend upon the actual bribery laws that were violated and the nature of the crime itself. Bribery of a public official can land a person in prison for up to 15 years. If an individual bribes an official of a major sporting event, that referee could wind up doing five years in prison or if a witness on a case demands one, they could see as much as 15 years behind bars.

Federal bribery is considered as a very severe offense that may lead to serious consequences. Alongside with a continuous period in jail, the offender also risks to getting huge monetary fines of up to $250000 or, in some cases, fees in the amount of three values of the bribe involved in the case.

As you can see the penalties are severe and having an elite New York bribery attorney is going to be an indispensable asset.


Crimes such as bribery may seem to be quite simple, though dealing with them may not be so easy. That is a key reason, why any individual or a public official, who suspects he or she is under government investigation for a bribery or is involved in a crime like that, should immediately seek for a seasoned legal expert in protecting against white collar crime charges.

No matter if you are accused of offering or accepting a bribe, such convictions have the worst possible consequences for your reputation, your career, and your freedom in future. Skilled New York bribery attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. realize all the severity of these risks, that is why our main goal is to help you return to a safe and peaceful life. Call us right now to know what we can do in your case.


Some bribery cases are incredibly difficult, so it is in your best interests to get legal advice from an experienced New York City bribery defense lawyers as soon as possible. At Sharova Law Firm, our well prepared white collar crimes defense attorneys know how to analyze all important details of every case, how to discover possible mistakes of a prosecution, and how to build a powerful defense.

The line between bribery and simple goodwill is very subtle. At the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C., we are ready to prepare an appropriate strategy for every unique case and to establish the court that our client’s actions have nothing in common with granting or receiving a bribe in any form.

The New York bribery attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. have handled many bribery cases with the majority of them being won satisfactorily to the client’s expectations. If you or someone you know is being charged or investigated for charges of bribery, contact the New York bribery attorneys at Sharova P.C. today!