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Financial Transaction Structural Offense



Structuring transactions are regarded as white collar crimes. It entails a person depositing money in an intentional manner as to avoid particular banking requirements related to the reporting of certain financial transactions.

Structuring financial transactions crime occurs if the individual breaks huge amounts of money into some quantities to conceal his or her real income. Such actions, known as structuring, or smurfing, are often provided with the aim to dodge from bank reporting, which is obligatory for bigger transactions. Structuring transactions accusations often lead to an additional investigation of other crimes, such as money laundering, financial fraud, or even selling drugs. That is one more reason why you should get a legal professional in white collar crimes as soon as you think you are under investigation.

No matter what the purpose or the source of the money, being suspected of financial transaction structural offenses with an intent to deviate financial reporting may end in severe prosecution. Even the attempt to skew the necessary reporting is a reason to convict a person as a white collar crime offender.

For example, you had $100,000 and you decided that you would deposit $9,500 ten times and then make the 11th deposit of $5,000 to avoid the reporting requirement of the Bank it would be considered a financial transaction structural offense. This is also a federal crime with serious consequences. It will be necessary to hire a financial transaction structural offense lawyer with the great knowledge in this practice area as well as one who has a great work ethic as the paperwork preparation for a case like this can be immense.


Sometimes a person puts smaller amounts of money in his or her deposit just because he or she is afraid of being robbed while carrying huge amounts of money. If there was no intent to commit a financial fraud by structuring deposits, or an individual simply did not know about the obligatory financial reporting, it can be a possible defense strategy in such a case. The bigger the number of such small deposits makes structuring transactions cases even more complicated.

In order to commit the offense, you do not need to be aware of the law, it can happen incidentally. There is not a need to commit another crime in conjunction for this charge to be brought against you. The money structuring defense lawyers at Sharova Law P.C. can help defend you if you find yourself in a predicament such as the ones above.

Justice Ruth Ginsburg of the Supreme Court interpreted the “willfully” element for a currency structuring violation under 31 U.S.C. Sec. 5324 to require proof that the defendant knew the structuring was illegal. Congress wasted no time in dropping the “willfulness” from the statute.


Structuring is a federal crime and is overseen by Federal Statute 31 U.S.C. 5324. If you are convicted, you can face five years in prison and fines on top of that. If you have been convicted of these charges, the government may also put your assets into forfeiture if they can prove a relationship between them and the money itself. You will need an adept defense attorney to handle this instance, for there are far reaching consequences that can devastate a person’s entire life.

There are also a couple of aggravating factors. For example, if the case includes transactions on an amount of money bigger than $100000 during a year, possible penalties will be twice as hard as in common cases and probable prison time rises to 10 years.


The defense lawyers of The Law Offices of Yelena Sharova P.C. can help you defend successfully against a financial transaction structural allegation. The attorneys of Sharova P.C. know that the government must prove that a person meaningfully structured a deposit and the means behind it was to avoid detection by reporting requirements.

The defense lawyers at Sharova Law P.C. can argue a defense showing reasonable cause that the defendant was making small cash deposits as a security precaution. The danger of traveling with large amounts of money is great and increases the chances of a robbery. This could work if there are not an extreme amount of deposits. The more deposits there are the more difficult it would be to defend that the defendant had no intention on circumventing the system.


Financial structuring is a severe crime, no matter if there was an intent to break the law to obtain a provision, or just to trick a bank or another financial organization into not filling a special financial transaction report. New York structuring transactions lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. realize how complex and difficult structuring cases can be. Our deep expertise in civil, financial, and criminal issues of the case is a great weapon in a fight for your rights and freedoms.

Come to Sharova Law Firm and let us protect you from the restructuring claim you are facing. Our top New York City restructuring transactions attorneys have huge experience in defending various types of clients, both individuals, and business of diverse sizes, against all possible white collar crimes, for example, tax frauds and allegations, financial thefts, money laundering, and other economic crimes.

At the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C., we are a dedicated legal team who treats all clients with the respect they deserve. Our top New York structuring transactions lawyers are able to protect not only your income and value assets but also your reputation. We are also a great team of expert litigators, which means you should not be afraid of potential court proceedings because we are ready to stand up for you and provide you a trial representation of the highest level.

If you are afraid that you are under investigation for a financial restructuring, use the opportunity to prepare a perfect step by step defense strategy that will lead to an appropriate outcome, before it is too late. Financial structuring is a serious case, that usually lead to a chain of additional accusations in both civil and criminal law areas. Our expert team of specialized legal experts will preserve you from all possible charges when necessary. Contact Sharova Law Firm today and appoint a legal consultation to get specialists opinions on your criminal case.