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Enterprise Corruption



The Enterprise Corruption law for New York is very similar to the Federal RICO Act that was passed in 1970. Article 460 is the New York Penal Code that was created to address enterprise corruption. There is also aggravated enterprise corruption that has additional elements and criteria.

A person has to know the existence of the criminal enterprise and their activities and is hired or affiliated with such business in order to be guilty of enterprise corruption. An adept enterprise corruption attorney is necessary to successfully defend the accused, as the parameters of the law are many.

A “criminal enterprise” is an entity that is not legitimate or lawful in nature. In New York, a criminal enterprise is considered a group of individuals who come together to further their goals of conducting criminal activity, with an ongoing existence, with the intent and structured layout that goes beyond a single person criminal activity.


Sometimes law issues are just too unclear and difficult for people, especially when a person is accused of serious financial or other crimes, that will probably lead to severe consequences. Such confusion can be even bigger when someone is accused of enterprise corruption. This kind of crime usually comes alongside with many other felonies and in most cases consists of charging an individual for his or her participation in any illegal group or organization.

The New York enterprise attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. have the necessary legal acumen and courtroom experience to handle the strategic defense assembly as well as the tenacity to litigate the case at trial if need be. The New York enterprise attorneys at Sharova P.C. are not just a firm of expert enterprise corruption attorneys; they also have a criminal defense investigative arm.

The purpose of this criminal defense investigative function is to uncover facts that may have not made the original police reports, to help uncover any witnesses that may not want to come forward and help them to come forward of their own volition as well as shine the light on any untruths that are presented against the accused as a fact when they are in truth not so. The New York enterprise corruption attorneys work with high caliber criminal defense investigators where many of them come from prominent backgrounds of investigative work both in the private and public sector.


An individual can be in violation of Aggravated Enterprise Corruption Penal Code Section 460.22 when he commits two acts outlined in Penal Code Section 460 that are A class or B class felonies if one is a violent felony and the other is defined as an “armed felony” or if he commits two “armed felonies.”

Penalties for enterprise corruption can be a maximum term of life imprisonment for an A-1 felony or a maximum term of 25 years of imprisonment for a B felony. Retaining a highly skilled and reputable enterprise corruption attorney is critical if one is arrested for such charges. It is not a safe bet to take the first enterprise corruption attorney that you come across, due diligence is critical for the outcome of your case.

It is also lawfully for the government to embrace all assets or property that is considered to be a profit from illegal activities as an enterprise corruption result which also includes business properties if its source is suspected to be illegal.


The Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. offers a complex legal representation for all clients who are possibly facing any accusations for an enterprise corruption. The great historical record of efficiently handled cases proves we are the legal team, which knows how to reach the best possible result in every case we work on.

At Sharova Law Firm, top New York enterprise corruption lawyers are ready to combat against all charges you are facing and to negotiate for the appropriate result. Our an experienced white collar crimes lawyers will investigate all details of your unique case and all evidence present in it to choose the best possible line of defense and your future behavior that will make it possible to obtain the result you need.

Whenever you are facing serious criminal charges and need a legal representation of the first class, contact one of our offices in New York, Newark, or Edison. We will provide you a confidential consultation to explain to you what risks there are and how to avoid them. Every time you need a legal help, Sharova Law Firm is here.


Seasoned New York enterprise corruption lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. possess deep experience in handling similar cases and know the most appropriate tactics and methods to defend our clients against all possible charges in similar cases.

An appropriate defense strategy is a key factor when your reputation and career is at risk. You should begin resolute actions as soon as you find yourself under investigation for enterprise corruption. First of all, it is necessary to end all public and personal relations with a suspected or accused group or organization. After that, you should immediately find the most suitable law firm to defend your rights and freedoms. The Law Office of Yelena Sharova is here to protect you and your future from serious enterprise corruption charges and their negative consequences. The main aim of our white collar crime lawyer is to ensure your reputation and future life is safe and sound.

If you or someone you know is has been formally charged with or is under investigation of enterprise corruption, contact the enterprise corruption attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. today. In a case of such serious accusations, it is impossible not to have a skilled legal expert on your side. Our seasoned criminal defense lawyers are ready to represent you in such complex cases. Come to one of our law firms or call us and set up a consultation.