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Sexual Assault of a Child



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If you have been accused of the sexual assault of a child, you should make sure that the jail is not the only choice that is waiting for you. In order to save your freedom, you need a lively effort from your side and a professional criminal sexual assault of a child attorney from outside. Attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova are seasoned professionals who will plan perfect defense strategy which will guarantee your freedom.

Sex crimes against minors are frowned upon by the judicial system as well as society as a whole. Congress has recognized child maltreatment or sexual assault of a child since 1973 and they enacted laws and enforcement strategies to curb these instances from happening and to ensure the prosecution of the ones that unfortunately take place.

If you have been charged with the sexual assault of a child, you need to hire expert counsel who has experience in dealing with the complex federal and state sex laws of New York. Only a sexual assault of a child lawyer with experience in this realm of charge should be sought, after all, the stakes are very high and the potential repercussions that lay ahead deserve only the best sexual assault of a child lawyer there are.


The general understanding that the public outside of law enforcement agencies, social service agencies, and the legal profession describe sexual assault of a child as all sexual actions between an adult and a child. This kind of action constitutes child sex abuse in its grossest form. Another common form of sexual abuse of a child is inappropriate touching.

Sometimes a child is abused or assaulted by complete strangers, but most of the time it is someone he or she knows well or was in good relations with. This can be, for example, a teacher or a professor of a child, childcare worker, church personnel, coach or trainer, babysitter, one of family friends, or even family members.

The effects of the abuse of a child can be sexual, emotional, or physical also as a combination of them.


The sexual assault of child lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. are experts in the field of sex crimes. They know the intricacies of the law regarding child sex abuse and they have the skill to construct and the tenacity to execute a strong litigation defense if there is no chance of a dismissal or a favorable plea agreement based on the evidence. The sexual assault of child attorneys at Sharova Law Firm has investigative resources that will gather evidence and facts that can prove your innocence or disprove the prosecutor’s evidence against you.

Every child sexual assault case demands a high level of accuracy and care which can be offered only by an experienced attorney such as child abuse lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C.


If you or someone you know is being charged with sexual assault of a minor, you need to hire an adept sexual assault of child lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. They will make sure your rights are protected from the beginning and they will help to keep your reputation intact by suppressing the news of the event and coming down to the precinct to head off the situation before it spirals out of control.

There are certain situations that can easily be used as a sexual assault of a child criminal defense strategy. For example, during the divorce one of the almost-ex-spouse wants to leave another one without rights for child custody or alimonies. Another similar situation takes place when a child or a teenager does not like his or her stepparent or is in an argument with her or his biological parent and wants to get him by making a false accusation in sexual assault.

Another situation that sometimes occurs is allegation made by children who are too young to make this decision. They do not even know what sexual abuse is and very often these allegations just mean that a child was coached strongly by someone or by caregivers. For example, simply touching a child’s butt by a father with an aim to provide a personal hygiene act for a child can be considered as the one with a sexual context. With such charges it is really crucial to challenge them as soon as possible: review actual form of received report; check all prepared Department of Social Services reports; interviewing all other people who probably had conversation with a child; review all the divorce papers that were filed before; if possibly check the defendant on polygraph with a purpose to prove he or she is innocent in fact.

Other defenses which can be used for the child sexual assault charges are also that which is suitable for other criminal cases. For example, searching for constitutional rights violation, as the right to have legal counsel, right to remain silent, proper warrant, right for searches related to the potential cause, and a right to acceptable preservation of every piece of evidence which can be possibly used against you.

Other typical defenses for all crimes and sexual assault of a child too are based on searching any weaknesses and mistakes in a prosecutor’s case, for example: incompetent or discriminatory testimonies; faulty crime scene inquiries; mistaken procedures during collecting for laboratory test urine, blood or sperm; unsuitable computer witnesses; inappropriate photo disposition, or flawed crime reconstruction.

Whenever you are charged with a sexual assault of a child crime you definitely need to get a greatly prepared New York child sexual assault defense lawyer to be sure your rights will be protected in an appropriate way.