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Forcible Touching



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Forcible Touching is not just a premeditated physical dab of a sexual connotation but a serious misdemeanor which cannot only leave marks on your reputation but also cause various serious repercussions. That is why hiring a well-preparing NYC forcible touching lawyer can prevent you from many negative consequences and sometimes even cost your freedom.

If you, someone of your friends, or family is accused of forcible touching, do not wait to call a proven forcible touching defense lawyer, who will choose the best variant of your criminal defense strategy. Sex crimes attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. offer legal representation when being charged with a broad variety of sex crimes in New York, Newark, and Edison.

New York forcible touching attorneys at Law Office of Yelena Sharova are highly professional and have a lot of experience in dealing with such cases. Our lawyers will prepare for court with a detailed forcible touching defense.


Although a forcible touching offense is considered as low in comparison to many other sex crimes charges, it is still a serious sex offense with serious negative consequences that can sometimes influence the life of the charged person for a long period of time, even after the end of the conviction. The “forcible touching” term usually determined as “physical contact engaging opposition of any degree of enforcement to the someone’s intimate or sexual body parts”.

No matter if it happened in a car, bus, at work, or in any other public place. Forcible touching is considered as a serious misdemeanor. Forcible touching takes place when someone wittingly and without permission or abetment of other person touch the places of his or her body which can be recognized by this person as intimate. Forcible touching includes all kinds of physical contact also such as grabbing, pressing, and gripping. The main distinction between forcible touching and simple touching is that in the first case an offender pursues an aim to have a sexual satisfaction for himself.

Under the law, a penetrator is guilty of forcible touching when he or her intentionally, and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly touches intimate parts of another person for the purpose of degrading or abusing such person or for the purpose of gratifying his or her sexual desire. What does this mean? Simple: do not touch another person in a sexual manner without his or her consent.


Even the smallest sex crimes, for example, forcible touching, lead to certain penalties and damages the reputation and relationship of the accused person.

The first thing you need to know is that if convicted of forcible touching, a person is required to register as a sex offender.

If you are blamed for forcible touching it can lead not only to a financial liability such as fines and penalties but even to detention. T maximum period you spend in jail for this misconduct, in theory, draw up to a year. But if you already have a conviction for a similar crime in your past, these penalties can be increased and you can be probably charged for persistent sexual abuse.

You should also remember that even after the end of a penalty you will have a mark of sexual crime in your personal information which seriously predetermines your future career or private life. The special record will be also added to a sex offender cartulary.


Inappropriate physical contact with a person is always a bad idea, but there are situations when just a fooling around with someone without any sexual context is misunderstood which may result in a forcible touching offense. In such situations, an offender’s behavior is not ok, but it is not a reason for them to pay for it by being considering as a sex offender and getting a special record in their personal information for at least next 20 years or for the rest of their life. After that, living a normal life is almost impossible. So it is really crucial not to ruin your life and get a consultation or legal advice from a skilled forcible touching attorney, cause occasions like that can increase your forcible touching charges or another sex crime charges.

If you are indicted for committing a forcible touching offense, the first thing you should do is to call a proficient New York forcible touching attorney who can actively and effectively protect your rights against the charges in your case.

On the other side, if you are a victim of forcible touching or you are afraid of more persistent actions you should not risk your safety and refer to a skilled New York forcible touching lawyer who will bring a wrongdoer to an ultimate liability provided in a case of this offense.


There are no situations that can totally destroy or at least spoil your career, family relationship, reputation, and friendship faster than sex crimes charges or in fact the smallest connection with similar crimes. In our legal practice, we have known a lot of people charged with a forcible touching who have tried to handle their criminal cases on their own. After the end of everything, they usually wish they had called us sooner than they did. Do not repeat their mistakes and don’t make your own. Remember, we are near and we are ready to help you fight for your freedom, your rights, and your good name.

Avoid significant negative consequences of forcible touching charges finding a great sex crimes attorney for your criminal defense. Criminal defense attorneys at Sharova Law Firm are ready to provide you qualified legal representation. Years of experience and knowledge are our weapon in fighting for your rights.

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