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Marriage Fraud



Marriage fraud is a crime and a criminal act simple and plain. Fundamentally marriage fraud is the act of entering into a union for personal improvement rather than an honest desire to enter into an earnest marital relationship. More times than not, gaining immigration benefits are the material motive behind matrimony. If you are being investigated for marriage fraud you should retain a prominent criminal/immigration attorney.

Some of the issues that should be present to prove your marriage is not a fraudulent one are shared religion, culture, and language, spending weekends and holidays together, shared accommodation, common property and bank accounts, active sexual life and possible common children, and so on.

Marriage fraud, or sham marriage, is a common crime among immigrants who want to obtain US citizenship. That is why USICS possess many various strategies to check if the marriage is real. Some of the fraudulent factors can be for example:

♦ The marriage was a secret and a surprise for friends and family of the husband and wife;

♦ The marriage ends too soon after the wedding;

♦ One of the spouses (or even both) have a criminal mark on his or her personal information;

♦ There are great differences in age, culture, religion, or language between the spouses.

Marriage fraud suspect is a serious issue. In such case, a special marriage fraud officer will ask both partners individually about details and circumstances of their couple life. If your couple becomes chosen for such interview, it is not a reason for panic. The best thing you should do to protect your rights and your marriage is to get an experienced and knowledgeable marriage fraud lawyer, who will be present during the whole interview. Hiring a skilled fraud defense attorney is crucial because he or she will be able to save or note all the investigating questions and answers and other details that can be used after. In addition, your marriage fraud attorney’s presence may be a positive factor for your confidence during the interview.


Marriage fraud is a crime that the U.S. government prosecutes under the criminal federal law. If you are being charged with marriage fraud it is imperative that you hire an adept and experienced defense lawyer.

The New York lawyers at Sharova P.C. can assist you if you have been detained or are being investigated for marriage deception. If you are in New York or anywhere in the U.S., the marriage fraud criminal/immigration defense lawyers at Sharova P.C. can help you. They have extensive knowledge defending immigration law crimes relating to marriage fraud as well as other types of fraud.

Their attorneys will gather witnesses, evaluate ethnic customs and traditions, compile documentation, and educate the prosecutor and investigator on the matters. These are just some of the ways the attorneys at Sharova P.C. can help you in preparing a defense.


The criminal penalties can include:

♦ A fine of up to $250,000;

♦ Up to five years in federal prison;

♦ Deportation;

♦ The permanent ban against receiving future immigration status.

Entering into a marriage with the aim of wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain is criminal as is included in the grounds for portability, Immigration and Nationality Act (I.N.A.) §237(a)(1)(G). If the person is attempting to evade the U.S. immigration law by entering into a marriage, that is criminal and considered marriage fraud.

If you become suspected of a fraudulent marriage, you can be placed in deportation proceedings. While there, the immigrant still has the chance to try to persuade the court that the marriage is authentic and even request the court to award a green card on this basis. The immigrant will need to testify, present evidence, and be cross-examined.

Intermarry for immigration purposes is a crime and therefore punishable under I.N.A. §204(c)(1) and also the Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendments of 1986. Marriage fraud can be unilateral or bilateral. Unilateral marriage means only one party is aware of the deception and the fraudulence is against both the immigration service as well as the other party.

In a bilateral fraud, both parties are aware of the fraud and both are subject to criminal punishment. A criminal fraud attorney will be vital if these charges are brought about against you. Do not hesitate in retaining a top-tier fraud lawyer from the Law Offices of Yelena Sharova P.C. to assist you in your defense.


The first thing you need to do is to read the notice and see exactly how long you have to respond. You will need to contact a criminal/immigration defense lawyer quickly if you engaged in a situation that may be deceitful. Make sure you get all your documents together. Do not respond without an immigration attorney who can help you put together a great strategy for going forward. A criminal defense lawyer, as well as an immigration attorney, will be vital in the upcoming proceedings following a notice of intent to deny.

All types of immigration fraud crimes, including marriage fraud are severe criminal issues. The individuals who are risking to be accused of such a case may later face not only serious criminal prosecution with all possible penalties but also a denial of their visas or other immigration permissions. That is why, whenever you and your partner are facing such accusation, hiring an expert New York marriage fraud attorney is the very first step to saving your freedom and your marriage.


Facing marriage fraud accusations, do not hesitate to use legal help from one of our top New York marriage fraud defense lawyers at Sharova Law Office. We will explain to you all the circumstances of the specific charges and how to avoid them efficiently.

You should choose your perfect New York City immigration lawyer carefully because it should be a person you can absolutely trust. The attorneys at Sharova P.C. have the ability and the caring attitude that is needed to take a case like this and see it all the way through. The immigration lawyers at Sharova P.C. are well-versed and have the tenacity to fight for your immigration rights and reach a favorable outcome for you. Do not use just any criminal defense immigration lawyer. Go with someone who knows the system and has the resources and an experienced firm of lawyers and attorneys that can get the results you need.

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