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Criminal Appeals



When you or someone close to you is charged with a criminal offense, you probably think you are helpless. It is a confusing feeling, your freedom will be taken away, but this is not always the case. In New York State, each defendant has a possibility to fight against the convictions, so the end of a trial is not the end of the case.

Courts of appeals create an important part of the whole judicial system. Their main purpose is to check if there were any errors made during the trial process. If you think there were any, you and your criminal appeal lawyer should be prepared well not only for a court but also for potential future appealing.

If someone you know has been convicted of a crime in a New York federal court, they may require a criminal appeals New York attorney. A court in New York City is challenging and complex, you will need the assistance of a New York lawyer who has substantial experience in preparing and filing criminal appeals in New York City.

The court has a different process than the regular court or district court. Some attorneys for criminal appeals can be intimidated by the sheer intricacies that the process entails, especially if they do not have the necessary background experience.


The appellate NYC lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. have the experience and the in-depth knowledge of handling such filings successfully on a state and federal court level. Other trial attorneys often seek the attorneys for appeals at Sharova P.C. out when it comes time to prepare and file a criminal appeal in New York.

The appellate lawyers at the Sharova Law Office have notably assisted many clients in filing a criminal appeal in NYC successfully for years. They have the determination and possess the quality of attention to detail that a criminal appeal in New York requires being successful.

Your perfect New York criminal appeals attorney should be convincing, to prove that mistakes were made during a trial process. To get your criminal appeal case efficiently handled, it is obligatory to have a lawyer who possesses fantastic writing, oral argument, and analyzing skills. He or she should also understand all the niceties of the appeal law, as well as have a wise and critical way of thinking.

New York criminal appeals attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. offer you their long-termed experience in working with the most complicated appeal cases. We also know how to file an appeal petition to the USA Supreme Court, if it will be a necessary step in your case.

When you decide to file an appeal, you should realize it demands the fullest and deepest analyze of your criminal case. That is why in order to protect and defend your rights successfully, you need an appellate lawyer who has all the necessary knowledge and abilities and who is ready to work carefully with your unique personal case.


In criminal court, the procedures for filing a criminal appeal in New York are very time sensitive and without the proper knowledge and experience, you may have an attorney who is not of the caliber required to carry out such an important procedure.

Every person feels confused when he or she loses at his or her trial process. You most likely do not know what to do next and are waiting for your punishing sentence. Nevertheless, you still have a couple of other options. Your trial court conviction is not a final decision. If you are ready, you can fight to decline it.

First of all, together with your criminal appeal attorney, you have to file a special appeal note with your point of view on appeared mistakes during the trial. It should be written with knowledge and accuracy. There are some rules including a form of the appeal and the time you can file it. Ask your appellate attorney to explain you all the nuances of how should it be done.

There will be no new evidence at the appellate court. The judges just view your trial case and its verdict in details to check if the legal process was absolutely fair and clear or if any misunderstandings could appear there.

You should know there is always a chance because that issues in your case can be interpreted in different ways by different judges. No matter, if you had your hearings in New York or in any other state, with the assistance of a highly skilled criminal appeal lawyer you are able to turn your trial outcome into one that suits your goals more. Top New York appellate attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. can explain to you all the smallest details of your future appealing case and provide its next developments.


When hiring a lawyer, remember that not every attorney can work with appeals. A simple trial process and appeal hearings are completely different cases, and the appellate lawyer you choose should know how to work with appeals and how to search for the possible legal mistakes in your criminal case. Of course, it demands great writing and negotiating abilities, as well as a skill to pay attention to the smallest issues.

When you are already charged with a crime, there is nothing to lose for you, but time is short, so you should do all necessary steps as soon as you can. The criminal appeal lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. will study your trial case to find out if it is in your best interest to start the appeal proceedings. Together we will think through all potential financial, legal, personal advantages, and risks of filing an appeal note in your case.

Our attorneys have successfully argued and won appeal cases in all New York State Appellate Courts. An appellate lawyer’s strategy and tactics vary differently from that of a trial lawyer. If you need to challenge a decision of a lower court, you will need an attorney. Do not use just any attorney when filing for a criminal appeal in NYC. This is a critical juncture in your case and your freedom and your family depend on you having more than adequate representation in this matter.

If you have any question on the process of starting a criminal appeal in New York, contact us today. We can assist you in the process and you can rest assured that the highly qualified attorneys have your best interest at hand!

Remember not all attorneys are equally qualified to handle certain processes and procedures. If you are looking for highly qualified assistance with your legal case, then contact the attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. today. They will not only help you fight your legal battles but they will make sure you understand what is happening every step of the way. This is one of the chief priorities at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. when it comes to client satisfaction.