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Deciding who will be your criminal or civil appeals lawyer is one of the toughest decisions you will ever have to make in your life. When you are appealing a criminal conviction, the proper appellate attorney is vital to your success and to your livelihood. Every New York lawyer does not practice appeals law on a regular basis. Some firms have an appeals practice area inside their firm but most do not have dedicated staff and attorneys who keep up with the appellate courts and draft appeals on a weekly or even monthly basis.

Litigation is a critical component and skill when arguing the merits of any appeal. Litigation requires the union of the rhetorical and persuasive arts. You will want an appellate attorney who is well-versed in the application of the relevant laws in question. Your lawyer will be faced by a panel of judges who may very well supply a myriad of questions, some being hypothetical, others being factual or legal, you will demand a lawyer who has the experience and the ability to think on their feet while under pressure, all while advocating for the benefit of their client.

Winning an appealing case is a crucial goal, because of the previous loss of that case during the trial. An appeal is asking for a second chance. Even the smallest mistake or misstep in an appeal may cost you the whole case. That is why, only some New York attorneys possess enough skills, knowledge, and experience to deal with such serious issues. At Sharova Law Firm, our well-prepared attorneys for criminal appeals are ready to handle your case with accuracy.


The jury’s or the judge’s verdict is not the last word in your case. If you believe that you or anyone in your family was falsely charged and incarcerated or convicted unfairly, you can get legal remedies. Nevertheless, civil and criminal appeals are specific law areas that demand a professional approach of a skilled appellate attorney. To use your second chance in a court effectively, you will require a New York appeals lawyer who has a great continuous track of successfully handled appeal cases and who is familiar with state and federal appellate court systems.

The Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. offers you many years of practice in such areas of law as the appeals and obtaining reliefs after convictions. Serving in New York, we are familiar with local and federal laws and we are ready to use this knowledge in your favor.

The lawyers in New York City at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. understand the appeals process in its entirety. They have been handling them for clients for over a decade. The appeals attorneys in New York City at Sharova P.C. are notch in handling the appeals process. We are known to handle direct appeals and bring habeas corpus action to a defendant’s case. The appeals process is a complicated and time sensitive matter. Having a qualified defense attorney in New York City is of the utmost importance for anyone looking for legal assistance with a process as sensitive as this.


Appealing for you, we are able to prove that you have all reasons for that, for example:

♦ There was a substantial mistake made by the court;

♦ Evidence was not enough in fact to endorse the conviction;

♦ Your previous sentence was a result of ineffective legal representation during the new trial;

♦ Any judge’s or jury’s misconduct took place.

Our appeals attorney can help you to file the appeal and to present it in the appropriate way. If there will be a necessity of an oral argument, we are ready to fight aggressively on your behalf.

The Sharova Law Firm is not a law firm that just “handles” appeals, we have dedicated highly experienced lawyers who will craft your argument and design the notice of appeal strategically to get the most effectiveness of the appeal. We have the knowledge and experience to handle a wide array of criminal appeals in New York such as writs of habeas corpus, felony appeals, 440 motions, misdemeanor appeals, and federal appeals. The construction of these legal documents requires an in-depth knowledge of the procedural laws of both state and federal appellate courts in New York.


The Sharova Law Firm’s appellate attorneys have successfully argued cases in front of all New York State Appellate Courts including the four departments of the Appellate Division, Federal Appellate Court Appeals for the Second Circuit, and New York State Court of Appeals. We have experience in defending appeals for clients.

Our lawyers at the Sharova Law Firm will explain to you why we think that your appeal may or may not be successful in court. We do not think that every person should pay and file for an appeal. We leave every final decision with the client and will do our best to carry out the task. We do not give “half-hearted” efforts because of our own opinion. We do our best to explain in a clear, easy to understand language so every client knows why we think the way we do in regards to the appeals situation. Just know if you voice your concerns, we will listen and act upon resolving them for you.

We here at the Sharova Law Firm have been practicing crafting appeals briefs and litigation of them for many years. The cumulative years of experience tallies into 9 decades of experience. We give attention to the details that a lot of lesser experienced attorneys may glaze over during their rereads. We have resources available to us that can only come from decades of researching, learning, applying, and winning. Do not put your appeals in the hands of an attorney because you simply know them or maybe they handled your initial case proceedings. You will want to make sure you are dealing with a law firm that is appellate law savvy, you will want to retain and hire the Sharova Law Firm.