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Petit larceny



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According to official statistics, theft is the most common crime in the United States. Theft of money, bicycle, products in the supermarket, clothes in the store, things from the car – all this happens daily. So what is the consequences of such a crime? New York consolidated laws provide the basis for legal responsibility if a person commits petit larceny crime and what punishment for the offender would be. Petit larceny is both administrative and criminal responsibility and can be charged with a misdemeanor as well as larceny.


According to New York Penal Code § 155.25, you will be charged with the petit larceny if you appropriate someone’s property. Yet, petit larceny would be considered if the property you stole is valued less than $1,000. If it is more, you will be considered as committed grand larceny crime. Petit larceny could be done in a number of different methods, nonetheless, it is the unlawful act usually regarded as shoplifting.

A perpetrator while committing a crime of theft believes that he acts secretly and unobtrusively for other persons. In this case, determining factor for the charge would be precisely the intention of the attacker, that is, his attitude towards his actions and his understanding of the circumstances of the offense. If the attacker believes that he is acting in secret, but in fact – his actions were noticed by another person, the offender still commits petit larceny, that is, the secret stealing of property. This rule applies and vice versa: if an attacker believes that he acts openly and his actions are not hidden from other persons, but in fact no one has noticed his illegal actions, the violator will be held responsible for the more serious crime, since he realized the intent.

Petit larceny is regarded as a class A misdemeanor.

This type of crime has become widespread in supermarkets. Citizens regularly try to steal alcohol, food, household chemicals from the store. In most cases, the crime can be stopped at the moment when the offender tries to go through the “frame”. In the future, the scheme of actions is as follows: security officers call a police guard who comes to the crime scene, draws up a report of the examination, interrogates the witnesses, the guilty person and the representatives of the injured party. After that, law enforcement agencies start administrative proceedings, and a charge is drawn up.

Objects of a criminal act are tangible objects, and the perpetrator encroaches on the property right guaranteed by the American legal system.

A subject is a person who has reached the age of 18. Crime is always committed with direct intent. The main motives are selfish motives, hooliganism. The offense is considered to be completed from the moment when the owner loses the right to dispose of his property and this right passes to the guilty person. Such a situation can happen sometimes, and the right way to solve it is to hire a good petit larceny attorney. You need to make a research in your area and make sure that attorney is well qualified and knows the job. It is better to hire someone experienced rather hire someone who may be acknowledged, but the attorney doesn’t know what is going on during the trial process. A good lawyer will increase your chances to win the case, or maybe to soften the punishment, whether it is imprisonment, fine or community works. But your behavior at the court is also very important. Good advices for you might be not to show off, also you need to feel and look guilty if your lawyer say so. It may be helpful to ask your lawyer what to do, because the decision is made by judge and it the judge will encounter your behavior at the court.

But if you still find yourself in such an embarrassing situation and will be caught stealing, seek legal support from a petit larceny lawyer who can minimize the punishment for you.