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Immigration Fraud



Immigration fraud is not a simple definition. The term “immigration fraud” is a blanket term encircling numerous natures of fraudulent wrongdoing. The types of it can include perjury as well as identity theft or even forgery. If you are under investigation or have been charged with immigration deception, you should hire a New York immigration lawyer as soon as possible.


Most frequently immigration fraud is contiguous with naturalization and/or citizenship issues. There are many ways you can become charged with immigration fraud. Committing forgery or perjury, using a false identity on a document, and joining in a false marriage for purposes of gaining entry into the United States.

Immigration fraud can be committed in various ways. Some of the most common of them are:

♦ Buying, selling, or using falsified documents, for example, false passports or visa documents;

♦ Frauds by fake immigration agencies;

♦ Various scams and fraud schemes by notary publics;

♦ Scams and fraud schemes using fake visa lotteries.

Among all possible immigration fraud cases, the most common is a sham marriage. A marriage is considered a sham one if is made with the aim to provide foreign national necessary benefits referring to his or her immigrant status. In result of an extreme rise of cases involving sham marriages, special federal agencies pay attention to any marriage where one of the spouses is an immigrant and the second one is a US citizen.

If any immigration fraud issue takes place, immediately seek legal help from skilled and knowledgeable New York immigration fraud lawyer. You can fully rely on skilled immigration fraud attorneys at Sharova Law Firm, as we are an expert team of legal professionals who are ready to offer you reliable and effective legal service.


The New York Immigration Attorneys at Sharova Law P.C. have extensive experience in handling these particular types of cases. You will want the expertise of these immigration attorneys to help you craft and put forth a credible defense. The defense lawyers at Sharova Law P.C. will help you from the terrors and woes of deportation. If you know someone who may be in trouble or you want to report immigration fraud, call the New York defense attorneys at Sharova Law P.C. to help you through the process.

Top New York immigration fraud lawyers of the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. are well known for their reputation as skilled, sufficient, and dedicated criminal defense lawyers. Sharova Law Firm possesses the great history of successfully handled cases involving various types of immigration scams.

We provide the high-quality personal approach to every case, which means that our legal experts work closely with each client, representing him or her throughout the case and providing him or her with all necessary details.


If you have a visa and are not a permanent resident, a conviction of immigration fraud can lead to the possible loss of your legal status and is grounds for deportation back to you home country. There is also the risk of having a hard time adjusting to society because of a felony conviction on your record. You may also have to do a lengthy prison sentence as a result of your conviction. Let the New York defense lawyers at Sharova Law P.C. assist you in fighting to keep your life balanced and in order.

Especially complicated issues, such as marriage fraud, will not just lead to losing all potential future and actual immigration benefits but are also federal crimes that are punishable. Anyone who is charged with immigration fraud by a sham marriage faces high fines up to $250000 and jail time up to five years.

Even the smallest incident involving law enforcement may cause negative consequences for your immigration status, that is why such issues need to be taken very seriously. On the other side, you should understand that criminal conviction does not automatically mean an unfavorable impact on your future life. Getting a diligent New York immigration lawyer can definitely raise your chances to get your particular case presented from the appropriate side.


Immigration fraud laws are complex and difficult for anyone who is not familiar with them. But it is important to remember that relying on the wrong legal expert may cost you a possibility to enter the country. At Sharova Law Firm, we realize that consequences of immigration fraud charges may be extremely tough, so we are ready to fight over them to provide you with the best possible outcome.

If you or someone you know are facing charges of immigration deception, contact one of our attorneys immediately. You will want to have the adept skill of our defense lawyers preparing your paperwork and going over the case with you step by step. Not all defense lawyers are the same. Do your research and look for the outcomes in many different cases before you choose to hire an attorney.

Facing immigration fraud accusations or going throughout difficult immigration process, the very first step is to involve an experienced licensed immigration lawyer on your side. Best immigration crimes attorneys at Sharova Law Firm offer you legal support you deserve.


The New York defense attorneys at Sharova Law P.C. will work tirelessly when preparing your case for court. One defense that is very hard for the government to go up against is the question: “did the defendant have the mental intent to commit this particular crime?” If the defendant did not have knowledge that he or she was signing an illegal document or had no idea that the identification used was false, then the prosecutor is going to have a hard time going forward.

If you are facing charges of marriage fraud, a similar defense can be used as the one stated above. Can the prosecutor prove that one or both individuals in the marriage committed the act of fraud by getting married only to receive entrance into the United States of America? This accusation can be disproved with evidence of an actual relationship between the two individuals.