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When being busy in the construction industry, it is obvious that contracts are the “shadow plan” that direct the work that you perform. Contracts are almost anywhere in the whole areas of businesses that involved in construction. Awareness of construction contract law is crucial to both composing practical contracts and involving only those contracts which let you to be prosperous.


Agreements to conduct construction frequently attract big amount of money. Matters with a few zeroes are seldom concluded by a join hands.

Also you should be aware that modification to the scale of works happens regularly in construction. Construction projects almost every time have several additional changes from the initial suggested plan. The business of construction brings some potential dangers. There are several most common risks: the environmental, commercial and technical ones. A construction contract has to evidently determine who carries which risk, and what the steps and or measures are if those risks will turn into issues.

With its expertise in understanding construction contract law, our team of lawyers can deliver you the assistance you need to enter contracts that work in your best interests.


Until you will sing a contract, it’s reasonable to ask for the opinion and assistance of a high skilled construction contract lawyer. A badly drafted, unfinished, or limited agreement can turn out expensive in more ways than one, from project postpones to lawsuit.


Contract check and recommendations, delivered by your lawyer who is a specialist on construction contract law, lets you actively move in one of the most complex fields for the success of your business. Our New Your construction contract attorneys are experts in contracts that are frequently conducted in the construction area, and the New York and federal laws that effect their strength and validity. You can expect on us to be innovative, insightful, and realistic when addressing your contract-related issues.

General part

Construction designs may contain various amount of sides, involving property holders, developers, designers, construction managers, general contractors and trade contractors, these are just a few of them. The rights and obligations of these parties are specified by a complicated network of agreements.

Our firm deliver broad spectrum of services containing protecting contractors on construction defect claims, prosecuting lien and bond law claims, defending OSHA citations, contractor licensing defense and bid protests. Having examined and designed number of contracts, the Sharova Law Office team has a breath of knowledge used to guide and negotiate the contractual procedures.

Because we being frequently involved in the litigation of construction disputes, we can advise what contract conditions must be stuck to in a negotiation and which may be safely changed. If you look for an attorney who is stuck to the individual practice of contract law in the construction field, contact us.

Final part

Whether conducting negotiations about a contract, supervising project performance, disputing a construction claim, or working with senior management, the distinctive feature of our legal services is understanding our client’s business and economic needs.

We speak in the name of a number of general contractors, heavy highway contractors, tunneling contractors, subcontractors, developers, design/builders, design professionals, lenders, manufacturers, owners, specialty trades, sureties, and suppliers.

Due all these aspects composing a complex deal including investments, time and stress the construction contract has become a formalized and at some point regulated agreement.

Our strength is the result of the unity of our team; majority of our lawyers have performed together cohesively for years, letting us to act confidently, saving time and money for customers. It is also rooted on our deep understanding of the construction field, our focus on customer service, and our potential to actively propose guidance. Our group experts are dynamic in bar and legal forums, systematically creating a content and presenting at workshops on different construction law subjects. A few members stay at the forefront in construction law institutions at the public and local level.

We comprehend construction industry, not because it is recorded in a theory, but because the real practice let us to deliver clients both legal and practical solutions on all issues of construction projects.

If you are planning to take a part in the construction game, it important to realize the contracts you sign, and after to operate the project according that is expecting in the contract. Negligence and carelessness are guarantee you losing money in the building business.

We are at the place, on schedule and on budget.