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How to choose a lawyer? Many people think that the more expensive a lawyer is, the better he is. In part, this is true, because lawyers with extensive practical experience have a certain, long-standing circle of clients, a large number of assistants who do the basic mechanical work by unloading the lawyer for creative and more fruitful work. But this is not always the case. It also happens that a young aspiring lawyer “breaks” such rates that the gray-haired masters with thirty-forty years of experience are speechless. It is best to consult with friends, acquaintances, i.e. inquire about a lawyer to determine whether he is worth the kind of money he asks for

The second point – beware of “universal lawyers” who say that they are engaged in everything and can handle any case. It’s a lie. Right is a complex, branched system. Lawyers whatever education they received did not know all branches of law. A specialist in labor law may not solve a serious criminal law case, a proceduralist cannot perfectly know labor law, a criminologist may not understand the land, and civil law in administrative law. The specialization of lawyers, as well as doctors, teachers, engineers, is natural and necessary.