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The Sharova Law Firm of Brooklyn, New York is uniquely positioned and experienced to handle criminal defense of foreign nationals who have been arrested for alleged domestic and international crimes by the United States Government.

The Sharova Law Firm has been hired by Denis Kaznacheev a Russian citizen, to represent him with respect to charges filed by the United States that are pending in a federal United States District Court.

Following a request to the Democratic Republic of Germany from the United States Denis Kaznacheev, was arrested on May 29th, 2020, in Berlin, Germany, and was immediately jailed. 

The charges against Mr. Kaznacheev relate to alleged illegal international money transfers. The United States government is seeking Mr. Kaznacheev’s extradition from Germany. 

However, on July 13th, 2020, Mr. Kaznacheev was released from jail by a German Court upon posting 20000 Euros as bail. It should be noted that Mr. Kaznacheev maintains his innocence and his cooperation during the arrest process was a factor in bail being granted. Despite his bail release, Mr. Kaznacheev remains subject to extradition to the United States. 


Siberian-born Kaznacheev is one of the founders of Nervmusic records and, along with his friend Kirill Silantyev, is a member of the minimal techno project Easy Changes. They have attracted a substantial fan base since 2007 with releases on major underground music labels all over the world.

The DJ and music producer Denis Kaznacheev denies all charges and accusations asserted by the U.S. government. His arrest has drawn the attention of a huge support group. Furthermore, a GoFundMe campaign was also established. It helped to settle the artist’s legal fees. As of the time of writing, the fund has raised €10,842 of its €15,000 goal.

These activities escalated into meetings protesting his arrest near Mr. Kaznacheev’s Berlin jail where he was being held. Additionally, the fund surpassed the initial threshold of €10 000 euros and was increased to €15 000. His supporters strongly believe that Mr. Kaznacheev has mistakenly become embroiled in a case for activity in which he was not involved. We are in contact with Mr. Kaznacheev, his German attorneys, his manager, and his family members. 


Mr. Kaznacheev’s release on bail allows him to maintain some freedom while waiting for an extradition decision. His bail release is unusual in international extradition proceedings and is particularly unusual in the extradition of Russian nationals who are suspected of involvement in international cyber fraud cases and arrested in countries where they are not citizens. 


Mr. Kaznacheev is entitled to the presumption of innocence and the full protection of rights afforded any individual who is criminally prosecuted in the United States. Our paramount goal for Mr. Kaznacheev is to secure his rights with respect to the defense of this matter, and of course, working to secure his freedom. 

Never underestimate the importance of hiring an experienced and dedicated legal professionals when accused of criminal activity. 

Overall, this case shows that the power of public opinion combined with an attorney’s diligence and experience can build a durable case for positive results.